What you did to me

My beauty

Left me wary of the consequences

For it had torn down

The best of my mental fences

We told our friends

We'd make amends

But it was so hard for you

So, we had to bid ourselves


We were...

Star Cross'd lovers across the sky

Soaring was so easy, we never needed to try

Fire was lit in your eyes

We were young then, none too wise

It hurt me too

Yes it's true

That's why we.. had to bid ourselves


Yet our...

Love was like a goldmine set upon the ground

A magic rare, seldom ever found ( We could never get away)

For I've sold to soon

Our getaway balloon

In a love that made cruelty weep

Put Jealousy to sleep

We were swept by the distant, far way

Far from our home in the bay of Biscay

Nostalgia comes over me

Like a wave of sympathy

When I yearn of thee

For I miss that...

In the middle of night, gentle caress

So wanted at this time lonesome, I must confess


Your certain love for me

Has assaulted your memory

And our pessimistic poetry

Your kiss is a symbol of your purity

It's knocked down for the sake of my security

We wept, hugged and cried when you said you will

Whoever knew, our love so new could kill


So at this time

We bid ourselves.. Adieu