It's Not the End

You say it's the end of your life
They say that's so sad
You say it's the end of your love
They say, well, that's too bad

But they don't really help you, do they?
They leave you abandoned as they walk away
No one can find a thing to say
'Cause they don't want to darken their own day

You're left alone, again
Stuck by yourself, without a friend
But, then someone new comes along
They're lost and sad and it seems so wrong

You pick yourself up, to go and help them
You can't stand to see someone so down
You try to cheer them you say it's really not so bad
And pretty soon, there's a smile where there used to be a frown

They thank you for helping
They thank you for caring
And that's when you both realise
There's a whole life worth sharing