Another day, another page
In the story of my life.
Each sentence sending a message
Of happiness, anger, love, sadness, and strife.

Every week I finish another part of the story,
On to the next chapter.
Don't know where it's going to lead me,
This page, that page, or the one after.

Year after year, I finish another journal,
Never knowing what I'll write next.
When rereading these past volumes, I am flooded by memories,
All of which have me vexed.

One day I'll reach the end of the story,
I'll have to stop writing.
But until I get to that happily ever after,
I'll continue to put into words this fight that I'm fighting.

I'll keep writing these stories until I can write no more,
Until it kills me.
But until it does, I'll not let someone else write
Or choose for me my destiny.

-March 2005