And so, we walk on, not always because we want to, rarely because we're told to, but because we know we must. We abandon our moments of fragility and hours of suffering at the wayside, and commence our passage through the wilderness of unknown tomorrows. We are scared, yes, we are scared that we will encounter more obstructions along the pathway, or fall into traps, set down for some other. We know that such misfortunes will befall us. Yet, we keep walking. Our physical selves tire, our spirits weaken, we become parched; body, mind, and soul… yet we keep walking. We scale mountains with nothing but our raw naked hands to pull us up, we cross rivers; body straining against the defiant tide, we forge pathways across land that has never been traversed before. We stumble, we trip, we fall, and remain down for a time, oppressed by the weight of our failures and losses, and comforted by the perfect knowledge of our self-detestation. We struggle against this weight until it alleviates, against this knowledge until it is replaced by neutrality. And then… though our legs ache and our knees tremble, we walk on. We walk on, and we don't look back. And eventually, we reach a clearing, where the sun shines through and illuminates the world around us, revealing it with a clarity and precision that was unknown to us until this moment. It illuminates us too, and though we bleed, and ache, and burn, and sweat, we feel that we are closer to fulfillment then we have ever been. Once we've reached this clearing- we finally look back, and observe our journey, and the innumerable dark periods that plagued it, and we smile- this time, not because we're told to, not because we must, but because we want to.