(Rewritten and revised as of 2/11/2009)

Chapter 1: Lucky Day

It was a sunny, mid-June day in Southern California. Thomas Kirkland stood outside of his English class at his community college. At 19, he was a young African American student who stood at 5' 11", had his hair trimmed short, and wore glasses. He considered himself to be fairly attractive; however, most females he had come in contact with in his life showed little to no interest in hooking up with him. Of course, this may have had something to do with that fact that most women considered him to be a geek.

Because of his failures with the fairer sex, Thomas decided to forget about love and just focus on himself and his studies. He even made vow to himself to work for the highest grades he could achieve.

However, he soon found the temptation to break that vow. It came in the form of his English classmate Melissa Cruz. She was a young woman of Dominican descent, though with her dark skin, Thomas mistook her for a Black woman when he first saw her. She stood at 5' 7", had shoulder-length black hair, and was gorgeous. At least, she was in Thomas' eyes. She seemed to be a pretty sociable person, someone who looked like she loved to party. Someone like her would never be interest in someone like Thomas.

Yet, he had to try.

She stood halfway down the hall, reading a small book. He took a deep breath, and slowly approached her. In his mind, he was preparing himself for the guaranteed rejection that would soon befall him.

"Uhh..." Thomas said as he reached her.

She looked up from her book, and looked into his face. "Oh. Hi, Thomas."

"You know my name?"

"Of course. Remember, we had introductions at the beginning of class."

"Oh, right."

"So, did you need me for something?" She asked while closing her book, though leaving a finger on the page that she was on.

Thomas became a bit nervous. "Uhh... Well..."


"I was wondering if you're free on Saturday." This was a line that Thomas had spouted many times before. Each time had been met with failure.

"Saturday?" Melissa asked. "Hm..."

Thomas watched as she thought over what he had asked her. Was she actually considering it? Or was she just getting his hopes up?

"Alright." She smiled. "Sure!"

Thomas' face lit up. "Really?!"

"Yep! I mean, you're pretty cute, and you seem intelligent in class. You're just what I want in a man!"

Thomas blushed. Though inside, he was trying to hide his joy.

"Come to my house on Saturday at 11am," Melissa said. "Can you make it?"

"Of course!"

"Good." Melissa then dug into her pocket and pulled out a small blank card and a pen. She then wrote something down on it, before handing it to Thomas. It was her address. "You're not going to find me without this."

Thomas chuckled. "Thanks." He then placed the card into his pocket.

The two stood before each other for a few seconds. Things were starting to become a bit awkward.

"So..." Thomas said finally. "I guess I'll be going now."

"Did you stay here just to ask me out?" Melissa slyly asked.

"Uh..." He scratched the back of his head.

Melissa laughed. "It's okay! I bet you have somewhere to be, anyway. I guess I'll see you then?"

"You bet! Bye!"

He walked away from her, waving back at her. She waved back with a smile on her face, before returning to her book.

Thomas soon reached the main hall of the college. He turned to his right and made his way for the Commons area.

He still could not believe what had just happened.


It was nearly 2:30pm as Thomas walked into his 3rd floor apartment. He stepped into the living room, dropped his bookbag on the floor besides the couch, and then plopped down on the couch. There, he let out a satisfied sigh. He was still ecstatic that a girl, a very attractive one at that, had accepted his invitation.

He looked towards the television in front of him, and the Nintendo Wii console that was connected to it. ...Nope. He did not want to even play Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Pokemon Battle Revolution, something he always found himself doing after school, nor did he want to play Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn to make more progress in the Hard mode that he had been struggling with over the past month. No. He was much too excited for that.

Saturday seemed so far away, despite it being Wednesday. The class they shared only met on Mondays and Wednesdays, and according to his best friend Robbie, she interned at a law firm on Thursdays and Fridays, so he would not even see her until Saturday.

In his Computer Technology class, he told Robbie about his success. Robbie could not believe it at first, and accused him of fabricating a lie. Soon, however, it became clear that Thomas had indeed succeed in asking out Melissa. Then, Robbie called him a "vow-breaker." Thomas laughed. It was too sweet a deal to pass up, he said.

"I guess I should get my homework out of the way," Thomas said, before standing up and grabbing his bookbag, and then heading towards his bedroom.

While he was fairly intelligent, Thomas did have a bad case of procrastination. If he did not complete his assignments by the weekend, chances were that they would not be completed at all. Since there were about 5 days between now and his next class on Monday, there was no excuse for those assignments not to be completed.

He walked into his bedroom, and then headed to his desk. He pulled out the chair underneath it and sat down in it, and then placed his bookbag beside him. He pulled out his English textbook, several sheets of paper, and a black ink pen.

He open his textbook to the page assigned to him, and began to read its text.

Even then, he found it hard to focus.


After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Saturday finally came, as Thomas awoke to his blaring alarm clock which read 9:30am. After shutting off the alarm, he immediately rose from his bed and headed for the bathroom, where he relieved himself, showered and brushed his teeth.

Then, he returned to his room and threw on a red and black T-shirt, grey jeans, and black sneakers, as well as properly grooming himself. Afterwards, he was ready to go. He grabbed his wallet and keys, and soon made his way out of his apartment, completely neglecting his empty stomach. He would get something to eat at the mall, he figured.

Soon, he walked out of the complex itself, and headed towards the bus stop. He had no car or license, so he had no choice but to use buses. Though he had been doing so since he was in middle school, so he knew how to get around with them.

The bus ride to Melissa's house would take nearly 30 minutes, give or take 5 minutes, and that was not counting the time it would take for him to wait for the bus to arrive at the bus stop.

However, he knew that it would be worth it.


Thomas looked out of the bus window as he rode near the front of the bus. He found it odd how there were less homeless people in this particular area, which used to have quite a few of them.

He soon remembered one such man named Barry. He would usually try to lecture Thomas on ways to become rich "in no time at all." Thomas pretended to be interested, though ultimately did not pay much attention to his ramblings. He just gave him a few dollars and went on his way. However, like the other Homeless, Barry had also went missing.

Perhaps he moved onto another spot, one where he could get more money from the civilians. That's one way to get rich.


Finally, after getting off of the bus and walking several blocks, he had arrived. Melissa's house stood before him. It was rather large, and had while walls with a grey roof. Oddly enough, it had no other houses around it. It was fairly isolated. Thomas felt a slight pity for Melissa, though maybe she prefered it that way.

"Whoa..." Thomas said as he was mesmerized by the house. "I may end up dating a rich girl."

He came to his senses and approached the front door. He took a deep breath, and then reached out and knocked on the door three times.

Soon after, the door opened, revealing his date Melissa. She wore a black, short-sleeved button-down shirt with its top two buttons left unbuttoned, black pants, and black flip-flops. As this was Southern California in the middle of June, her choice to wear dark colors baffled him, but he kept silent about it.

"You're late," Melissa said with a smile.

Thomas rubbed the back of his head. "Well, the bus arrived a bit later than usual, and it made more stops than I'd hoped..."

"Well, you made it, so that's all that matters. Come on in."

Thomas walked inside as Melissa closed the door behind him. He looked around. The house seemed bigger from the outside, but the interior was still quite large. He stood in the main hall, in front of him were stairs that led to the second floor, which also had a balcony that looked over the hall. To his left was the entrance to the living room, and to his right was what looked like a media room, though it was fairly empty. The living room and media room had carpeting, though the main hall did not.

"What a big house..." Thomas said in a state of amazement.

"Yep. It sure is," Melissa responded. "And it's all mine."

Thomas looked towards her. "What do you mean?"

"Well, my bitch of a mother left my father when I was 3. That just left me with my father, who never remarried. He's a researcher and inventor, and he gets paid a lot. Unfortunately, his job keeps him away from here for long periods of time. In fact, I haven't seen him in nearly three years." She sighed. "Talking to someone over the phone isn't the same as seeing them in person, you know?"

"I'll guess..."

"He sends me a check every month, though I only use it to pay for the house and maybe groceries. I use my own money to pay for any extra stuff I need."

Thomas chuckled. "You are rich."

"Oh, stop!" Melissa playfully nudged him.

Thomas blushed as she withdrew her hand.

"Anyway, before we go out," Melissa said, "there's something I want to show you. Interested?"

"Sure, why not?" Thomas answered.

Melissa smiled. "Follow me!"

She then walked past Thomas and began to climb the stairs. He followed her.

Halfway up the stairs, Thomas' stomach growled. Quite loudly. Melissa stopped her ascent on the stairs and faced him, with a somewhat curious look on her face.

"I... skipped breakfast this morning," Thomas said in an embarrassed tone.

"Why would you do that?" Melissa asked.

"Well, I was running late, and I figured that I would get something at the mall..." He looked downward and noticed something on one of the steps. It looked like a red splatter. "What's that?"

"What's what?" Melissa asked.

"That." Thomas pointed towards the strange splatter.

Melissa stared at it for a few seconds before giving her answer. "Nail polish. I must have accidently dropped some. I can be careless sometime."

"I see..." Thomas looked at her hands, and then her feet. She was not wearing any polish on the nails of either one, or at least not colored polish.

"Hey, I'm up here." Melissa had apparently noticed him looking at her feet.

"Oh! Sorry..." He laughed a little.

Melissa rolled her eyes before she continued up the stairs. Once there, they made a right and headed for the room at the far end. As Thomas walked inside, he marveled at the size of her room. It was rather big, with a queen-size bed, a dresser near the door, a large cabinet near the window, and a computer desk besides the cabinet across from her bed. There was no computer there, however. The room also had no carpeting, with only a rub on the floor between the desk and the bed. There was also a colsed closet door towards the back of the room.

Once both were inside, Melissa closed the door behind her, and locked it as well. This baffled Thomas. Was it possible that she didn't want to go out at all? That she just wanted to stay in and do some kinky things with him? If so, why was she so dressed up? That would have been a lot of effort for something that did not require her leaving the house. He figured that a bathrobe would have done well.

"Could you stand over there, please?" Melissa pointed towards the side of her bed.

"Sure." Thomas was confused, but did as she said.

"Oh, and turn around, too. Don't face me until I say so."


He stood facing the wall in front of him, near her closet. He heard her open a drawer and start to rummage through it. Condoms, perhaps? Thomas smiled to himself. Sure, it was a longshot, but it was also a longshot that he would have even managed to ask her out.


It took no time at all. Melissa found what she was looking for. As she pulled the device out of the drawer and turned it on, a sadistic smile appeared on her face.

She definately had to have her own special fun with this guy.

"Okay, you can turn around now!"


Upon hearing this, Thomas turned around, and nearly jumped out of his skin in fear because of what he saw. Melissa was holding a gun. He could not believe it. Was she going to shoot him? Why?

...Then again, this did not look like any gun he has ever seen in his life. It was a greyish-purple color, with what looked like a satellite dish on the front of it's barrel.

"W-what is that?!" Thomas asked, still unnerved.

Melissa giggled. "I told you that my father was an inventor, right?"

Thomas nodded.

"Well, in January, he sent me this."

"Yeah, but what is it? It doesn't look like any gun I've ever seen."

"That's because it's not a gun you've ever seen. At least not in real life. This is a Shrink Ray."

Thomas did a double-take. "Wait, what?!"

"Shrink Ray." Melissa repeated. "I can shrink things down to bug size with this."

"You're joking..." Thomas could not believe what he heard.

"Why don't you let me show you a demonstration?"

"Uh..." Thomas pondered over it a few seconds. This was not something one would show before their first date. His gut started to become a bit uneasy. He sensed that something was wrong. However, he was curious of whether this "Shrink Ray" would even work. His curiousity got the better of him. "Alright, fine."

"Excellent," Melissa said.

"What are you going to shrink first?"

She giggled. "You." She pointed the ray towards him.

"Say wha-"

The next thing Thomas knew, he was blinded by a bright flash of light.

Thomas came to lying on the floor. He dusted himself off and stood up. He then realized his surroundings. Everything seemed so far away. The bed he was standing beside rose above him like a high-rise office building. The ceiling was as high as the sky itself.

"No. Freaking. Way..." Thomas said in amazement.

Soon, the floor started to shake. He nearly fell to the floor as giant feet approached him. He looked upward and saw the distant but large face of Melissa looking back down on him as she stopped in front of him.

"Amazed, are we?" Melissa asked. Her voice seemed to boom all over, since she was so large compared to him.

"Yeah!" Thomas answered. "This really is something!"

"Yep! You really look like a bug from here! I'm almost want to step on you!" She laughed.

Thomas shuddered at this remark. Of course, she was joking. She wouldn't be the kind of person who would kill someone.

"So, I guess we should get going!" Thomas said. "Can you unshrink me so we can start out date?!"

Melissa smiled. Then she walked forward and placed her feet on both sides of Thomas as she was looking down on him.

"Yeah..." she said. "I don't think so."

(End Chapter)