A/N: Yeah, me again. After the last poem, you think I would just give up writing, right? But nope. I like writing. This particular one was written to my EX-friend-with-benefits who I just happened to fall in love with...

You think you know me,

But you have no clue.

You thought you knew me,

But your thoughts of me were untrue.

I told you my deepest thoughts,

Even about my past,

I hoped you'd understand,

But that thought quickly passed.

I couldn't take it anymore,

I wanted to give up the fight.

You quickly found out,

And now you've left me behind.

Why did you leave me in sadness?

Why did you leave me in pain?

Did you know you broke my heart?

This grief I can no longer contain.

I did my best to please you,

So you would forgive me,

But my best wasn't enough,

And now I am lonely.

With "Can I ever trust you again?"

Being the only thought in my head,

I still have no regrets

For what I did or said.