The sun will set
But only after the laugh appears
Cackling a fierce goodbye
To everything I once held dear.

The light gone out
The black cats prowl
The moon come in, no stars.
But not before the werewolf howls.

They are out once more
Sitting by the dancing leaves:
I lay in wait.

The laugh grows louder
Their ego swells
Soon, They will grow prouder.
Soon my blood will be theirs.

I crouch at the Hacket Tree's base
And sing a tone
While there's time to waste

Dancing in the deepest dark
Where shadows are the lightest mark
I'll sing this song by the Hacket Tree
I'll sing, knowing They come for me

By this time, the sun is gone
Their unrest can be heard
I continue to sing my song

Death has died, long ago
In a time that I shouldn't know
Even the spiders have fled
But I sing and I dance instead

Their breath is cold
Their eyes too bright
I can see them now.
Stop singing in spite.

Skin is black, rough.
Their claws long
Turn away, I've had enough.

They've come for me.

All the shadows in my life,
Lined up.
All my fears become flesh,
Enough. Too much?

They take my hand,
Their touch is pain.
I pull away.
This is Insane.

Secret whispers of insanity
Bombarding my mind with profanity.
Enough. Too Much.
"The Hacket Tree Aways."