C.L. Gingerich

You are so beautiful, my Lord!

Your mercy is beyond measure

Your grace is more than I deserve

Your love is beyond compare


My soul cries out in agony!

Lord, rescue me

My heart beats slowly

My chest aches deeply


I am nothing!

My life on this earth is nothing

It will only be a second in time

Within a blink of an eye, it will be gone


O God!

Without You, I am nothing

Without You, my life is meaningless

Without You, there is no hope


Lord, consume me with Your fire!

I give You everything I am

My heart breaks within me

Forgive me, Father


My life is Yours, my God!

Take me completely

Make me into a new creation

Fill me with Your love


I cannot be without You!

Darkness surrounds me

Stealing my peace and my hope

Lord, fill me with Your light


O God!

I bend my knees before You

Your holiness is more than I can bear

You are my Lord and my King


Father, take my fears!

Dash them on the rocks

Wash over them with Your waves of grace

Scattering them to the ocean depths


Build in me a fire!

I desire to be a light on a hill

Burning brightly for You

Fill me with Your love, Father


Take my dreams and my desires!

They will rest securely in Your arms

You will hold them dearly

In their absence, give me hope, Lord


My hope is in You!

You are more powerful than all the raging storms

More powerful than Your great enemy

Your strength will never fail


Your love will last forever!

From beginning to end, You are here

Forgive me for doubting You

Forgive me for my lack of faith


Cleanse me, Lord, from my sins!

Make me as white as snow

Give me courage and strength

Lead me down the path of wisdom


Lead me to your heart

My God, my God, Yahweh