silver blade refracting light
catching my eye
calling to me
i have to ask myself
how the damn thing knows my thoughts
&again i ask myself
why the damn thing is winning
peeling me apart
layer by layer by layer
&what should be painful
i can't feel
i feel nothing
i feel no pain
i feel no bliss
i feel no sorrow

i feel music in my ears
&liquid rising on my feet
my eyes see only true red
on pale whitewhite skin
&the silver sliding through
the red vertically, horizontally
but nothing can compare to this
euphoria that i don't truly enjoy
this ecstasy that makes me crash
this amazing drug that doesn't seem to work right
this release of chemicals that tell me
you will be just fine; just don't stop.

a/n: Disorganized and confusing on purpose.

Stupid brackets aren't working either.