Author's Note:
I wrote this in my 8
th grade year for my English class' poetry folder project. There is no rhyme scheme or pattern to it. I wrote it the weekend of Ariel's death (see Gone But Never Forgotten and The Sun Came Up) when, in order to cheer me up, my mom took me to my favorite place over in Long Beach, California, called Shoreline Village. Most of it came to me while we were on a boat ride that toured the harbor. It describes how I felt as I forgot the pain of Ariel's death. Metaphorically speaking, I was free. Enjoy.

I felt…free.
Like nothing else mattered anymore.
No more death, no more heartbreak, no more (insert name of my middle school here),
No more drama, no more (insert name of city I live in here)…
No nothing.
Breathing the salty air again,
Feeling the ocean breeze once more,
I got to forget reality for a while…
Now, there are only three things keeping me going:
My loved ones, my wishes, and my dreams.
If not for them, I'd dwell on the dream of the way life was
Before (insert name of city I live in here):
Perfect. Drama free. Innocent and ignorant.
Someday, though, I will go back there, and visit here again.
I will taste that freedom once more.
Someday, I will have
One more chance for freedom.

-2004 (year)