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How Many Characters Does it take to End a Story?

Sate: Oh man, my head feels like it does when I forget to wear a helmet in the shower.

Pury: Where are we?

Kale: It's too dark. I can't see my mirror to apply my make-up.

Difo: I can't see my face!!

Zuby: I can't see the TV.

Vixo: I can't see anyone to attack them.

Mino: We're in that one dark room again.

Sate: Oh no. This time we probably won't be able to find the exit so we'll have to eat each other to survive.

Difo: NO!! I forgot my ketchup!

Pury: We must stay united, people. If we unite then we will have no worries.

Zuby: Someone is biting my arm.

Vixo: Tasty!

Kale: NO! We will not stupor to cannibal jokes!

Mino: Who's joking?

Vixo: Cannibalism is no joke, and besides, you can hardly consider Zuby to be human. He's more like a cow… or a plant.

Mysterious Voice: Congratulations!

Difo: Why, thank you. I do try.

Mino: Who are you?!

Difo: Why I'm Difo. You know me!

Mino: Not you, you idiot! I meant the Mysterious Voice.

Mysterious Voice: Me? Nobody. But I have been watching you people for quite some time now, except Zuby. Watching him would bore anyone to death.

Vixo: You've been spying on us?! Does that mean-

Mysterious Voice: Yes. That means that I know about that fact that you've been dumping your vegetables onto Mino's plate.

Mino: What?!

Vixo: Oh dear.

Pury: Hasn't your mother ever told you about the importance of eating your vegetables? And Difo doesn't count.

Vixo: Darn.

Mysterious Voice: Anyway, I brought you all here to congratulate you on successfully completing the experiment. Unlike the last group, who's in medical rehab now.

Vixo: What do we win?

Mysterious Voice: Nothing. I just thought I'd tell you that you won.

Mino: So what now?

Mysterious Voice: Nothing. You just go back to your ordinary lives.

Difo: What?! No balloons?

Mysterious Voice: There's the door.

Mino: I don't know about you, but I'm getting out of here.

Vixo: Amen to that!

Sate: Unless it's some kind of trap.

Zuby: Could someone carry me?

Kale: I probably have TONS of emails right now.

Pury: I'm off to do some volunteer work at the homeless shelter.

Difo: Don't leave! I'm scared!

Mino: You can come too.

Difo: But this is my apartment.

Vixo: What?! We've been in Difo's apartment this whole time?!

Difo: Yep! There's my bagpipes.

Narrator: And so they left, not knowing that they were probably part of the most important experiment in the entire world, not knowing that they were now famous worldwide, and not knowing where Difo left his sanity.

Mino later saved the world three more times and won an award for "Guy who saves the world a-lot". He now spends his days in teaching Savetheworldology at the University of Nowheresville.

Vixo, one day, actually took over the world… until five minutes later when Mino saved it again. Vixo now spends his days as an Attorney.

Difo went on to write an auto-biography about his life titled: The Day that the Eggzes Attacked! It was mistook for a sci-fi-fantasy story however, and now is the #1 best seller the world over.

Zuby one day disappeared. Most people suspect that he mutated into some kind of couch fungus.

Kale later dumped Chris and became a vet by day and a Super Hero who fights stuck-up people by night.

Pury married a control freak and they now have 4 children who are just as dominant, but Pury remains to be oblivious.

Sate tried committing suicide by inhaling second-hand smoke, but that just made him sick. He is in therapy now.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Or is it?


AN: Yes I know what you're thinking: Where did Difo leave his sanity? Just kidding. Yeah, I'm sorry I ended it, but I just don't have much interest in this project at the moment so instead of making you all suffer, I'll just end it. Maybe I'll write a sequal soon. After all, I do still need to experiment with Narration Driven Plot!