Black and White

They say he's as black as a raven,

And 'Of course!' He doesn't deserve to be here.

We are white but he is black,

So tell him to leave and never come back.

They say it with contempt and a sneer,

And ignore all his painful tears.

They turn their backs and look away

Then tell their kids, "Don't go near."

I sit on the side and perceive

The hatred and the grief. I think

black and white—what's the difference?

Beauty is only skin deep.

It's like a checkerboard, black versus white.

Now the whites are winning, but the black—

They're catching up.

They're protesting and they're yelling,

They're coming back to talk.

I say, "Go!" You can still make it.

Because we all deserve to live in

every part of this world.

Whether we're black or white or yellow,

Or whether we're color blind—

You can't split people by colors,

It's what is inside that matters.