Epilog: The Last Breath

It was pitch black, nothing moved except one lone figure who limped up the path towards her friend's grave. When she reached it she came to a halt and pressed her nose against the small round stone and dried up dead flower. She was an old dog now but her memories were still fixed on that one day, the day Redtail had died. Star had become the hero and now her name was well known throughout the animal kingdom. But her time was up, she was an old dog now and her heartbeats were numbered.

Star was not scared of dying, her daughter Fern would look after the clan. No, she was just scared of what would be waiting for her. Would the wish she had made on the shooting star come true? Sighing the foxhound looked at the scar on her side wondering if it would be there in afterlife. There was no way to tell.

Star felt her heart flitter, the time had come. Laying down she placed her head on the rock and closed her eyes for the last time. Dying didn't hurt, it fact she just felt herself slipping painlessly from the world and into another.

Up in the stars they were waiting for her. Slecker stood beside Tossa and Grass sat nearby tail over her paws. But far off in the corner stood Redtail and Fluffla. They greeted her as she came up to them and Star felt great strength flowing back into her bones. Up here she was young again. Turning to her friends she smiled. Then the three lifelong friends, Fluffla, Redtail, and Star headed off along the stars finally together again.