Julie Carson didn't know it. But she was in love with her best friend. She wouldn't let herself love him, but everyone knows that when you focus too hard, you end up loving them anyways. She was an average teenager that attended a normal high school. Writing and drawing were her specialty. But music was her passion. Whether listening to it, or writing little bits of her own lyrics.Lily was Julie's best friend. Partners in crime are what they were called. Every weekend they would do something fun and exciting. Go to a movie, rock climbing, having a movie marathon at home with boxes of tissues. Or just rocking out at a concert.Dylan was in love with a girl. He was positive that he would love no other, ever. The only problem was, he was sure that she didn't care at all for him. They talked of course, a text message here and there. Car pooling. She even babysat his younger brother and sister. Dylan however was not a normal teenager. He felt that he didn't fit in, he felt that he was different. But no one understood that.

----1----I've lost my fear of falling---

Julie sat at her computer staring at the blank screen, the screen that was supposed to show her AP government thesis paper. But nothing came to mind. She closed Word and opened the internet explorer. Just as she signed in her instant messenger, she received a message. It was from lily.

Lilybaby: Hey gurl!

XEvErYsTaRfAlLx: hey chica, whats up?

Lilybaby: practice was canceled yet again.

XEvErYsTaRfAlLx: oo, sucks for u. im trying to write the paper for gov.

Lilybaby: finished. U r so coming over tomorrow. Movie marathon baby!

XEvErYsTaRfAlLx: is that an order?

Lilybaby: yea it is. Well gots to go. My brother needs the computer.

XEvErYsTaRfAlLx: k losta luv always.

Just as quickly as Lily had signed in, she was gone. Julie just sat there. She decided to check up on you tube to see if anyone had finally commented on her latest blog. Nope. She closed everything from the screen, gazed at the text book that lay open on the desk in front of her. From her bedroom she heard her cell phone begin to ring. Her latest ring tone: Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance. Her favorite band ever. She got up and pushed her black hair behind her ear, pausing to look at the scars on her arm. She snapped back to reality and ran to catch her phone before it stopped ringing. She got there too late. But it wasn't a phone call. Just a text message.

It was from Dylan. I need to borrow your Escape the fate CD. That was what he wanted. He always wanted some kind of music, when he did talk to her.

Is that all you ever want. My music? She replied back. Gazing through her CD rack she pulled out the CD he wanted.

Oh I want so much more, but if I said it I would get yelled at. She read only moments later.

would it be as bad as you saying ur gonna run naked around the neighborhood? She quickly wrote back.

prolly worse. But im coming to take the CD. Just as Julie finished reading the text, the doorbell rang. She grabbed her sweatshirt and threw that on. Then she took the CD and ran down the stairs. But she was too late; her father was already at the door.

"Whuddya want?" he slurred.

"Is Julie here?" Dylan asked looking past Julie's father up to the stairs where Julie was standing.

"Nope. She aint," her father hiccupped a few times and then shut the door. Julie ran back up the stairs to her room and waited for the text.

Julie we need to talk.

Julie replied back: Catch me.

Julie closed her phone and shoved it in her pocket. She then opened her bedroom window and stepped out on the roof. Waiting there on the ground below was Dylan.

"You, know. We can't keep doing this. One day I'm not going to catch you." Said Dylan as he prepared himself for Julie's falling body.

"It's either this, or I'll never get out of the house." Julie said sitting down on the edge and then pushing off with her hands. Dylan caught her off course. He always did, but he always held on to her longer then he should've.

"Here's your CD."

"I don't need it. I've borrowed it thousands of times. I just figured you needed an excuse to get out of the house." Dylan said as he took Julie's hand and pulled her across the street to his house.

"What are we doing?"

"We are going to watch a movie." Said Dylan as he opened the front door, and with a bow he said, "After you m'lady."

Julie just looked at him, and then she curtsied saying, "Why, thank you kind sir." She then walked into the house to only being greeted by the dog. Dylan struggled to get the large beast off of her.

"What movie are we going to watch?" Julie asked as she went into the living room and plopped down on the couch grabbing a pillow after moving one of Dylan's guitars from the couch.

"Simon Birch." Dylan said pushing the video into the VCR.

"Fine, but afterwards you can't make fun of me." Julie said as Dylan sat down next to her.

"Deal." With that the movie began. Julie watched every scene without crying, until the end, when Simon lay on his death bed, and the best friends did their little saying. That part always made her cry, and Dylan was well aware of it, he took her hand in his and handed her a tissue.

"I can't believe you cried. This is like the 100th time you have watched this movie."

"It's just so sad." Julie replied realizing that Dylan was holding her hand she pulled her hand away. "I should be getting home."

"Are you going to use the door?"

"Yeah, my dad is probably just passed out on the chair or something." Julie said as she stood up and began to walk to the door.

She heard Dylan call after her to be careful. And she prayed to God at that moment that he was asleep.