Moonlight pooled inside the lab, lighting it so that a vague impression of the wreckage could be made out. Files were spread along the counters, the contents scattered on the tables and floor. A monitor teetered on the edge of the counter, the screen shattered and the pc beside it, its wires ripped out and beyond repair.

The door creaked open, and three indistinct silhouettes walked in. One flipped the light switch, eliciting no reaction. He ran forward as his eyes adjusted to the light. "What the hell?"

Firmly, a feminine voice reprimanded the speaker. "Don't curse, Dan. Justin, can you fix the computer?" The final silhouette moved forward. There was a moment of silence, then a loud crack.

"No ma'am. Whoever did this stole the important parts." A quieter snap sounded and the lights turned on. "They just flipped the fuse in the circuit breaker. It's alright." The fluorescent bulbs brought into relief the three individuals. The one by the computer was a sullen faced teen of medium height, his eyes dull and expressionless. The other man was young and looked like he was fresh out of college, and the final was a woman with soft features and sharp eyes. She stood close to the door way, her presence was filled with authority.

The one who had originally spoke, Dan spoke first. "All our information was on that computer--the lists of families, people who had the abnormalities, the potentials-- all of it! What are we going to do, Mom? Even the information on the new subjects is gone!"

She sighed closing her eyes, looking very much like a mother whose children were fighting over the TV for the umpteenth time. "We find them, Dan. We find the culprits and kill them. We can't let the information get out. That is something we all agree on." Both the boys stared silently, the gravity of what the information held in those papers could do to their lives was blatant to them both. "Get Tara. Maybe they left something she can trace them by. And find Theo. He should have back up files on the new subjects."

A young girl rushed into the room, her expression panicked. "Bad news, ma'am. Wendy and Mizuki are gone!"

For the first time, an emotion other than weariness crossed her face. "When?" she asked angrily.

"I d-don't know ma'am, but they left a note." The girl held out the scrap of paper timidly. Slowly she took it.

After a moment, Dan stepped forward. "Mom?" She passed the letter to him. Despite his confusion, he read it.

"Damn him!" he cried, crumpling the note in his fist. "This is our family's life work! This is not some game, or shiny toy."

His mother laid a hand on his arm. "He knows that. I know why he left and destroyed the lab. Dan, pack your things."

"Wait- why? What's his reason?" Dan followed his mother, trying to keep up with her brisk walk. " Is it the new subjects? Was it Stacy? Why? Why did Theo do it?"

She abruptly stopped walking. "Later. Pack up. Tara- look for any traces and try to find Theo and the two subjects that went with him. Justin, get the plane ready, we're leaving as soon as Tara finds anything out?"

"But what are we doing, Mom?"

"We're going to find your brother and get all our research back."