Author's Note:
This was written in my 8th grade year for a poetry folder. This was my narrative poem (the entire class had to do it starting with, "Listen my children, and you shall hear..." You know. That Paul Revere poem that we're all taught as little grade school children? Yeah.) So please excuse the fact that it doesn't really do well in conforming lol. Enjoy! d:D

Listen my children, and you shall hear,
Of a tale that may fill you with laughter, wonder, and fear.
It began on a sunny day,
As I passed a friend's house along the way.
You see, I couldn't wait to tell him
All that I had to say.

I jumped through the door,
Just like always before.
I said, "Hey, have you heard?"
But he didn't say a word.
I didn't mind,
For there were many a word I was trying to find.

I said, "Hey, did you know?"
I didn't hear anything,
And assumed he shook his head, "No."
I exclaimed, "Two of our friends are to marry!"
I began to explain how they had met on the ferry.

Then I turned and said, "For heaven's sake!
Aren't you even awake?"
Then I thought I heard him wake from his sleep
(Which apparently was very deep).

I began to talk of the details of the wedding.
I spoke of everything,
From the date to the setting.

I was sure he had head everything I had said,
But when I looked, he was still in bed.
I went over to wake him once more,
But then realized and said,
"Oh dear God…
He's dead!"

-March 2004