How Many Characters Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

Hero: Mino

Villain: Vixo

Idiot: Difo

Lazy-guy: Zuby

Teenaged-Girl: Kale

Goody-two-shoes: Pury

Depressed-guy: Sate

Kale: So umm... Like what the heck is going on, and why is it like, all dark in here?

Pury: No one run, okay? You might trip on someone else.

Difo: It's like being in a whole new world, except in this one there's no stars and the people are just floating voices. Almost like ghosts. Wait... ghosts? AH!

Sate: We're stuck in a dark room never to see the light again!

Mino: Will you guys be quiet?! I'm trying to think here.

Zuby: No objections here.

Vixo: It's so dark in here that no one can see me. He-he-he!

Kale: This darkness is like, totally not cool. I might run into a wall and smear my makeup.

Sate: How can you care about makeup at a time like this?! The next person who will probably see it is the police when they discover our dead bodies!

Vixo: Drats! How did you figure out my secret plan?!

Pury: Let's not lose ourselves now. Remember, as long as we stay together, nothing can happen to us.

Difo: that's easy for you to say. You're just a ghost!

Zuby: I wish I were a ghost. Then I would never get tired.

Pury: Hey who's touching me? (Choking) Stop! (Coughing) This isn't very nice!

Mino: Hold on! (Sound of punching)

Vixo: Ouch! Hey! I only tripped and was trying to stop myself from falling!

Mino: Yeah right!

Sate: See?! We're already at each other's throats!

Difo: Wait a minute! If you all were ghosts then how could you punch each other? Oh my gosh! I have been lied to!!

Mino: We can't afford to kill each other at a time like this, Vixo!

Pury: Don't be so hard on him. After all, he did only trip.

Kale: Like umm... guys? I've like found some kind of umm... what is it called again? Oh yeah, a wall!

Difo: A wall? Let me see. (Sound of running followed by a loud thud) Oh, my head! It's a wall alright!

Vixo: With this wall I can, (dare I say it?) RULE THE WORLD!

Sate: With a wall?

Vixo: Shut up!

Zuby: Oh good. Now I have something to rest against.

Mino: Finally, we might be able to examine our surroundings.

Kale: Oh look! It's a... umm... uh... a glowing!

Difo: AH! It's a real ghost!

Pury: No it's not. It's... a light bulb! Come see!

Mino: It is!

Vixo: What?! With that light, I won't be able to sneak up on them!

Sate: It's so dim. It will probably go out in a few seconds.

Pury: Well then, let's change it!

Sate: Does it look like any of us are carrying a light bulb on us?

Difo: Quick, someone get an idea!

Zuby: What good will that do?

Difo: Okay, someone give me a noun.

Kale: A what?

Difo: You know, a noun. A person, Planet, or ring.

Kale: Okay. Umm... how about... a cheese burger?

Difo: Ooh, that's a tricky one. Let me think. Oh yeah! Apple!

Mino: Is that a light bulb over Difo's head?

Difo: Yep! That always appears when I get an idea.

Vixo: Apple?

Pury: Good thinking Difo!

Mino: Okay, here we go. I'll just unscrew the old bulb and put in the new one.

Sate: Don't bother! The new bulb is probably incompatible with the socket!

Vixo: If that new bulb is put in, then it won't be dark anymore and everyone will see me!

Mino: One more turn should do it!


Difo: Yea! We're back in the real world!

Zuby: Oh this light is so bright!

Kale: AHH! Don't look at me! My makeup is all messed up!

Sate: This whole time we were just in a little room?

Pury: Yep! And look! There's the door!

Vixo: Now if I could only get out before they could. Then I could lock them all in!

Mino: Hey! Make sure that Vixo is the last one to leave.

Zuby: We have to leave? But I was just getting comfortable.

Kale: I need to find like, a computer! I probably have tons of e-mails by now!

Difo: Well, see ya later.

Sate: I'd rather not.

Mino: Mission accomplished!

Narrator: And after that they all left. But none of them knew that they had just been involved in a highly dangerous experiment involving character interaction. And none of them knew about the bizarre side effects that they would soon be experiencing.

Sate: Aww man! Now I'm all worried!

The End