Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Are you sure, Tara?" Tara Whittaker looked blankly at Dan. They were seated on the private jet that they had invested in. Tara was young, no more than thirteen years old, a young age for anyone to be so used to their abilities.

"When am I not?" Her blank eyes staring through him caused him to shiver. The process of the initiates in the past years had been a mystery to him, since he himself was new to the family's business. However, he knew that whatever went on broke the spirits of those with powers.

"Never of course." He looked down at the item clutched in her small hand. It was an earring with a voodoo doll, purple and red- like the Red Hat Society he thought- that belonged to Wendy. He had barely met her. His first impression was of an eccentric girl who was likely picked up off the streets. Her hair had been an odd blondish red color that was dark with dirt, and her eyes had been angry even as she smiled. He remembered the way she yelled at them, the way she sarcastically bit at him every time he tried to speak to her. Most of all, he remembered that she was close to Theo. The only time she was close to civil and polite was when she was with him.

It had been a year. One year since Theo had run off with their research and the two Meteor Children. Their family had been researching for generations these families who had gained abilities from the meteor that had passed over them centuries ago. Nothing had gone wrong until Theo had run off with their research.

"She's there. She hates it. She's staying there, but she hates it." Tara looked up at Dan. "Why do you stay somewhere you hate?"

For a moment, Dan stared at her striving for the answer. It was disconcerting that any one could feel the emotions of someone else. Tara used these emotions to locate the person wherever they were; her empathic abilities were second nature to her. "You don't have to answer. I know you don't want to."

"Thank you." He told her. "It's good to know you're on my side."

She gave him a slight smile. "He'll teach me, right? How to block them out, right?" Her powers enabled her to tell everyone's emotions, but she had no way to block it. She could focus on one, or stretch her ability to another city, but she couldn't stop feeling them.

He took her hands in his. "Yes, he will. Don't worry." She squeezed his hands back.

"Thank you." She turned to him. "I don't know which emotions are mine anymore. It'll be nice to feel for my own."

"Dan, Tara. We're beginning to descend." They looked up at the speaker, Dan's mother.

"Yes ma'am." Tara released Dan's hands. "Thank you, ma'am." Dan nodded.

"Okay Mom."

Tara dropped the Voodoo doll earring. "It's gone- her scent. I…I can't find her!"

"Mom?" pleaded Dan.

She kneeled beside her, placing her hand on Tara's shoulder. "It's alright sweetie. We're here now. You don't need to try anymore." Tara nodded, fingering the earring.

"Not much longer."

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