Author's Note:
I wrote this in my 8
th grade year. It says, "After six years", which as of this passed January (2008), it has been 10 years. It's dedicated to my grandfather on my dad's side of the family, who died on my 8th birthday. I wrote it for my 8th grade poetry folder, and it's not that good, but I thought I would post it anyways. Enjoy.

Oh dearest friend of mine,
Do you know how many loved ones you left behind?
You've known me forever, yet not enough in life.
I always thought we'd have more time,
Until that heart attack took your life.

Oh my good friend,
When you're in heaven can you truly see
All that I do when you watch over me?
Your smiles and jokes will never be forgotten.
Never before and never again.
I'll see you again someday; I just don't know when.

Hey Grampa, I miss you so…
When I think of the few times we had I wonder,
"Why did you have to go? I guess I'll never know…"
Grampa, I can't bring you back, it's true,
But even after six years,
There's still a part of me that's missing,
And it's me missing you.

-March 2004