I can't take back the things I've done
For they have ended and begun

The time has passed, I can't go back
To change what I regret or lack

Bad memories of accidents
Recurring nightmares' resonance

Oh, how I wish to turn back time
Reverse the hour, erase the crime

That I committed long ago
Assaulting all, both friend and foe

The fury that consumed my heart
Which pierced me like a flying dart

Has blinded me severely so
I never got a chance to know

How inhumane I must have been
To execute such wicked sins

I've no excuses, alibis
For it was I who made you cry

I'm sorry for the pain begot
It pains me a bullet shot

Straight through my chest, for that is how
I feel each time I think back now

Remorse is rushing through my veins
Like speeding cars on highway lanes

There's guilt embedded in my mind
A tumor doctors cannot find

Despair and woe cling on to me
Like haunting ghosts I cannot see

The rain is pouring heavily
And drenching me with misery

Although I realize that I've wronged
Just do me this before you've gone

I ask for your forgiveness, please,
Or I will never be at ease