A/N: This is a bonus installment written and completed soon after I finished this story. However, I never posted it here; only on the GiantessCity forums. I feel that it deserves to be posted here as well, since it gives more insight into Thomas' life before and after his capture, as well as his thoughts on the incident that happened in the story.

There are also spoilers for the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Aug. 18 & Nov. 10) and the movie Marley & Me (Dec. 26). If you plan to see them, then be warned.

(Thomas has written entries before the below date, but for the sake of convenience, we will start with March 2008.)


Mar. 3, 2008 - Ugh... I do NOT want to go to work today... I hate Mondays...

Mar. 4, 2008 - My Wii froze on me while trying to connect to the Wii Shop Channel. I tried again later and it worked fine. Hopefully that thing doesn't happen again anytime soon. It scared me.

Mar. 6, 2008 - Ran into Barry the Homeless Guy again today. ...I gave him a few bucks, though with all of the "Get Rich Quick" schemes that he has to tell me, I wonder why he just doesn't take his own advice and get himself off of the streets.

Mar. 7, 2008 - Smash Bros. Brawl comes out in two days... I can't wait! // I took my lil' bro to the park today. I'll be seeing less of him soon, since I'm getting an apartment of my own in a few weeks. It was nice, though he can't catch worth squat. XD

Mar. 9, 2008 - Well... I finally have it. I finally have Brawl! :-D Two years of waiting, and it's finally in my hands. ...Though I probably would be more excited if I hadn't spoiled nearly everything in the game beforehand. Anyway, Robbie and I played it all day. I really like Ike. He has speed issues, but his power is magnificent. Also, he fights for his friends.

Mar. 10, 2008 - Unlocked the rest of the characters in Brawl that we didn't get yesterday. 35 characters in all... I would have hoped for more (considering that Melee had 25 characters). Anyway, Lucario isn't so bad, either. Ike and Lucario... I think I have my mains now. :-D

Mar. 11, 2008 - Hmm... The Subspace Emissary is a bit suckish. And repetitive.

Mar. 12, 2008 - Took a day off of work to go to the comm. college that I'll be attending in May. I have my classes already, so now it's just a matter of time. ...The girls there were pretty good-looking, too. :3

Mar. 15, 2008 - Hung out with Robbie today. We went bowling. He introduced me to some girls he was talking to, but they seemed more interested in him. Figures...

Mar. 16, 2008 - Tunnel Scene (X) from Brawl may be the best video game song ever. I'm serious. The source game came out way back on Game Boy, and never came out of Japan. ...I saw a few gameplay videos of it on YouTube, and it reminds me of Star Fox, except on Game Boy.

Mar. 17, 2008 - Barry again. Gave him a few dollars and went on my way. I wonder what he's doing with the money I've given him...

Mar. 20, 2008 - Today while at work, I got called an "Oreo" by some of my Black coworkers. That's not surprising, and they ARE nice people. ...Except Danielle.

Mar. 21, 2008 - Yikes... The lag on Brawl's Wi-fi matches is horrendous. I can barely win a match, with it being so bad. Luckily, betting on matches is pretty fun, so Online isn't a total loss.

Mar. 22, 2008 - Went to GameStop with Robbie today. I bought Final Fantasy III for the DS. I'm not the biggest fan of the series, but I love RPGs, and Square-Enix is supposedly the king of RPGs, so I'm expecting a good game out of this.

Mar. 23, 2008 - Mom thinks that I should get contacts. I don't know... I'm not too keen on sticking things into my eyes.

Mar. 24, 2008 - It's decided. I'll be moving into my apartment next week. It's a necessary move since I'll be closer to the comm. college, and my job is around there, too. It's in my best interest.

Mar. 26, 2008 - What a surprise. Robbie started dating one of the girls he was talking to at the bowling alley. Her name is Kim Lee. ...But she is cute, so good for him. Plus, she seems like a nice girl.

Mar. 27, 2008 - ...I think I wasted my money on FFIII. I know it's a remake of a game that was released way back on the NES (or rather, the Famicom Disk System, since it was only released in Japan), but there's too much level-grinding in it for my tastes.

Mar. 28, 2008 - I got cheated out of a win in a Wi-Fi battle of Pokemon Battle Revolution. Double Team is such a cheap move... I wish they would ban it.

Mar. 29, 2008 - Dad was going to take me fishing today. Father-and-son bonding, I guess. But it started to rain, and we couldn't do it.

Mar. 30, 2008 - Cold feet before my grand move tomorrow. I already called my job and said that I wouldn't be in. I'm still nervous... It'll be the first time I'll be living on my own. Mom is apprehensive, too. I can tell that she wants me to stay there with her, Dad, Monica, and Kyle.

Mar. 31, 2008 - Move completed. Everything is set up where I want them to be. This place isn't so bad... In fact, it's quite nice. It's also on the 3rd floor, which also happens to be the highest floor. Now, I need to get some rest... The move was tiring, and I have work tomorrow. D8

Apr. 2, 2008 - What's up with all of the people disappearing lately? The news can't call it anything more than mysterious, because they leave without a trace. They say that, so far, nearly all of the victims have been between the ages of 18 and 26. They also have no leads on who's responsible. ...As expected, Mom is worried about me now.

Apr. 5, 2008 - Robbie and Kim came over to see the apartment. They were impressed. Kim made a joke that I was going to have women coming in and out of here. I insisted that that just wasn't true, though I kinda wish it was (but I doubt my mom would take kindly to my promiscuity). They left soon after. They had a[nother] date.

Apr. 6, 2008 - Robbie and Kim came back. Wouldn't you know? Kim is a gamer (Robbie is luckier than I thought). She gave both me and Robbie a run for our money in Brawl. She also loves... and I mean LOVES, Final Fantasy (and anything relating to Square-Enix). She saw that I had FFIII and asked if she could borrow it. Screw that... I sold that bastard to her. I stopped playing that game, anyway. I didn't like it. She has a DS, apparently, so I wonder why she never got the game sooner...

Apr. 12, 2008 - Went to the mall today. I didn't have much money, so I just window-shopped. (And indulged in a little eye-candy, if you know what I mean. :-D )

Apr. 14, 2008 - Barry apparently came up with a new scheme. He said that if I follow it, I'll never have to work another day in my life. ...Yeah, I'm not taking monetary advice from a homeless man. ...Though it would be nice to be financially secure for the rest of my life while I play my games and watch anime in my $2 million mansion with my hot supermodel wife. (Yes, I'm a sad person.)

Apr. 17, 2008 - I tried asking out this cute Indian girl I saw at work today. She wasn't having it. Typical...

Apr. 18, 2008 - There was a car accident at the corner near this apartment. From what I gathered, the guy who caused it ran away. Luckily, the other guy wasn't too badly hurt.

Apr. 20, 2008 - We got hit by a big thunderstorm today. ...It's kinda scary being on the top floor during a storm like that. It's probably scarier for the people who are stuck outside, though. Like Barry. So I can't really complain.

Apr. 21, 2008 - Robbie sent me pictures of a Japanese bikini idol named Yuko Ogura... Oh my god... Why did I not hear about this girl sooner?! She has to be the cutest girl on the planet! So I spent the better part of my free time finding pictures of her. ...Wait... is she even legal? ...According to Wikipedia, she's 24. Wow...

Apr. 23, 2008 - Ah, shit... The store manager, Mr. Harris, got fired. Now we're going to get a new one. Mr. Harris was pretty cool, despite his temper. Hopefully the new guy (or woman) can live up to him.

Apr. 24, 2008 - That was fast... Our new manager is this short (like 5' 2") Latina woman named Mrs. Jimenez. She seems like a nice person. She understood when I told her that, starting in May, I would be working less due to school. "Education is important," she said. True enough.

Apr. 26, 2008 - Japanese porn is weird... Robbie, in his infinite wisdom (or the lack thereof), sent me one of these through e-mail. ...Why are the girls as stiff as a statue? Isn't that like doing it with a sex doll? Also, Robbie said that it was hot and awesome. ...He is such a perv (like I'm one to talk).

Apr. 28, 2008 - One week until my classes start. I've been out of school for nearly a year now since graduation, so it'll be nice to get back in the classroom.

Apr. 30, 2008 - Slow day at work today. One of my coworkers brought his PS2 and we played Soul Calibur III for most of the day. I'm surprised that Mrs. Jimenez allowed it, since she's still new. With Mr. Harris, we had to wait at least 2 months before we could even think to pull a stint like that. ...Mrs. Jimenez is gonna be awwwright. :-D

May 1, 2008 - I beat a Japanese player in a Wi-fi battle of PBR. Amazing.

May 2, 2008 - This is my last "normal" day at work. Starting next week, my work schedule will become more erratic. // Of course, Barry was right there waiting for me. lol

May 3, 2008 - Well, since I have my classes, I might as well go to the comm. college and buy the books that I need.

May 5, 2008 - And it begins... Today, I have English and Computer Tech. Sounds simple enough. // Well, in English class, someone definitely caught my eye. It was this Black girl named Melissa. Melissa Cruise, I think she said her name was during intros (I wonder if she's related to Tom Cruise... Though she doesn't look crazy). Well, she certainly is cute, though she said that this was her last semester before graduation. Well, she DID look a bit older than the other students... Also, why am I not surprised that I'm taking the same Comp. class as Robbie? Plus, he sat right next to me. I guess it's nice to have someone you're really close to in that class with you.

May 6, 2008 - Now for Tuesday's classes... Calculus and Psychology. I took a Calc class in my senior year of high school, so that shouldn't be too hard. // The teacher of the Calculus class, Mr. Evans, made a seating chart for us (what are we, 5th graders?). My seat put me right next to this really cute Asian girl (who's name I don't know). I wanted to introduce myself to her, but she seemed a bit withdrawn. Hmm... The Psychology class was rather uneventful... and boring. :-/

May 7, 2008 - English and Comp. today. I get to see Melissa again. Oh, goody! :-D // Robbie needs to learn how to do his work. The second class, and he's already surfing the Internet instead of listening to what the teacher is saying.

May 8, 2008 - Calc. and Psychology again. // I glanced over to the girl next to me in Calc. She seemed to be having some trouble. I wanted to help her, but I thought that she might see it as me overstepping my boundaries. As for Psych... ZZZzzzzzzzzzz...

May 9, 2008 - No classes! I'm free! ...Is what I would say, but I have work. // Hey, Barry wasn't in his usual spot today.

May 10, 2008 - Robbie and Kim hung out with me at the apartment today. Turns out that Robbie also has a class with Melissa. He told me that she wasn't Black, but Dominican. So I guess her last name would be "Cruz," not "Cruise." Then, Kim... Wow... Kim came up with a last minute KO in Brawl and beat both me and Robbie. Oh my God... Damn Marth and his one-hit KO Final Smash. She teased us about that all day. Or... She would have, but Robbie shut her up by putting his lips on her mouth. Normally, it would irk me seeing them kiss so much in front of me, but this time, I'll make an exception.

May 12, 2008 - I usually go to the Commons between classes. Today was no different, and I decided to read a manga I brought with me. ...Some Black students at another table saw this, and called me an "Oreo Geek." Now, I can see where they got the "geek" thing from (my glasses and my outfit today gave that away), but reading a manga makes me an Oreo now? ...At least, back in high school, my classmates got to know me better before calling me an Oreo. These people, I don't know at all!

May 13, 2008 - Let see... Calc is no challenge at all, and Psych is the most boring piece of crap I have ever attended. ...I think I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays now.

May 14, 2008 - Well, I'm going to try to beat the Hard mode of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I've heard many horror stories about this...

May 15, 2008 - Screw love. It can wait. I'm going to focus on school, and getting the highest grades possible. This is my vow. ...I told Robbie this, and his response: "Are you insane?" ...Yes. Yes, I suppose I am.

May 16, 2008 - Another person went missing. Turns out that this girl attended the same comm. college I do. *gulp*

May 17, 2008 - Robbie lent me this hentai anime. I don't know what it's called. He imported it straight from Japan (seriously, who does that? Especially when you could get it for free on the Internet), so it's not subbed or anything. So, how am I supposed to know what's going on?! Robbie told me that the dialogue isn't important, and all that matters is the "action." ...If I wanted something like that, I'd watch regular porn. ... It wasn't bad, I guess. I guess you can't do any of that tentacle stuff in real porn...

May 20, 2008 - Wow... Today in Calc, the cute Asian girl asked me for help. I was glad to help her, and I finally learned her name: Sayuko Takei. She seemed happy for my help. I considered asking her out, but decided against it. After all, I decided to focus on my academics.

May 21, 2008 - I saw Melissa talking with a whole bunch of guys after class. ...Some day...

May 22, 2008 - I helped Sayuko again today. She is so helpless in Calc, but I'm sure that, with practice, she'll get it eventually. And I'm more than willing to help her.

May 23, 2008 - Where IS Barry? Did he move to another spot? Finally cash in on one of his "schemes"? And it's not just him! There's been less homeless people on the streets period! What's going on? I'm sure that others have noticed, but the news didn't really report it. Typical. I guess the homeless don't matter enough. ...I can't believe I'm getting so worked up over the homeless. lol ...Though I wonder if there's a link between the homeless disappearing and the young people disappearing...

May 27, 2008 - After Calc, I offered to tutor Sayuko a bit before my next class. She accepted, and we both went to the Commons to study. We have our first test on Thursday, and I hope I can help her pass it. // Oh, goddamn you, Radiant Dawn. Yet another cheap loss due to bad luck (and the suckage that is the Dawn Brigade).

May 29, 2008 - Today's the test. I'm not too worried about myself, but I hope that Sayuko does well. // At the study session, Sayuko said that the test wasn't too hard for her. Alright. ^_^b

May 30, 2008 - Robbie thinks that I lied about not dating. He saw me in the Commons with Sayuko, and is teasing me about it. It's just a friendly guy helping a cute girl better understand the fundamentals of Calculus. Nothing more. He said that I better decide if I'm going to date her or not, before we become friends (where, apparently, dating becomes a big no-no).

May 31, 2008 - I still can't believe that Cartoon Network took Funimation's awesome dub of One Piece off of Toonami. Right when they were undoing the damage done by 4Kids, it gets canned. ...Well, Toonami hasn't even been the same since they cut its hours from four to two, and now, all it really has are new episodes of Naruto.

Jun. 1, 2008 - Proposal 8 is going on the ballot this fall. ...Which one allows gay marriage? Is it "No"?

Jun. 3, 2008 - We got our test results back. I got a 92. I could have done better, but I'll live. Sayuko got an 81. She was very happy, and thanked me for helping her. // Oh crap... The Democrats are actually going to go for Obama? I really didn't expect that. I thought that they would choose Hilary. ...We may be closer to getting a Black President than we ever thought...

Jun. 5, 2008 - Damn, Mr. Evans! Give us a break already! We're having another test next Thursday. Well... I'll pull both myself and Sayuko through that one, too. :-)

Jun. 7, 2008 - Robbie and Kim took me to the bowling alley. He wanted me to invite Sayuko... Except I don't have her phone number. Ah well...

Jun. 8, 2008 - Monica called me today. She said that she wanted to battle me in Pokemon over Wi-Fi. I got my Diamond version, and she got her Pearl version, and we went at it. ...Of course, I won, but she did put up a fight (though she should train her Luxray and Rampardos better).

Jun. 9, 2008 - Melissa is such a hottie... I'm this close to breaking my vow and trying to get with her. ...Does that mean that the best I could hope for with Sayuko is friendship? Perhaps...

Jun. 10, 2008 - Sayuko wasn't in class today. That's not good... That means that I couldn't help her study for the test on Thursday. ...Maybe she's sick...

Jun. 12, 2008 - Test time. Let's see what happens. // Well, Sayuko showed up today. As I thought, she WAS sick. Though she said that she didn't think she did well on the test this time. She also seemed distracted by something during our study session. She seemed to daze off while I was explaining the stuff to her.

Jun. 13, 2008 - Damn... If only I can get past the damn Dawn Brigade chapters... Then, this challenge wouldn't be as hard, because I'd be using more hardy units in the next Parts (except for Astrid, who's flimsy herself).

Jun. 14, 2008 - Why do Robbie and Kim insist on turning me into a third wheel? This time, we went to the park. They packed a picnic, and I must admit, the food was good. Then, we went back to my apartment (again?) and played Brawl.

Jun. 16, 2008 - Most of the guests on that show Maury make me sick. Either keep it in your pants or use a condom, jackasses! ...Wait, why am I even watching this?

Jun. 17, 2008 - Just as she said before, Sayuko didn't do well on the most recent Calc. test. Then, she just blew off our study session. I wonder what's going on...

Jun. 18, 2008 - I don't believe it. Today, I broke my vow and decided to ask Melissa out. ...She actually said "Yes"! Wow... I really expected her to shoot me down faster than the speed of light, but she actually wants to go out with me! ...This isn't some prank, is it? I told Robbie, and he couldn't believe it, either. He thought that I was making it up. I insisted that it was true. Then, he called me a "Vow-breaker." lol

Jun. 19, 2008 - Sayuko didn't show up again today. What the hell's going on with her?

Jun. 20, 2008 - Just one more day of work before tomorrow. // I called Melissa this evening to confirm our date tomorrow. I guess things are on now. Hell yeah... Things are on... :-D

Jun. 21, 2008 - Oh man... Today's the day. I waited all week for this, and now it's here. Well, hope things go well. Melissa is really a cute girl, and I really hope I can start something with her.

Jul. 27, 2008 - ...Good God... That was horrifying... I'm glad to finally be free. Everything here was left as is while I was away. That's pretty convient for me, but the food's gotta go. My mom was estatic to hear from me after all this time, so much so that she cried. The whole family's supposed to be coming over here later. Anyway, I still need to get some things in order at school and work. That happens tomorrow.

Jul. 28, 2008 - Okay... I explained things to my teachers and they said that I probably COULD catch up if I cram like crazy. ...No games for me for a while then. Also, Melissa wasn't in English today. Understandably so, I guess. I called my job today. While they understood what happened to me, they said that they could not keep my position open for my "uncertain" return. ...So I guess I'm unemployed now, but thankfully, my dad's going to foot my bills until I find another job. But he said that if I take too long, I'm going to have to move back in with them. ...I guess I better hurry. Also, while I was out, I went and got a new pair of glasses. I have to thank Shawn for letting me use these for so long. ...I should have returned them before I left. // Gurren Lagann started on Sci-Fi earlier tonight. Looks interesting enough.

Jul. 29, 2008 - Endless cramming means no time for recreation. But at least Calculus is easy for me. I saw Sayuko today, and we did the usual. I helped her after class. ...Well, actually, we started to talk about some other things. Haha...

Jul. 30, 2008 - Melissa is still a no-show in class. Meh. Anyway, while I was out, I put in a few applications at a few places nearby. Let's see what happens.

Jul. 31, 2008 - Well, I finally did what I should have done a while ago. I got Sayuko's cell phone number, and I gave her my apartment's phone number. Now we can call each other anytime we want! ...Unless I'm out, that is. Plus, with the backlog of work I have, I'm not going to be calling anyone for a while.

Aug. 1, 2008 - The first Friday since I was freed. No job to go to anymore, so I guess I'll cram all day. ...Nah, I should relax a little. I'll put in some studying later.

Aug. 2, 2008 - Sayuko called me earlier, and we talked for an hour or so. She told me that Taro got his job back, and also bought a new car, since his old one was destroyed. Well, good for him. At least one of us were able to get our job back (but the sad thing is, he was gone longer than I was D: ).

Aug. 3, 2008 - Hard to believe that it's been a week already. I wonder how the others are doing...

Aug. 4, 2008 - Oh god... Melissa was back in class today. She was acting like nothing ever happened at first, but then after class, she showed her true colors. ...I think it's safe to say that she'll never change, but at least she won't be around here for long. She said she's moving after she graduates. I just hope it's somewhere FAR FAR away.

Aug. 5, 2008 - We took our second-to-last test in Calculus today. Both Sayuko and I were pretty confident of how well we did on it. ...I REALLY wanted to blow off Psychology and hang out with Sayuko, but I just... couldn't. Sigh... ...Only a few weeks left...

Aug. 6, 2008 - We were given our final project in English. A 10-page essay on any of the themes that we's learned about in class, and then we have to connect them with three of the stories that we read throughout the semester, and then explain them in great detail. ...Like I didn't already have enough to deal with.

Aug. 7, 2008 - Well, I did a bit worse than I thought on the Calc. test, and Sayuko did better than she thought. She actually got a higher score than I did! (Even though it was only by 2 points.) Well, I'm glad that she's finally able to grasp this stuff, and just in the nick of time, too. The next test will be our finals.

Aug. 8, 2008 - That new Fire Emblem game came out in Japan. The artwork looks weird, but it has that retro anime look to it. I guess it fits, since it's a remake of a game that came out way back in 1990.

Aug. 9, 2008 - Robbie and Kim came over today. Well, I guess I could have used the break from my cramming. ...And I think Robbie's become a bit TOO open with his fetish now that I know about. He pulled off Kim's socks, and kissed her feet a few too many times. ...C'mon man... Not in my apartment. // I called Sayuko 30 minutes ago, and we chatted for a bit. But like me, she has also started to study a lot for the finals coming up, so she couldn't stay on for long. Nor did I want to keep her.

Aug. 11, 2008 - This is the second-to-last week of school. Time to really get down to business.

Aug. 13, 2008 - Got an email from Shawn today. He's doing fine, he says. He asked me about Prop. 8, and how I was going to vote on it. I said that I would be voting "No." ...If my mom knew that, she'd be furious. lol

Aug. 15, 2008 - I went and put in a job application at the Sears at the mall. It's not my first choice, but this economy seems to be slowing down. At this point, I'll take whatever I can get. Even McDonalds (okay, maybe not). // I REALLY don't like this Sarah Palin woman. Something about her annoys me.

Aug. 16, 2008 - Hey, hey, hey~ Let's cram all day~ Study, study~! ...Ahh... I miss Zatch Bell. It was a Pokemon/Digimon reject, but it was still a decent show to watch. And Folgore is my hero.

Aug. 17, 2008 - Went to my family's house for a barbeque. Many of my extended family was there, and they were happy to see me back and well. In fact... I'm inclined to think that I was the focus of the barbeque. Huh. Anyway, tomorrow begins the final week. Gotta put the final touches on my English paper. It's due tomorrow.

Aug. 18, 2008 - Turned in the English project, and also took the Comp. final. That thing was EEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSYYYYYYY!!! Anyway, at the end of English, Melissa came up to me, and said that today was the last day that I would ever see her at that school. ...Well, maybe if we run into each other tomorrow, but I doubt it; I've never seen her on Tuesdays. Plus, she has no classes on Thourday or Friday. ...Good riddance, I say. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. // Oh no... Gurren Lagann earlier... Why did Kamina have to die?!?! D-;

Aug. 19, 2008 - Now for Calculus and... sigh... Psychology. // Well, I think I aced the Calculus final, and I believe Sayuko did well, too. We're going to go back on the final day, and get our final results. Psychology... I struggled. I guess me not paying much attention in class really bit me in the ass, didn't it?

Aug. 20, 2008 - Well, since there's nothing left to do for English and Comp., I decided to stay home today. I think I'll play Radiant Dawn all day. I haven't played it since I got back. Bring it on, Hard Mode. // Well, that's one way to cram. I'm finally done with the Dawn Brigade chapters. 'Bout time! :-D Now, I think I'll call Sayuko. I don't think she has anymore tests left, either.

Aug. 21, 2008 - I went to school today, only to see how well I did on my Calculus final. Mr. Evans said that I got a 96. Great! Sayuko got a 78. She was a bit disappointed, but she was glad that she passed, and she thanked me for allowing her to come this far. ...Well, with no more classes, Sayuko and I went to the Commons, ate, and talked for a while. Almost like a couple. Haha... // I got a call from Sears. They looked over my application, and now they say that I have a job interview on Saturday at 1pm. Even more great!

Aug. 22, 2008 - Actually, turns out that Sayuko has one more final today. It's for HER English class. And it's three and a half hours long, but meets only once a week. ...Good luck, Sayu. As for me, I guess I have another free day. // Got a call from Sayuko earlier tonight. We talked for a few hours. I told her about my job interview tomorrow, and she wished me good luck. Isn't that sweet? ^_^

Aug. 23, 2008 - Well, here goes nothing. // That went better than I thought. I got the job, and they said that I start on Monday. I can finally get some money in my pocket again. I still have the cash that was with me before the incident, and the money in my account, but I could always use more. // To celebrate, Robbie and Kim took me to the bowling alley. But beforehand, they made me invite Sayuko. She accepted, and the four of us had fun there. I got to be Sayuko's tutor again; this time, I taught her how to bowl. Then, we played teams against Robbie and Kim. Of course, they won, but we took our loss in good spirits. Though Sayuko vowed to get better so we'll win next time. ...That may take a while...

Aug. 25, 2008 - So begins my new job at Sears. Hopefully all goes well. // While I was at the mall, I finally got a cell phone. My plan: Verizon Wireless.

Aug. 26, 2008 - The fall semester begins next month, but I've decided to take a break for a semester to focus on my job. This Friday will be my last time at the school for a few months. I'm going to get a look at my final grades in my classes.

Aug. 27, 2008 - Got my grades in the mail. Calculus: A; Computer Tech: A. Good so far. ...English: C; Psychology: C-. ...Well at least I passed...

Aug. 29, 2008 - Got an email from Dawson today. He's still very much into that Giantess stuff. I think he's trying to convert me, but I told him that it's just not for me. // Got my paycheck today. Turns out, I started my job on the second week of the pay period.

Aug. 30, 2008 - I have to work on Saturdays, too. Well, at least I'll have more money.

Aug. 31, 2008 - Called Sayuko today, and I decided to just swallow my nerves and ask her out. ... ... ... ... She said yes! :-D I told her that I'll try to take Saturday off, and if that doesn't work, it'll be on Sunday. // Told Robbit and Kim about my date with Sayuko. ...They were acting like they were my parents who were seeing me ask out a girl for the first time ever. Geez...

Sep. 1, 2008 - Today is Labor Day, so no work today. // Dawson emailed me back. He said that he was trying to get Robbie to come over to his side as well. But Robbie just doesn't like GTS. I guess foot fetishist =/= giantess fetishist.

Sep. 2, 2008 - I asked my boss if it was possible to take this Saturday off, even though I'm still new. He said yes. Alright. Perfect. :-D

Sep. 3, 2008 - I want to see that movie Bangkok Dangerous. It looks cool. Maybe I'll see it on Saturday with Sayuko. But wait... She might not like that kind of movie. ...Hm...

Sep. 5, 2008 - Called Sayuko earlier tonight, and asked her if we were still on for tomorrow (just in case something came up on her end). She said yes. ...Well, for the second time this year... It's on. :-D

Sep. 6, 2008 - Hell yeah, it's on. Robbie and Kim are here, and they don't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Hopefully they don't trash the place too much. I, on the other hand, must go meet my date. :-D // Got back not too long ago. We had a lot of fun today. We ate, I took her shopping, and then we saw Bangkok Dangerous... which sucked. Man... But that was the only bad part. Afterwards, we went to the park and sat there for a while. Then... we kissed. (HALLELUAH!!!!) It was magnificent. :-D

Sep. 9, 2008 - My boss decided to give me Saturdays off. That works out just fine. :-D

Sep. 10, 2008 - I guess one could say that Sayuko and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now, but now I guess it's official. Hell yeah.

Sep. 11, 2008 - Hard to believe that it's been 7 years since that day... I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in the 7th grade, sitting in gym glass when it happened. ...I was so scared when I found out. I thought we were all going to die.

Sep. 13, 2008 - Pokemon Platinum came out today in Japan. ...Now for the wait until the American release.

Sep. 14, 2008 - Sayuko invited me to her house today. It was my first time being over there since... you know. Anyway, I had dinner with her and Taro, and then Taro took me out back and we chatted man-to-man. ...Taro's a nice guy. I can see why Sayuko looks up to him so much.

Sep. 15, 2008 - Mondays, Mondays... Oh how I hate thee... // Okay, I'm not going to write in here every time I call Sayuko, or she calls me. Unless it's something especially noteworthy.

Sep. 18, 2008 - I did something I haven't done in a while today: I took Kyle to the park, like I did when I was living with the family. It was somewhat nostalgic.

Sep. 19, 2008 - After work, Robbie and I went to go see Lakeview Terrace. ...Wow... Samuel L. Jackson was a real ass in that film. He played the part well, though.

Sep. 20, 2008 - Oh no... Say it isn't so... Tonight will be the last ever broadcast of Toonami. I know it hasn't been the same since moving to Saturday nights only, and especially not since they've only really been playing Naruto, but I still have fond memories of it. Coming home after school to watch Dragon Ball Z... // Saw the final broadcast... Good-bye Tom... You will be missed dearly... D-;

Sep. 27, 2008 - Hung out with Sayuko at the park today. We walked and talked, and did the usual stuff that couples do. Hehe...

Sep. 28, 2008 - My mom wants to meet Sayuko. ...Maybe next weekend.

Oct. 2, 2008 - Watched the Vice Presidential debate. ...I really don't like Palin...

Oct. 4, 2008 - Went out with Sayuko again today. Before we went to the mall, I took her to my family's house. They seemed to like her, and she thought that they were all nice people (Sayu especially liked Kyle; she sees him as a little me). Later, I let her pick out the film, and she chose Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Great... So I had to sit through an hour-and-a-half of singing Mexican dogs. And it wasn't even that good, to be honest. Sayuko enjoyed it, though.

Oct. 9, 2008 - Sayuko said that she sent a picture of the both of us that we took together to her friends in Japan. They thought it was cute, but she said that they didn't think that she would be one to date a Black person. ...To be honest, I still have a hard time actually believing that she's my gf.

Oct. 10, 2008 - We went bowling again. Sayuko and I came closer to beating Robbie and Kim. Close, but no cigar, as they say.

Oct. 11, 2008 - Sayuko has a test to study for, so I'm going to let her be for the rest of the weekend. Though I'll probably leave her a voice message tomorrow.

Oct. 14, 2008 - Some crazy lady came into work today, claiming that we ripped her off. I tried listening to her, but she just wasn't making any kind of sense. The manager came, and then he handled it. The woman said that she was never going to shop there again. ...Whatever.

Oct. 18, 2008 - Went out with Sayuko today. It was my turn to pick the film again. I went for Max Payne. ...It was awful. D-;

Oct. 25, 2008 - It was Sayuko's turn at choosing a film, and you're not going to believe what she chose: High School Fuckin' Musical 3. Good God, Sayu! I thought you had better taste. ...Well, I hope Sayu doesn't read this, but at least the actress who played... Gabriella was it? Anyway, she was cute, so that kept me sane during those two hours. ...This better be the last HSM film.

Oct. 26, 2008 - Robbie and Kim are teasing me for seeing HSM3. I told them that it was Sayu's choice, but nooooooo! They're laughing at ME. -_-

Oct. 31, 2008 - Today is Halloween. Sayuko seems to be in the spirit. She sent me a picture of her dressed up as a cat. No, really. It was a full cat suit. I didn't even know it was her until she said so. What am I dressed up as? An employee. // I just came back from her house. I bought her some candy, and we ate some of it while we gave the other candy to the little trick-or-treaters. I don't even remember the last time I went trick-or-treating...

Nov. 1, 2008 - It's November already? Man, how time flies...

Nov. 3, 2008 - The election is tomorrow. I'm going to vote on my lunch break. Sayuko can't vote, since she's not a citizen (yet), but she said that Taro would be voting too.

Nov. 4, 2008 - Time to vote. Obama's got my vote. // Watching these results is making my heart race. // Oh shit... Obama won! It actually happened! We actually got a Black President!! I got calls from Robbie and Monica. They were both celebrating.

Nov. 5, 2008 - Sadly, Prop. 8 passed. Man... Shawn must be pissed off.

Nov. 8, 2008 - Sayuko didn't want to go to the mall today, so we hung out at the park. ...Then, it started to rain, so we came back to my place and waited it out. ...Come to think of it, that was the first time Sayu's ever been at my apartment. Huh. While we were waiting, she taught me a little Japanese. Well, this is oyasuminasai, e-diary.

Nov. 10, 2008 - Gurren Lagann ended tonight. That. Was. The. Most. Epic. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen. In. My. Life! Good God! The completed Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was as big as a freakin' galaxy! Plus, the Anti-Spiral's robot freakin' used galaxies as shuriken! WTF!!

Nov. 13, 2008 - There was a fight in the mall today. I'm not entirely sure what happened (since I was in the store when it started, and I heard all of the commotion), but my coworker said that it started when some guy bought the last of something at another store. The other guy wanted it, but the first guy wouldn't give it up. That's when guy #2 tried to steal it, and guy #1 punched him in the face. ...That's a stupid reason to even start a fight.

Nov. 15, 2008 - My turn to pick the movie today. Sayu and I went to see Quantum of Solace. It was pretty good. Better than the other films we've seen so far, at least.

Nov. 16, 2008 - I made the journey all the way out to Melissa's house- Oops... I guess it's not her house anymore. Anyway, I saw Mrs. Cruz and Rebecca today. Rebecca seems distant. Well, the first time I ever saw her, she wasn't exactly chummy either. Mrs. Cruz just seems out of it. Melissa was nowhere to be seen. She's been in New York for a while, apparently. Anyway, I hope Mrs. Cruz recovers. On the way back, I picked up Animal Crossing: City Folk. So again, I enter into the village of animals...

Nov. 18, 2008 - Sonic Unleashed came out today. It looks okay, but after Sonic 2006, I'm a bit leary of going anywhere near any 3D Sonic game.

Nov. 19, 2008 - Shawn emailed me today. Of course, he's fighting to get Prop. 8 repealed. I hope they succeed.

Nov. 22, 2008 - Sayu and I went to see Bolt (her turn again). It wasn't all that bad. Sayu enjoyed it more than I did, though. Afterwards, we came back here. I cooked a bit for her, and then we... made out on the couch. What, you expected something more... X-rated? Nah... Not doing that for a while.

Nov. 23, 2008 - Mom wants me to bring Sayu over for Thankgiving. I told her about it, and she agreed to come with me. She said that she was going to go with Taro over to his friend's house, but she would have been bored out of her mind. ...That's new. She chose me over her brother. I guess I should feel victorious.

Nov. 27, 2008 - Turkey Day. No work or school today or tomorrow. A lot to do today. Sayu should be here shortly. // Sayu came over early (dropped off by Taro), and Robbie and Kim followed soon after. We played Brawl (yeah, even Sayu, though we went easy on her... and even after I taught her how to play, she still couldn't quite get how to recover back to the stage), and then Mario Kart (which Sayu did better in). Later, Sayu and I joined Robbie and Kim over at his family's. We didn't stay long, but it was nice seeing Robbie's family again. I haven't seen them since I got back. Anyway, Sayu and I left, and we went to my family. Monica and Kyle were especially happy to see her, and practically tore her away from me for most of the day. At one point, Kyle came up to us and asked when we were getting married. That made both of us laugh. But we both had a good time. ...And we're going to do it all over again on Christmas.

Nov. 28, 2008 - Dawson sent me a message, and said that he starting work on a special Christmas GTS film. ...Christmas GTS? Mrs. Claus as a giantess? ...Maybe if she was young. I can't remember the name of it, but she was a nice-looking red-head in this one Christmas special.

Nov. 29, 2008 - Sayu hung out over here today. We did the usual, though we also took a walk around the area outside.

Dec. 1, 2008 - The end of the year... But the beginning of my work week. // The holiday season has officially started. People are pouring in the mall to get their friends and families presents.

Dec. 5, 2008 - Eww... Some kid threw up in the store, right in front of me. Even worse, I JUST ate lunch, so I almost lost it as well. Thank GOD it wasn't my job to clean up that mess... EW!! _

Dec. 6, 2008 - Sayu is sick. She must have had one of those nightmares again. Anyway, Taro is caring for her (like a brother should), so I'll just rest easy here. // I'm half-way through Part 3 of Radiant Dawn. The Greil Mercenaries sure make things easy. ...Except on some chapters, I'm right back to playing the awful Dawn Brigade. D-:

Dec. 7, 2008 - The current semester is almost done. I think I'll enroll in the next one in January. Let's see what are my options, and what classes are open... // Sayu is feeling better. She had her finals coming up next week. I offered to help her study, but she said that she'll be fine. She also said that if she does need help, she has Taro. ...Big brother advantage at work there.

Dec. 13, 2008 - Sayu and I went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still. It's a remake, so it didn't have any of the charm that the original one had. I was disappointed. ...If aliens ever invaded Earth, maybe the Shrink Ray could... Nah. They probably would have some kind of super-advanced protection against it (hell, it could even reflect the ray).

Dec. 15, 2008 - The last week. Sayu has her finals. I wished her the best of luck.

Dec. 18, 2008 - Christmas is in a week. I wonder what I should get Sayu...

Dec. 20, 2008 - I went over to Sayu's house today. She wanted to stay in, so we did. ...I gave her a footrub. Haha... I guess Robbie and Dawson are rubbing off on me. But she enjoyed it. See? I can touch feet and not have a fetish! XD

Dec. 21, 2008 - Mom called to confirm that I was going to be there with the family on Christmas. ...Of course I will, and Sayu's coming with me (she wanted to; Taro's going to be out with his friends again).

Dec. 23, 2008 - I decided on what to give Sayu: a gold necklace with a heart-shaped locket on it. Inside, I'm going to put in a small picture of us. ...I can't wait to see her face. :-D

Dec. 24, 2008 - Christmas Eve. I'm off of work. Thank God, because yesterday, we had SO many people... And it wasn't just us, either. The whole mall was filled with last-minute shoppers.

Dec. 25, 2008 - Christmas! As a kid, I used to be so excited that I could barely sleep the night before. Now... I can sleep just fine. Last night, as soon as the clock struck 12am, I called Sayu, and wished her a Merry Christmas. She sounded happy (why wouldn't she?). She'll be over here in a few hours, so I gotta get ready, but before I do that, I gotta send Christmas emails out to Shawn and Dawson. // Sayu's face when I gave her her present was adorable. It was even better when she opened it. She loved the necklace, and especially the picture inside. She had a present for me, too. It was a shirt that she knitted herself. It looked fantastic. There was also a card, with a message to me written in Japanese. Of course, she translated it for me:

-"Dear Toma-kun, These last several months have been wonderful. We have been through a lot together, and if it weren't for you, I would not have my brother back, nor would we have come this far. This year has been hard on me, but thanks to you, I was able to pull through. Of all of the friends that I've ever had, you're the most special to me. Please, continue to stand by me. Love, Sayu. [drawing of a smiling chibi cat with a heart above its head]"

That was so sweet. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Man... This girl... Sayuko... I think I won the lottery when I started dating her. I told her that I'm happy to have met her, and that she's the light of my life. We were in a really romantic mood. We kissed, and... we COULD have gone all the way, but I told her to slow that down for now. I don't know, I guess I want to wait for us to have sex. ...Maybe until we're married. But that's still a long way off... Well, anyway, we have to go see the family now.

Dec. 26, 2008 - The day after Christmas is a bit busy in the mall. A lot of gift-returners and stuff. Anyway, Sayu and I went to see Marley & Me (she couldn't decide between that and Seven Pounds, so she flipped a coin). ...The dog died at the end. Sayu was crying. I held onto her to comfort her. The weeping around us didn't help things, though.

Dec. 27, 2008 - Man... Why can't we get snow here in California? Not much of a Christmas when the weather is still in the mid-60s. ...Maybe I should move north. Then again, I hate cold weather (and I hear that it gets REALLY cold up north).

Dec. 28, 2008 - The final Sunday of the year. I guess it should be more special...

Dec. 31, 2008 - The final day of the year. Sayu invited me over to her house, as well as Robbie and Kim. She said that she wanted to bring in the new year with the people she cared about the most (Taro's going to be there as well). But what a year... This year had its severe downs, but also its ups as well. But I'll try to put the bad things behind me. Well... the next time I write in this, it'll be 2009. Happy New Year, E-Journal.


(It goes on beyond what is presented here.)