Sung To Me in Miracles

There was total darkness on the white house, almost illuminating it. Midnight was a rare time for the house of coeds to be asleep, and yet, all ten of them were tucked cozy in their beds. However, something wasn't right as the scream echoed through the house, bringing most to stir from their sleep. Then again, nothing was ever right now. Why? How could this have happened to her? They had their whole lives ahead. College students shouldn't have to worry about burying an empty casket. Why? Why did he have to die?

Her long blond locks were pulled away from her face, her bangs drenched in sweat. It was that dream again. The one where she could have done something. Maybe if she hadn't been a pain, maybe if she had trained harder. Maybe if she had told him she loved him. Maybe none of this would have happened. But those were only maybes.

There was nothing she could do now. Nothing that she could change. He was dead. She watched as the creature drove the sword through his chest. An image that kept replaying in her mind.

"Patrick let's go!" He didn't respond, still fighting, there were people to save, children. Being in the underground laboratory wasn't safe, nor did they need to be there anymore. Marina called his name a few more times, they were all ready to go, he didn't need to be there. He didn't need to fight. The black creature loomed over him, casting a black shadow, even with such little light. Its contorted face let you know that at one time, it had been human, whatever it was now. The creature had this eerie look to it, the way that it moved, and they way it made no sound. The way that all it did was create havoc. Perhaps it was the long talons on its hand. Marina knew that even after this night, she would have nightmares about whatever it was.

Never had Marina seen a creature with such distinguishing features. The eyes were not on the front of the face, but had instead traveled to the side of its head. It had grown many feet in height, and looked almost like an experiment gone wrong. She watched as the bony hand reached out and grabbed Patrick Cross by the face. In the background, she could hear people calling her name, trying to get her to leave. Marina moved toward the boy in trouble, still unsure of what to do, she was helpless. That was when it shoved the sword through his heart.

Everything went silent. Marina couldn't hear anything, not the sound of the fires roaring, not the sound of her friends calling her name. She couldn't hear a thing. Not the sound of her anguished cry as she left him behind, her final memory of him with this look of pain and shock on his face. She couldn't feel her friends having to hold her back from racing over and avenging his death. She couldn't feel. Her body collapsed into her friends arms, as they shoved her into an SUV

He was gone.

"Marina?" She looked up at the sound of her name to see Travis. Her brown eyes met his blue ones, ignoring the look of sympathy. "You okay?" Was she okay? No she wasn't okay.

"I'm fine." Her lips twitched, her tell that she was lying. She was tired of sympathy and the sorry looks. She was tired of waking up in the middle of the night screaming. She was tired of missing him.

"No, you're not. Come talk to me Mar."

"If you knew that I wasn't okay, then why ask?"

"Marina, just-"

"You can leave." He looked at her, defeated, she was changed. A different person, someone none of her roommates knew anymore. Travis turned, slowly closing the door. She didn't care if it was a closed door on their friendship, she was hurting, and she had lost someone.

"That was three weeks ago," Travis said after closing the door, looking at the group of people around.

"That doesn't change that she lost someone that she loved. I don't know what I would do without Noel," Asher shrugged, unsure of anything else to say. Everyone was trying to cope, everyone was trying to understand that they had just lost dear friend.

"But it's not like he's actually dead."

"Yeah, but she doesn't know that, and we can't tell her. Its just going to get her hopes up if he doesn't come back."

Noel walked out of her bedroom, a crisp burnt smell rising from the room. Even little swirls of smoke left the room in her wake. Her long brown hair seemed un affected by this fire. Her deep brown eyes looked up at the boys, a sad look filling them.

"Is she okay?"

"Do you think she's okay?" Travis snapped at Noel, taking his frustrations out on her. Asher pulled Noel closer to him, looking at Travis darkly.

"Don't take this out on her Trav. We're all mourning him, Yes, some more then others, but you, being a jackass isn't going to help anything," Asher said, looking down at Noel.

"What's the nightmare this time?" Noel asked ignoring Travis' remark.

"She wouldn't let me in to talk to her. Maybe if you tried some girl ta-"

"You think I haven't tried? I can't get anything out of her. She won't hear it."

"I'll try." Asher stepped up, giving a small shrug. He kissed Noel on the top of the head, then turned toward Marina's door.

"Marina?" he asked walking in.

"Don't come in," she ordered, her voice croaking with a sob. "I said don't come in!" She looked up at Asher, on the verge of tears. He sat down next to her, on her bed. "I can't cry. I'm trying, I just can't. I can't admit that he's gone because I know that he can't be. Why Ash? Why him? We were all safe, all ready to go, and what did he do? He got himself killed. What am I supposed to do without him?" Asher remained silent for a moment.

"You don't believe that he's gone?"

"Not one bit. I mean, he just can't be. He's stronger then that. Why Asher? Why?" Asher pulled Marina against him, letting her cry. His shirt did not once get wet as she sat there dry sobbing.

It took days to try to get her to finally go back to work. She needed to, if she didn't, then she would be letting this run her, and she didn't want that. It was the summer; she should have been enjoying the warm days, and earning money so she could pay for college, not thinking about other things. Marina pulled her long blond hair away from her face, her bangs hanging in her face. He loved it when her hair was out of her face. She smoothed out her black waitress cress, ready for her first day back. The look of surprise on all of her friends' faces was not an encouraging look.


"Going to work?" Noel asked, looking up from her cereal.

"Yeah, I can't stay away forever." There was a moment of silence between the two girls, a moment of mourning.

"You sure?"

"Absolutely not." Marina looked over at Noel, and tossed her water bottle between her hands. Her nerves were shaking in her body, like molecules being heated up. She took her keys, and turned to leave. She couldn't stay away from work, even if that was where she would always see him.

She had to try. She had to try and not mess up, this was her job, this was what would be paying her bills. Walking through the doors, her stomach started to do Jumping jacks, making her feel sick. She couldn't turn back.

"You've been following me."

"I have not." Patrick's voice was dripping with over exaggeration. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Then what are you doing in the back alley of my job."

"Maybe I want to rape you."

"Hardly, I know who you are. We live in the same house."

"That's right. You're what? The maid?" She glared at him, but only for a moment, then smiled as she tossed the garbage into the dumpster.

"What are you doing here Cross?"

"I'm admiring the fine architecture of this fine building."


"Oh? And how do you know that?"

"Your eyes twinkle when you lie."

"You can't see my eyes." She gave him another look, then he frowned. "You're special."

"I know, why are you so interested?"

"I have to protect you."

"Just get a little more cliché. I'm sure that hero thing works for some women."

Marina came back into focus when she collided with her co worker, both of them holding trays of food, both of them now covered in it. As the three slices of apple pie began to slid down her chest, she started to feel sick. The gunk that was in the pie was too much for her. Quickly, she turned on her heel, running out of the main diner into the bathroom, where she lost everything that she had eaten so far that day. She stood over the toilet, her hands on her knees, and her blond hair in a ponytail off to the side.

Slowly she lowered herself so she was sitting down, her head bend, trying to fight back another wave of sickness. She heard someone knocking at the door, then flushed the toilet, her way of saying she was still alive. She sat there in defeat, looking at the tiles on the floor, she didn't want to be bothered.

"Mar?" She looked up to the sound of her name being called. Yes, she was still in there and alive and didn't want to be bothered. However, her friend didn't want to obey her wishes.

"I called Noel and Asher, they should be here soon." Marina closed her eyes, only to be assaulted with the last time she saw Patrick. Her eyes shot open as she stared ahead. Slowly, she rose to her feet, trying to make better sense of what was happening around her. She was alone in the cramped one person bathroom. She almost liked it that way. It left her space to wash her face off, feel less disgusting.

"Marina?" She looked up, hearing Asher's soft voice from outside the door. She didn't want to let him in, but that wasn't going to stop him, he was worried, everyone was worried about her. No eating, no sleeping, no being healthy. It wasn't pretty. Marina looked over at him, her bangs wet and matted to her face. He frowned looking at her. While the tall boy had never been very close to her, he found in the past few weeks that she had been in real need of someone to help her.

"I'm fine, I just feel nauseous." Asher bent down, and looked her in the face. She bit her lip looking at Asher.

"Lets take you home, kay?" She nodded lowering her head. She hated being such a mess. She wanted to be able to pull it all together, she wanted to be able to pretend like nothing ever happened, like there was nothing ever between them, but there was.

"Favorite ice cream?" She bit her lip, looking up at the boy who she was laying next to.

"Cookie dough." She rolled her eyes as she sat up looking at him.

"How boring. Come on Cross, I expected you to be the least bit original when it came to favorite ice cream."

"Because you can do better."

"Of course I can. I'm better at everything then you are."

"Oh? Name one thing?" Patrick Cross watched her as she tilted her head, this mess of long blond curls falling down her back. He was finally happy, in that one moment; he thought for sure that this was how life was supposed to be, laying in bed on a rainy night with the most perfect person you had ever found. This was perfection, this was happiness.

"Moose tracks."

"What the hell is moose tracks?" He let out this laugh like it was the most unbelievable thing that he had ever heard.

"Itsso good. Its vanilla ice cream, with fudge and little baby reese's cups in it." He watched as she got out of bed, pulling one of the blankets with her, she smiled at him again, her eyes wide and just as gleeful as he felt. She dropped the blanket, her back to him. He watched as she pulled on her little yellow bathrobe, something that was much too immature for her, but he knew that she would never care. Her small feet started to carry her toward the door, her eyes glancing out of the door which she had opened.

"I'll be right back." She whispered to him, this childish tone in her voice. She was giggling when she returned to the room moments later. In her tiny hands was the ice cream that she had been raving about, she was going to make him eat it with her. His hand reached up to touch her cheek gently, his knuckles brazing her cheek. He half smiled at her, considering how lucky he was to have her. She grinned, taking off her robe, then slipped under the covers, her naked body curled next to his. He listened to her breathing being to steady, and even out.


"Mmmhh?" She replied sleepily. He smiled kissing the top of her head.

"Are you going to be too sore to train tomorrow? Because if you are, that is very much okay. I won't mind a day of rest." She let out a loud laugh turning her head to look up at him.

"Did I tire the poor baby out?" She used this mocking baby tone, a smile on her face. Her eyes were dull and tired, and even her movements were slow as she started to trace his cross tattoo on his arm.


"Fine, as long as we can sleep in tomorrow."

"Agreed." Minutes later, when he had assumed she was asleep, her sleepy tone reached out to him from the darkness.

"Promise me forever?" He smiled at her nodding.

"I promise."

Marina woke up in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Every thing had truly happened. He died, That was for sure. It had been one month since he was stabbed that day, and now she was sure that he was gone. Yet there were no funeral plans. There was no head stone, there was nothing for him.

"Mina?" She shot up in bed looking around for where the voice came from. He always called her Mina that was his name for her. Only Patrick called her that.

"Mina?" The voice repeated itself, and she realized that it was coming from the outside of her bedroom door. When her bedroom door opened, she was disappointed, she wanted it to be Patrick, not Travis.

"Yeah Travis?" She looked up at him blinking, her eyes adjusting to the brightness of the room. She had insisted upon these sheer white curtains, giving the room a soft brightness. Travis thought that she was beautiful, just sitting there, her hair a mess. Travis would never tell her that he envied Patrick.

"I wanted to see how you were feeling. You've been out for almost 14 hours."

"That long?"

"Yep, want something to eat? I was making smoothies for everyone…I wanted to see if you wanted one."

"No, I'm fine, I think I'm just going to go to the training room." She got out of bed, and found herself in her pajamas, something that she didn't remember getting into.

"I'll just leave you alone then, Noel changed you if you were wondering." Marina nodded at him, staying quiet as she got her training clothes, the last bit of clothing that Patrick had taken off of her. Travis closed the door quiet behind him as she went on to change and wander to the training room.

Just walking into the room reminded her of every training session that she had with him. All of the long painful ones; all of the ones that she "accidentally" fell into him during. At first Marina just sat there, unsure of what to do, but as she started to stretch, she heard someone enter.

"You okay?" Noel's voice was heard from the doorway. Everyone pitied Marina, and she knew it. She didn't like it, but most people left her alone because they felt bad. They wanted to give her space to grieve.

"Yeah, just tired."

"You sure? You've never been this nauseous before, and none of us want you sick. We're worried."

Marina loved Noel, they were like sister, and had been since they were children, but she didn't want to be bothered right now, she just wanted to be left alone. Noel sat down in front of Marina and sighed.

"Did you and Patrick ever have sex?" The tension in the air was thick after that, and Marina's mind kept thinking back to the curve of his muscles, and the way that he held her. Noel shifted a little more, very uncomfortable, she was a quiet girl, and she hated to be bothered with awkward situations.

"Yes." It took a minute or two, but Marina confessed to her friend that she had. She wanted to talk about it, try to re-live the way his kisses felt all over her, How soft his skin was.

"Could you be…you know…pre-"

"Pregnant? No."

"So you used protection? Good, because everyone was thinking that maybe you were."

"No, we didn't." Noel looked up abruptly, her eyes wide.

"How long ago?"

"Maybe a month or two?" Noel let her head drop into her hands, disappointed that her friend could be so stupid.

After a short trek to the convenience store, the two friends sat in the bathroom in their large house. It had been five minutes as the test had said. They had been waiting, staring at the test. The entire trip there and back had been done in total silence. Everything that went through Mina's mind was how her life would change. How she would be able to take care of this child? How was she going to tell everyone that their lives were going to be rocked? How would she do this without him? He may not of been there, but she had to train. She promised him that even if he wasn't training her, she would still do it.


"Yes, Cross, I will train with Travis even if I really only want to train with you."

"Good. Now lets go. Attack me."

Marina charged at him, her fist flying at him, him moving to avoid it. Everything done fluidly. Marina stumbled backward to dodge a punch, then clumsily moved to try to hit him back, only to trip over the mats in the room. He instinctively caught her, only to fall over a balance bar behind him. She lied on top of him, a smile hitting her lips.

"We need to stop meeting like this." Her voice was suggestive, dripping with desire. He frowned at her, however, his eyes were telling her that he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him.

"Can we keep training?" Travis' voice came from the corner of the room. Marina looked over at him frowning.

"Well, you don't have to be such a bore Travis, we're just having fun." She rolled her eyes climbing off Patrick, then put on boxing gloves. She walked over to the punching bag, and started hitting it looking over at Patrick, unable to get the other night out of her mind.

"He's right though Marina. This is a life or death kind of thing. If you don't focus then there is nothing you can do-"

"Do to save the world and protect the innocent. Yadda, yadda yadda. I got the memo. Doesn't mean that I can't have fun. Every one is so tense. You need to loosen up."

"I think both of you did enough loosening up for the whole house," Travis spat angrily. They looked at him frowning. Patrick shook his head. Marina pulled off her glove, and held her hand out, a small water orb started to grow in the palm of her hand. She lifted it to throw at Travis, but Patrick grabbed her arm.

"Don't," she gave him a look, and then frowned. She mouthed "fine," to him, wrinkling her nose as she let the water splash to the ground. He kissed her forehead, and then nodded at the punching bag motioning for her to continue. She put her glove back on to start beating up the punching bag, letting it be the last time they trained together.

"Is that pink? I think that's pink. Does pink mean that you pregnant?" Marina picked up the small white stick, then the fold out doom statement. As she compared the two, she let a frown set onto her lips.

"I'm pregnant." Her voice was quiet as she said this out loud.

"It could be wrong, they do that sometimes."

"No, it can't be. This is the 7th time it said yes."

"But it also was negative 3 times."

She sat down on the toilet dropping the test and the paper that told her the bad news. She was pregnant, and she was alone. In the silence between the two best friends, there were some mumblings that could be heard from outside the room. All of the male voices were deep, and unable to be quiet while whispering. Various curses were heard as it sunk in with everyone that a baby was on its way. A house of men and two women were going to have to raise a baby. Half of them were dunk all the time, the other half of them were apathetic and too self involved to care about anything. Now they were going to be greeted by a crying baby when they came home? Absolutely not. That just wasn't going to fly with them. But what could they do? Kick her out? No. they could have tried harder to save Patrick, but they didn't.

Marina's eyes widened as it sunk in. Noel put her hand on her friends shoulder. There were no words of consolation that she could offer. They were 20 years old, and a baby was enough a responsibility, but to be in college, and alone? She couldn't help but think that her life was over.

It took her a while until she finally was able to emerge from the bathroom. When she did, she was greeted with the crowd of her housemates. All of them were standing there staring at her, and the only time she wanted to cry more was when she lost Patrick.

"You know. We can help you." Travis spoke first, wanting to hold her, to comfort her. To make her feel better. He could never admit it to her, or himself, or anyone else, but he loved her, but the day Patrick died, she died too. He hoped that maybe when this baby was born, his love would come back too. "We all will."

Marina nodded, then walked to her room, Travis closely behind her. She sat down on her soft bed, pangs of loss, and missing Patrick hitting her hard.

"I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm alone Travis. I don't have him here to help me, to make me happy about this. He's gone and I have to admit that."

"Well, you have me here. I can help you." He slid his arms around her shoulders. She lowered her head, and let the first tear drop since she lost Patrick. Travis pulled her into his chest even if she was crying about another guy, even if she would never cry like that for him. "God, I love you." His voice was quiet as he said that, but she heard him. She blinked, her tears drying up as she started to pull away.

"I think I want to be alone." Her tone was quiet as she started to feel uncomfortable. She loved Travis, but never as more then a brother, never more then someone who was there to protect her. He stood up, trying to look her in the eyes, but she wouldn't let him. He walked out quietly, regretting every word that he said.

She was alone then, and for the next few hours. She cried, every tear dropped for a child that would never know its true father, only the house of fathers that raised it. For her lost time with him, for her lost future, and for being alone in the world now, no one to love her, no one for her to love. No way for her to have a love of their own. She heard her door creak open, and she sniffled.

"Honey, I'm Home."

When Marina heard that voice, and those words, her head shot up tears falling onto her lap, and for the first time in a month, she smiled for real.


you like? It might have more of a life, i left it like that on purpose, but it was a short story for school. let me know what you think.