A thrust, a scream

Can't feel, can't see

Where we're at in this wide, wide world

Of bliss

Dear Gods, hope there wasn't anything I missed


Wrap my arms around your neck

So close to choking, I hold back yet

Dig your nails into my sides

Come on, Baby, make me bleed, let me ride


My eyes roll back; I'm going insane

Trapped within this cycle of bliss and pain

I'm a first-timer; go easy on me

Baby, push me high, set me free


I think I'm gonna die of pleasure

There's no way this can be measured

I want to meld into your skin

No matter how deeply flows our sin!


I'm melting between our thighs

No drug can meet these highs

You touch me oh-so tenderly

Swallowing a moan from me


I'm drowning in your eyes

They're like a world passing me by

I'm so addicted to your smell

Baby, this is worth going to hell


This has gone on so long, I'm gonna pass out

I can't even hear myself shout

Your name as I tumble into bliss

Sealing our crime with a flaming kiss.