Midnight Angel

It was either late night or early morning, or perhaps that short time between the two, that midnight hour known only to the beasts that stalk the night. That must have been it, because the dark has gone silent and everything is deathly still, as if the world itself is holding its breath in wait. I lived for this time, and if you knew something of the magical serenity of this hour, you would too. It weaves a spell over you, with the silence, and the darkness, and the undeniable sense of ease it makes you feel. Even the portion of the lake I could see from between the trees was still, forming a liquid mirror that reflected the pale moon and endless stars. I glimpsed her briefly and in that instant, she captured my mind, my heart.

She glowed in the moonlight, dancing her exotic dance, her flowing dress fluttering around her on an unseen wind. Her eyes were half closed, and the hint of a smile played on her gentle face. Strands of blonde hair floated about her, like thin threads of gold. I moved to get a better view and she froze, staring at me. I was terrified she would leave, but she simply smiled brightly and beckoned me closer. I approached her, as Odysseus to the Sirens, so alluring was her beauty. She reached out for me and I fell willingly into her embrace. Her soft white wings spread out to enclose us in a feathery cocoon.

Did I forget to mention her wings? Oops.

It was as if she'd sealed us off from the outside; no sights, no sounds, no scents was I aware of, save for hers. Her soft lips, her gentle breathing, the delicate aroma of roses. Too soon, she pulled away, a sad look on her face.

"It's time to go" she whispered to me. The idea of her leaving petrified me, and I once more reached out to hold her.

"I don't want you to leave me" I whispered back to her. I heard her give a sad laugh.

"Silly boy" she smiled as she pushed me back to look into my eyes "I won't leave you. You're coming back with me."

Confusion swept my face "But… doesn't that mean…"

"Yes. You are dead."