The following is a collection of serious essays that I've written on a wide range of topics. I used to have many of these essays listed on Fictionpress as separate entities, but it became too unwieldy to find things in my list of stories, so I've done this instead.

Since I've noticed that most readers read the first chapter first (astonishingly!) and only move on to the later chapters if they like what they find, I am going to keep the newest, most relevant essay at the front at all times. However, by no means feel required to read the essays in the reverse chronological order that I've posted them here. If you find the subject of chapter five interests you more than chapter two, then please read that one instead. The essays are designed to be stand-alone pieces, so please read as much or little as you wish, in whichever order you desire. Then, if you later return, bear in mind that any new essays will be at the front.

I've written these opinion pieces with the express interest in sparking thoughts and debates. If you have an opinion about something I've written, I'd be more than happy to discuss it – just leave a review or send me an email or PM. Along the same lines, if you desire to use my thoughts in your own essays, debates, or schoolwork, please feel free. But do me the courtesy you would do any author, and please do not plagerize my phrases. The ideas are welcome to all, but put your own words – your own thoughts! – to those ideas, if you would.

I hope you enjoy the essays,