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What if – Halloween special

Alex blinked and heavy, black-lined blue eyes blinked back. He looked into a face, framed with brown hair in ringlets and with white lace on the top of the head.

He fingered the black satin ribbon around his throat then slid his palm lower, over the white lacy blouse with short puffy sleeves, over the black underbust corset, over the crispy white apron.

Naomi. It was all Naomi's fault.

"You look cute, very cute." Naomi, Kato's manager and Alex's boss, put her hand on Alex's shoulder.

"I look like a girl. Are you sure there are no more costumes available? Something manlier, like a cowboy or a super hero?" Alex turned away from the mirror and tried to pull down the black, short, satin skirt with layers of delicate white lace peeking out from underneath to cover the wide strip of thigh visible between the black boyshorts and the black stockings.

"There's a Wonder Woman costume."

Alex frowned. There was no way he was going as Wonder Woman to Naomi's annual Halloween party. Wonder Woman costume was almost like being naked. Not that this costume was any better. Damn. Why had Naomi insisted on being in charge of the costumes for all of her workers and clients? If he had been left to his own devices he would be wearing something very cool right now. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Yes, I am." Naomi smiled and went toward the door through which the tormentors responsible for Alex's make up and hairstyle had disappeared. "Actually, I lied too." She opened the door, smoothing her black chignon, part of her I'm-a-teacher outfit. "This wasn't the only costume that was left, it's just the one I wanted you to wear."

"Why?" Alex narrowed his eyes and went toward Naomi. But that was all the displeasure he dared to show. Naomi was his boss, after all. As glad as Kato would be to hear that Alex had quit his job -- well maybe "happy" was too mild a word; Kato would probably throw a party -- Alex wasn't ready to stop working for Naomi. And besides, she had this dark side which she usually used for her business and she could be quite scary, so he didn't want to aggravate her. He was a coward like that.

"Because I liked Andi's idea for your Halloween costume and because Kato is going to love it."

"Andi? Andi proposed that I should be a French maid?" That bitch. She was probably getting even for her broken camera. But it wasn't his fault, he had just wanted to tear the camera from her hands to delete the picture she taken of Kato and him when she had stumbled into their quality time. And he had bought her a new camera, even when he was still pissed of that she interrupted them when he was finally mentally prepared to make a big mess out of Kato.

Why was it that whenever Alex was ready to top Kato something always happened to prevent it? The memory of that time when he'd had Kato tied up in a hammock on the beach of a luxurious resort in Africa, where Kato had taken him the last Valentine's Day, brought a blush to his face. That damned old hag should have kept to her side of the beach.

"Yes." Naomi opened the door and disappeared through it into the now empty studio room, which was usually used for photo sessions.

Alex could hear her voice from behind the half-opened door. "Kato, why aren't you down yet? Waiting for Alex?" He tiptoed over the threshold, as only someone wearing inch-high platform boots could, and peeked around the door, only one side of his face visible. He knew that Kato and all the band members intended to be geishas and he was really interested to see how Kato would look. His eyes landed on Kato and he took a deep breath.


Kato looked sophisticated and elegant, and not as transvestite-like as Alex thought he would. He was gorgeous, simply gorgeous in a pink and olive-green flowered kimono, with his red hair combed back and decorated on the side with small, olive and silver-edged combs.

"Alex?" With small steps Kato glided toward the door. "Come out from the dressing room, let me see you."

"Promise that you are not going to laugh?"

"Why would I laugh?" Kato opened the door. His eyes widened.

"Because I look like a girl." Alex bent his head and tugged on his short skirt again.

"You look wonderful." Kato stood before Alex; his fingers touched Alex's thigh, then slid higher to the laced edge of Alex's boyshorts.

"I look like a girl. And you don't like girls." Alex leaned into the touch.

"He likes girls, don't you ever say that he doesn't. It's just that he fell in love with a boy," Naomi's voice intruded.

"Yeah, Alex, officially, I'm bi." Kato palmed Alex's neck, he drew him closer, his other hand slid higher under Alex's skirts. "And I do like girls, they are cute and sweet and cuddly, I just don't like them the way I like boys. Or the way I love you."

"Very sweet, boys." Naomi said. "Now cut that out and let's go to the party."

Alex bit his lip and pressed himself closer to Kato. The way Kato's eyes were devouring him promised all kinds of wonderful things. A fire started to bloom in the pit of his stomach. He loved how Kato's eyes could always tell so much, he especially loved the way Kato could, just with the gaze of his brown, beautiful eyes, make Alex feel loved, cherished, special or, as now, very desired.

"You go, Naomi-san." Kato hadn't removed his intense gaze from Alex's face, his lips an inch away from Alex's. "We will join you later."

Alex put his palms on Kato's chest and offered his lips to Kato.

"Oh, no, you don't." Naomi stamped over, grabbed Alex's arm and pulled on it. "Alex and I are going downstairs now."

"Naomi-san." Kato wrapped his arms protectively around Alex.

"I might not have a lot of influence over you, Kato, but I'm still Alex's boss and this is a business party."

Kato opened his mouth.

Naomi raised her hand. "And we have a contract that states that you don't have any say about Alex's employment; you two were very particular about that. So, let go of my employee."

"Kato." Alex caressed Kato's jaw, carefully not to ruin his geisha make-up . "We will just have to continue this later."

"I don't want to." Kato's hand was on Alex's ass again. "With your studying Japanese for the proficiency test and English, and working for Naomi, there's almost no time for us. So, no, we won't continue with this later."

Alex would have liked to continue with this too, but he also knew Naomi -- the only way they could go on with what Kato had in mind was under Naomi's watchful eyes and neither he nor Kato were into exhibitionism. He took a big breath, thought about how a cold shower would be appropriate and how Kato was being unfair. He was doing all that studying for them, so that he could pass his exams to work as a translator, so that he would be able to travel around with Kato and work at the same time. And besides, he only worked for Naomi part-time and not even every day. He wiggled out of the embrace of Kato's arms.


Alex's fingers were on Kato's jaw again. But on the other hand, he was used to Kato's childish behaviour by now. Kato was so sensitive; he could so quickly feel neglected. "Don't look at me like that, please."

"Alex, I expect you to appear in the main hall in five minutes." Naomi released Alex's arm and went toward the door leading into the hallway.

"Let's go home." Kato took hold of Alex's hands. He leaned closer, his breath hot on Alex's ear. "And let me show you how hot and beautiful I think you are and how horny you make me feel."

"I wish I could." Alex pressed himself against Kato for a moment. He felt Kato's erection against his hip and in response his flesh strained even more against the fabric of his panties. He would love nothing more than to go home with Kato where he could surrender to Kato's hands. But Naomi had managed to wiggle a promise out of him that he would stay at least until ten, and a promise was a promise no matter how much Kato disliked it or how much his little friend saluted down there. He pinched himself, which subdued his erection a little.

"Kukki?" Kato reached out for Alex.

"Kato, please, don't tempt me. I promised Naomi." Alex sidestepped from Kato's reach and put some distance between them. He went toward the door.

"But I'm your boyfriend."

"Yeah." Alex stopped for a moment; a soft smile graced his lips, his hand on the door's knob. His boyfriend. How he loved the sound of that. He opened the door and stepped through it. But right now he had to get away before his boyfriend got him into his clutches. Kato was too good at making him change his mind.

"Kukki. Come back." Kato rushed after Alex, the length of his steps restricted by the kimono.

"C'mon Kato, let's go down," Alex threw over his shoulder, then strode toward the elevators at the end of the hallway. They were in luck, one of them was on this floor. He went inside and then waited for a narrow-lipped Kato to join him.

"We could be on our way home." Kato stepped into the elevator and leaned on the wall, his arms crossed.

"Please Kato, don't sulk." Alex pressed the button for the ground floor.

"I'm not sulking, I'm just showing my displeasure," Kato said. "Look how you are dressed." He pointed at Alex's dress. "You are such a temptation and then you don't allow me, me, your boyfriend, to have my way with you."

Alex tugged down the skirt. "It's not my fault. I wanted to be Cloud Strife or Squall Leonheart or something mainly like Sephiroth, but Naomi said that this was the only costume left in my size, the liar."

"You could still let me to have my way with you." Kato unglued himself from the wall, stepped closer and took hold of Alex's wrist. He pressed Alex's hand against his groin. "Look what you did to me."

Alex could feel hard flesh under his palm. Pink bloomed on his cheeks and blood rushed south, he felt the need to reach down and adjust the seam that pressed against his erection. His gaze found Kato's. Maybe he could give Kato a quick blowjob. He glimpsed at the elevator display that showed the progression of their descent; they were already on the second floor so there wasn't enough time. He tried to tug his hand out from Kato's hold. "Naomi organises this parties so that her clients can meet new people and make new business contacts. And you are one of Naomi's clients, which means that this party is intended for you too."

"Who cares about business? The thing I'm interested in right now is what you intend to do about this." Kato pressed Alex's palm harder against his erection.

Alex bit his lower lip. He glanced at the elevator's display; they were between the first and the ground floor. He sneaked his free hand down between them.

Should he?

Yes, if he wanted to get away from Kato with his panties intact.

A small beep announced that the elevator had arrived at the designation destination, and the door started to open.

"Will this help?" Alex pinched Kato's ass, tore his hand out of Kato's and then rushed out of the elevator into the colourful crowd. Kato was going to be so mad on him.


Ignoring Kato's call, Alex pushed his way through the people, counting on Kato, in his outfit, not being able to follow him.

The soft ambiance music and the loud chatter of people filled his ears as he rushed past the self-serve buffet, past the long bar, his eyes searching for a place where he could take care of the little problem he had.

He found the toilet, went in and locked himself into a stall. He pulled down the panties and with quick jerking gestures, careful not to dirty his skirt, he subdued his erection into submission with images of Kato before his eyes.

He cleaned himself and leaned on the stall's wall. He didn't get it. They'd had sex in the morning, and before they had come here, he had given Kato a blowjob and Kato had repaid him with a lovely hand job. So how could Kato be horny again? And even more important, how could little Alex-chan be up and demanding attention because of a few of Kato's caresses and a few sensual breaths in his ear? He sighed. One would think, from the way they went at it like a pair of horny rabbits, that sex was their only thing in common.

What… what if it was?

Alex frowned; he wouldn't think about that, he knew if he did, he would start to worry about it and he didn't want to worry, because in this moment Kato wasn't by his side to put his worries at ease. He bit his lip. And even if Kato were by his side, he would probably need at least half an hour of coaxing his way into Kato's good graces before Kato would be willing to put his mind at ease.

He opened the door and peeked through. His eyes travelled over shiny costumes, over the variety of game and anime characters. He had expected scarier costumes on Halloween, but well…

There was a group of geisha at the bar. Alex spotted the red haired one immediately; it was Kato and the band members.

He tiptoed out of the toilet, his eyes searching for a place, for a hideout where he could spend an hour and a half without Kato noticing him.

A flock of around fifteen girls, their costumes similar to Alex's, passed by and one of them grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him with them. And Alex let them lead him around, because there was no better place to be hidden away than a circle of girls with corsets and short layered skirts like his, becoming one of them.

But they weren't all just girls, there were a couple of boys among them too. From the chatter of the girls around him he comprehended that the majority of them were children of the various ambassadors, who had come to the party with their parents. They knew each other fleetingly from school, and because they had made plans to come dressed alike, they thought that Alex was one of them. Alex didn't correct them. He kept himself in the background while the group they stopped here and there and bothered their idols. It was quite fun, Alex mused while he listened to the girl who pulled him with her. And time was passing so quickly in their company.

"Look, look. It's that singer from Fallen Soul." Somebody from the group pointed at the red-head geisha who was talking to some samurai and shinigami by the buffet. "I would recognise that hair anywhere."

"C'mon, let's go and say hello to him. And maybe we would even see Kato Mikumi's koibito, I've heard so much about him, but I've never seen him."

"They say he is a really normal and nice guy, but I don't believe that. You have to be pretty special to be Kato Mikumi's official lover."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's check it out."

The group went toward Kato. Alex tried to slip away, but that was hard to do when he was in the middle of the group. The group stopped before Kato and Alex hid behind the tallest 'girl' in the group.

"Suimasen, Mikumi-sama." The leader of the group bowed before Kato. "We just want to say hello and –"

"And to get an autograph." One of the girls pushed a small notepad and pencil before Kato.

"Yeah," others agreed and seven more notepads appeared before Kato.

"And to meet your koibito-- Ouch."

Alex sneaked to the rear of the group.

"Suimasen. Mikumi-sama. She didn't mean to be so rude."

"That's ok, girls. And my koibito isn't here at the moment," Kato started to sign the empty papers.

"Oooo. We thought it was one of them." The girls pointed at the samurai and shinigami by Kato's side.

"No. But maybe I should trade for one of them." Kato smiled at girls. "What do you think? Should I go for a younger model? Would one of you be willing to step into my lover's shoes?"

Alex, who had been about to make quick escape, turned.

Did Kato just say…?

Yes, he did.

But Kato was probably just joking, flirting a little with his fans. Why else would he say something like that?

Alex peeked over the girl's shoulder. His eyes found Kato's face and his heart stopped. He could overlook Kato flirting, giving attention to other people; after all, Kato was famous and had fans, flirting and being social was part of his job description. But… but Kato was giving the girls that smile, the smile which had once been reserved for Alex only.

Alex bit his lip and blindly found his way out of the group. They had been in Japan for only three months and it seemed that... Just the thought of possibility that what he had with Kato could end squeezed Alex's heart painfully.

He couldn't breathe.

From the corner of his eye he spotted a glass door and rushed toward it.

"Alex." A hand descended on Alex's shoulder, it stopped him for a moment.

Alex tore away and elbowed his way toward the door. He needed air.

He opened the door and stumbled through it. He pressed his back against the wall, the wall cold beneath his palms. He just needed some time to calm down.

He couldn't believe that Kato would replace him so easily, not after everything they had been through. And he didn't want to believe it. He ground his teeth together. He wouldn't believe it. Not unless Kato told him to his face. But that smile… his special smile… He bowed his head.

"Alex, are you ok?"

Alex lifted his head. A petite blonde with jaw-length blonde hair and a Chloe Sulivan tag on her cardigan stood before him. "Andi. What…?"

A tall geisha with a big flower in his black hair and dressed in a yellow and blue kimono joined Andi. "What did he do this time?"


"Don't lie." Siva put his hand on Alex's shoulder. "You look very upset and the only one who can get you upset is Kato."

"And me," Andi added. "When I intrude on your special time."

"It's nothing."

"Alex. Tell us." Andi narrowed her eyes at Alex. "You know we are not going to leave you alone until you tell us."

"He flirted. Ok. He asked some girls if he should trade me for a younger model and if any of them is ready to step into his lover's shoes."

"He was probably joking," Siva said.

Yeah, he loves you," Andi nodded.

"And he's gay." Siva added. "He is not interested in girls, remember."

"But there were guys in that group too. And he gave them my smile. My smile."

"Your smile?" Siva asked.

"You know the one." Andi nudged Siva with her elbow. "The one where he gazes at Alex like he is a woman on a diet and Alex is his favourite cake, and he looks like he is making a tooth paste commercial."

Alex shifted his feet. Yeah, that was the one.

"But Kukki, that smile was meant for you."

Alex looked up. How had Kato managed to sneak up on them like that?

Kato shoved Siva and Andi aside and wrapped his arms around Alex. "Only for you."

"You were flirting with them." Alex refused to look Kato in the eye.

"To get even for that pinch." Kato tilted Alex's head up. "I knew you were there, hiding behind that guy--"


"It doesn't really matter." Kato caressed Alex's cheek. "The point is that I knew that you were there." He turned, holding Alex tightly against his chest. "And you." He pointed at Andi. "Next time you have an idea for Alex's costume, you share it with me, not Naomi. This kind of thing," he tugged on Alex's skirt, "should be worn in the privacy of my home, for my eyes only, not in public. Did you know that James had to chase away five guys who were about to make a move on my Kukki?"

"Yeah." Alex turned his head and gave Andi his stare of doom, then the last part of Kato's words sank in. "Wait a minute, what guys? I didn't see any guys. Or James."

"It was just a little revenge for all that whining and complaining," Andi said. "I mean it has been a month since that incident and I still have to listen to Alex about it; he acts like I interrupted you on purpose."

"You took pictures," Alex cried.

"Andi, if you knew what I know, you would understand him."

"What? Tell me."

"You two stop ignoring me." Alex poked Kato's chest. "And don't you dare tell her."

Kato pulled Alex closer. "What? Don't you want Andi to know, how when we were on our Valentine vacation, your lovely little naked ass disappeared in the direction of our bungalow while I was tied up and I had to act like I was just sunbathing in the nude and make small talk with our neighbour?" Kato's breath was hot on Alex's ear. "It's a good thing that that I was lying on my stomach and that the hammock was fabric and not net, otherwise there would be my not-so-little friend sticking through the net."

"I said I was sorry. You know I am."

"I know Kukki, I know. But you left me there tied up and naked for an hour and you still didn't make it up to me."

"I tried. I tired. But she," Alex pointed at Andi, "she interrupted."

"Kukki, it was a month ago."

"I need to mentally prepare myself. You are always so great and I want to excel too and give you as much pleasure as you give me." Alex wrapped his arm around Kato's neck.

"They are talking the sex talk." Siva poked Andi, who was intently listening.

"You will. You worry too much," Kato said.

"Yeah, it's getting interesting." Andi's eyes got a glazed look.

"Let's go." Siva grabbed Andi's hand and despite her resistance, he manage to pull her with him thorough the door.

"No, I'm not." Alex pouted. The truth was, Alex did manage to top once, it had been a spur of the moment thing. They were both drunk and clumsy and even when he didn't remember everything very clearly, he could remember how good, hot and tight Kato felt and how it was over almost as soon as it began. It was a disaster, even though it did seem that Kato had actually enjoyed it, well, as long as it lasted, because since that time, at least once a month he insisted that Alex top, to which Alex had agreed only twice, and look what it had brought him.

"Yes, you are. It's about you being focused on me, not about how much time you can keep going on." Kato's hand found its way under Alex's skirt, his fingers slid over the edge of Alex's panties. "Can we go home now? And I will show you what I mean."

"Kato." Alex could feel the heat in his cheeks. "We are in a public place." He swatted Kato's hand away and narrowed his eyes at Kato. "And besides, I should be angry at you. You were flirting and said that you would replace me."

"But Kukki?" Kato slide his hand down Alex's arm and hooked it around his waist. "I told you that it was only –"

"Only what?" Alex poked Kato and frowned. "You are such a jerk. For a moment I thought that you didn't want me anymore." He took hold of the folds of Kato's kimono and wrinkled the fabric in his fists. "It hurt."

"Kukki, I never meant to hurt you. Never. I thought you would jump on me and demand that I take my words back, not run away." Kato caressed Alex's back in soothing motion. "You should have more confidence in yourself and me. I was showing you how much I want you two hours ago. And you pinched me."

Alex pressed his cheeks against Kato's shoulders, hiding his face in the niche of Kato's throat. "Well, you were trying to bully me into forgetting my promise. And I can't help if I feel insecure, you are this big shot and I'm just an average person. "

"Is that what you think of me? That I'm a big shot?"

"Yeah, because you are." Alex released Kato's kimono and smoothed the edge. "I just forget that a lot of times."

"I don't want to be a big shot to you." Kato entangled his fingers into Alex's ringlets. "I mean I do, but not that kind of big shot."

"Hmmm." Alex pressed himself closer to Kato.

Kato ran his fingers through Alex's hair. "You were one of the rare people who I got to know when I was already famous and who has treated me like a normal human being from the start and I liked that very much. And I like the feeling that you are with me because you love me, not because of what I have or because I'm famous."

"I would never-"

"I know."

"It's just sometimes, especially when fans crowd you and fan over you, it's hard to not feel a little overwhelmed and insecure. You have everything. The talent, the confidence, the looks… everything and I… what do I have?" Alex's blue eyes found Kato's.

"You have me, Kukki. You have me." Kato cupped Alex's cheek.

"Do I?"

"Yes. And since it's already past ten, can we go home now? I can show you how you have me and how much I want you." Kato slid his free hand over Alex's corset. "And so that I can finally do something about your costume?"

"Yeah." Alex smiled. "He was all for it."

The end

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