Chapter One: Groupies

"I said I like you, Hannah!" A desperate Alex yelled, almost at the top of his lungs. He gripped my armed as I turned to leave, spinning me his way.

"You don't know anything about me!" I hollered back.

"So what? I didn't meet you for coffee that one time?" He bickered back, clutching his free hand into a fist.

"That's a start. You didn't even have enough sense to know that I hate coffee." I scoff bitterly.

"So what? Am I supposed to have some super power to know that you hate coffee?" Alex snarled bitterly back.

Ok, let's take a little breather for a moment. First off my name is Hannah Rowe. I'm a senior. The person I'm fighting with is Alex Vander Belt. He is a total jock. Until about six months ago we almost had nothing to do with each other. But fate has ripped us together and apart. He was my best friend's crush and I was the girl he wanted to be with.

Six Months Earlier

If I looked like a girl from Grace, California was supposed to look like maybe I wouldn't have so much trouble fitting in at my high school. Girls from here were tall, skinny; either lightly tanned or a bit on the paleish side for skin tone, with dark blonde hair, and blue eyes. Instead I was a total outsider. I was a little less than perfect on the skinny side; I weighted a whooping amount of one hundred twenty-three pounds as a senior. I had an awkward appearance, a square face with hazel eyes, long wavy light brown hair and my skin tone is a little off by a few skin tones with its tanned brush. Not to mention I was shorter than half the girls I knew. I was like a sore thumb here. I seemed to stick out almost everywhere I went. I was a nobody, but I did have friends. As long as I had them, I didn't need anything else.

Sixth period: History. Mr. Himmnez, AP World History, my favorite class of senior year. Not only was he nicest teacher ever, but also, I sat around all my friends.

"Two." Daniel whispered to Willa and me from in front of us. This was totally cheating, but whatever, Willa and I had the rest down. We were deep in the second half of class and in the middle of a heated Jeopardy game. Willa and me were jeopardy partners and close friends, my two other guy friends, Daniel and Edwin, sat in front of us.

"Umm. . .two?" I answer a little unsure of myself.

"Right." Mr. Himmnez nodded. I blushed bashfully, before Mr. Himmnez went on about the war.

"See! Told ya!" Daniel shot from in front.

"Well, like how was I supposed to know?" I sneered back.

"Hey! You four back there! Listen!" Mr. Himmnez called from the front of the class. Us four, Edwin, Daniel, me and Willa, constantly got in trouble for talking. One time we almost had to stay after the bell, because instead of doing the Study Guide, like we were supposed to -- we were way behind the rest of the class -- we had spent the whole entire time talking. Good memories. Edwin snapped his hands in front of my face and I snapped back into attention.

"What?" I asked. His belongings were all packed up, but it as still like an hour until the bell.

"Switching seats. C'mon!" He jeered back. I let out a small sigh and pulled my backpack over my shoulder.

"In this row," Mr. Himmnez pointed at the row nearest to a small bookcase. "Denny, Leslie, Ben, and Hannah." I let out a stiff and throaty moan before moving to my new seat. So far, I liked my old seat so much better.

Mr. Himmnez tapped his fingers on the row across from mine. "In this row, Lana, Martin, Kelli, and Alex." My cheeks became raw and hot. Alex was my best friend, Jessica's, crush since freshman year. Alex took a seat across from me and smiled.

I never have really liked him, I always thought that him and Jessica would make a good couple, but I never liked him. I thought I did once in eighth grade when we were in the same math class and Ms. Peterson took a random poll on who is a Gemini -- I can't even remember why. I saw Alex and his curly hair raise his hand, as well as me, that's when the attraction began, all because we had the same star sign. Then, it ended, when he shaved his curly hair off; I was always such a sucker for curly hair with blue eyes.

"Ok, get into your new teams and I will hand you white poster paper and tell you what we're going to do." We slammed our desks against one anothers to form a square. Mr. Himmnez came around and placed a large, white, poster on our tables, then headed to the front of the room. "Ok, this side" -- Mr. Himmnez waved his hand over to the wall side of the room -- "will be doing a poster on the negatives of the war. And this side will be doing posters on the positives of the war." My first assignment with my best friend's crush. . .great. . .

"Hey, I'm Hannah." I had already known Kelli and Ben pretty well, but up until that moment, I had no idea if Alex had any idea what so ever who I was.

"You're in my Math class. . .right?" Alex asks me coolly. My cheeks tint a light pink for no reason at all .

"Yeah, hey." I mumbled slightly astonished, here, I though no one knew me.

"I don't want to!!" I whined desperately many minutes later. If there was one more things that I hated more than Mr. Duckface's health/PE class it was this.

"C'mon, Hannah!" Kelli urged. "We'll write your notes. All you have to do is present the poster to the other group!" Kelli was already shoving the badly made poster my way, Alex and Ben helping her. I sighed, giving up.

"Fine!" I ripped the poster off the table and marched over to the opposing table.

When I reproached my desk, there was my paper, filled in, in all the right places with all the right answers. I noticed a little chicken scratch note written in the column. I tried to read it the best I could. Coffee after school? it read. I nibbled on the skin around my thumb and ignored Alex's strong gaze. I flipped my phone under my desk and immediately texted Jessica; my best friend.

Hannah: Jess, Alex just asked me to go out with him? Nothin big…just coffee…should I?

"Bring your phone here, Miss Rowe." Mr. Himmnez gestured over to his desk before Jessica could reply. Damn. I snapped my phone shut hastily, walking over to his desk to put it down, my cheeks lighting up like a bright Christmas light. When I reached back to my desk -- after receiving a wide variety of o's and aw's from the whole class -- I finally looked over to meet Alex's stare. I folded my hands in my lap, ignoring him completely.

I plopped my binder and backpack on my chair in my room. I side tracked back to my door and locked it. No need for unwanted visitors to break in.

I strayed over to my CD player and popped in a burned CD I made a while back, before turning to my computer. I was planning to chat until nine with Jessica; I usually start my homework after that. When it turned to eight o'clock -- the time we usually chat at -- her request screen didn't pop up. Another one popped up in its place. I stared at the red letters for several moments before actually reading it.

Alli-X would like to request a chat with Hannah.Danna

I hesitated for a moment before my bad side came out. My bad side was my back stabbing bitch "imaginary friend", (even though she didn't go away when I was five like she was meant to) who did what she wanted when she wanted. I named her Lila. Lila was like an evil imaginary friend.

"Just click yes, already." She moaned from her spot on my bed. "What Jessica doesn't know can't hurt her." Lila walked over to me and murmured in my ear. "You like him; he likes you, perfect match."

"I don't like him." My words trembled with honesty, she was so straight forward. Lila often made me feel intimidated.

"Press yes or I will." She threatened. I shook my head, reaching for my cell phone. Jessica's number was on my speed dial. Lila huffed, reaching over my shoulder and slamming her finger on the mouse. Clicking yes. She vanished into thin air, her work here was done. I know what you're all thinking, I'm a total nutcase that needs to be taken away to the psycho ward, I ensure you, I am totally sane.

Alli-X: Hey. What's up?

A million of snotty and sarcastic remarks flew through my head about this answer. The ceiling...your mom...the sky.

Hannah.Danna: Nothin, just doing

What a lame way to start out a conversation.

Alli-X: Just waiting for a pretty girl to answer my question…coffee date Friday? Since we missed after school.

Smooth... this jock was smooth.

Alli-X: Please? I'll pay. :D


I nibbled on the skin around my thumbs nail.

Hannah.Danna: Okay :D

This is already going to end up badly.

I typed into my chat box something I knew I would never in any reality post: Promise you won't fall in love with me? Promise that you will love Jessica instead and that we will have a horrible date?

Something in my inside said he wouldn't keep any of those promises.

The I logged off.