She is my morning sunshine
the notes of my bittersweet symphony.
She stays in my mind
with singing eyes and flayed graceful arms
that seems to startle the air
in which she dances.

He is my fool
my untamed little screw-up
who lives on heroin
and tries to re-learn days of the past
of black rain the day Hiroshima was bombed
of heaps of shoes, the remnants of Auschwitz
I give him credit
because he's realized that we humans are falling apart
even before I pointed it out to him.

She's the bearer of happiness
while he can recount tales of loss and despair.

Opposite sides of the same coin
both children of my creation.
(And if you look really hard
You can find badly hidden traces
Of my essence in them)

She is the result of a giddy bliss
while he of a remorseful night.

Her tears
break me with their incessant sting
his tears
calm me in the midst of bleakness.

She is my structure
the one who stays behind
and looks after me faithfully
until something else catches her attention.

He is usually never there
(Busy indulging in some antics)
but suddenly when I'm crying
frustrated and grief stricken and left without a cause
He'll be there watching
cautiously and patiently
his resonant eyes asking me to challenge the world.

They're both parts of me
that will never get lost
even if I think I've misplaced them.
They're like parts of different stories
Both oblivious to each other
Unknowingly stuck in the web of my imagination.



a/n- written at 1a.m one day when i wasn't able to fall asleep.