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- -Epilogue- - - -

Six Months Later- Early October

Everything was just too much. She had been given only one option: run away. It was the one thing she had learned in her 21 years of life. And she had gotten good at it.

She should've stayed, she should've stayed in the band, and she shouldn't have walked away from the one person she truly loved.

But she did.

She looked down to her rounded stomach with disgust. As soon as she found out she was pregnant at the beginning of June, she left; she didn't even tell him. She wanted to, but she didn't know how he would've handled it. So she traded her life to live with her mother and baby nephew. Julie and her mother were back on speaking terms, and Julie found that living with her mother, she never really understood what a family was; until she lost it. And she missed her new family, even more than her biological one.

And here she stood, four months pregnant and very much alone. Even the guys of My Chemical Romance called less and less, but Frank never stopped calling.

She gazed quickly to the clock, any minute now her cell phone would ring.

She picked up the phone and looked at it with hopeful eyes. She clutched it with shaking hands as her eyes glanced over the fresh cuts on her arms. She promised herself and Gee, but she needed to feel something, even if it was just pain.

Sure enough, the phone rang, right at the usual time. She heard the familiar ring tone and smiled to herself.

"Hello?" she answered lying back down on her bed. She looked up to the bare ceiling where posters had once hung; instead she noted the brown water stains.

"Jules!" Frank exclaimed.

"How was the end of the tour?" She blurt out. The tour she was supposed to be playing on. The tour with Dylan. She couldn't help herself, she just had to know.

"Boring without you. Gee met a girl, Mikey and Alicia are beginning wedding stuff." Frank said sighing.

"How's…" she trailed off. Frank was the only one who knew the only reason she left, however much it confused him, he had still accepted it- after a very long time.

"Bad. None of them do anything but the shows and get totally smashed. Max doesn't really talk anymore. Tyson locks himself on the bus. And Dylan…well we've had to take all alcohol and sharp weapons off the bus."

"Frank, I miss them so much!" Julie said feeling the tears fall down her cheek.

"Then come back!" He shouted in reply. Julie heard voices in the background that sounded like Gee and Matt.

"I can't." she whispered pulling at the collar of her shirt.

"'Cause of a baby?" he whispered, "Julie be realistic! I don't understand you sometimes."

"Dylan hates kids." Julie muttered; it was the best excuse she could come up with. The only excuse she was able to force herself to believe.

"I'm sure he wouldn't hate his own." Frank added, "Come home Julie. Come back to Jersey. The tour's over. You guys love each other, work it out!"

"He'll hate me for leaving." Julie sniffed.

"Maybe at first. But you two have that special bond." Frank said. "Could you hold on?" he asked as Julie heard him set the phone down. Julie then heard Frank shout "Shut the fuck up! I'm talking to Julie. No you can't talk to her!"

Julie sighed and waited for him. "Julie?" he asked picking the phone back up, "Gerard wants to talk to you."

"Ok." Julie said smiling.

"Sugar?" Gee asked taking the phone.


"This is what's gonna happen. Have all your shit packed. Frank and I are gonna come get you and bring you home." He demanded.

"Gee…" Julie sighed.

"You and the baby belong here." Gerard added finally, "He will understand."

"How do you know?" she asked wiping at her eyes. She wasn't sure if the question was directed to the fact he knew about the baby, or if it was if he knew if it would work out.

"Trust me."

Frank then snatched the phone away, "Okay, we'll talk to you later."

"Okay." Julie said as they hung up. She put the phone down on the bed besides her. She fiddled with her lip ring momentarily before she placed both her hands protectively over the bump at her stomach. She lay her head back and closed her eyes.

She wanted desperately to go home, but she didn't think she could. She didn't know what she would say to Dylan or how she would explain.

Julie heard her bedroom door open; figuring it was her mother she didn't bother opening her eyes.

"I thought you told her to pack?" she heard a familiar voice snap.

"I did."

"But she's sleeping."

She opened her eyes to see Frank and Gerard standing in the middle of her bare room. It was only bare because she had been stupid enough to leave everything back in Jersey. She watched them as they began throwing her stuff into bags. They hadn't noticed she was intently watching them.

Julie found that both of their hair was longer, and Gerard had abandoned the platinum blonde.

"You think she still writes?" Gerard asked picking up her notebook.

"Don't look at those," Julie snapped sitting up.

"Sugar!" Gee exclaimed running to give her a hug.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she asked.

"Taking you home," Frank said, "It's a good thing you left most of your shit at the apartment. I would so kill myself if I had to move it all back there." He rambled on. He then picked up her guitar and sighed in disgust, "When was the last time you played? This thing is covered in dust."

"I haven't felt like it."

"So!" Gerard interrupted, "Let me see how pregnant you look, stand up!" he ordered.

She obeyed and turned sideways so he could get a good look at her stomach. She was embarrassed of how pregnant she looked. Her jeans were getting tighter, and when she put the shirt with Dylan's face on today, she was appalled at how she looked.

"Wow," he said nodding, "You look great." Julie's eyes widened at shock as Gee continued on, "So are you ready?"

"What about my mom?" Julie asked as they pulled her and her bags down the stairs.

"We talked to her a month ago. She wants you and Dylan to work this out." Frank said as Julie pulled her sweatshirt on. "I was so looking for that!" Frank said motioning to the Nightmare before Christmas hoodie.

"Oh." Julie muttered as they pushed her into the van.

"In two hours, you'll be home." Gerard said as he started the car and pulled out into the street.

Julie didn't know if she could believe that she was actually going home. She had been dreaming about it, and now it was finally happening.

Julie rolled over on her side, she squinted her left eye open to see Dylan asleep next to her. She smiled as she snuggled in closer and his arms tightened around her. The clock said it was still early in the morning, but Anthony would be up soon begging for a bottle.

As if he ran on clockwork, the baby soon began to cry from his crib against the wall. Dylan groaned, "Don't get up yet."

"I have to." Julie said planting a chaste kiss on his cheek, "my baby calls." She added with a laugh. She pulled the covers off of her, as Dylan pulled them up closer around him.

She walked over to the crib and peered over the bars to look down on her son. She smiled as she thought about how everything always went from bad to worse, but then always back to good. And Anthony was a sign of that good.

Julie reached into the crib and picked Anthony up and cuddled him close to her. "What do you say we go see Daddy?" she asked as she walked back over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed.

She placed Anthony on the mattress next to Dylan, who couldn't help it, but to reach down and touch his son's small hand.

Dylan then looked up to Julie, "I'm still so happy you came home." He whispered as he crooked his head and looked back down to Anthony.

"Me too." Julie nodded with agreement. Julie leaned over to give him a kiss when the bedroom door opened.

Max, Frank, Gerard, and Mikey were all standing in the hallway with their arms behind their backs. Julie looked over to them with narrow eyes and sighed, "What?"

"Well…um…" Frank began, "We brought gifts for Anthony." Just as he finished they all held out boxes of stuff.

"You don't have to bribe us you know," Dylan began pulling on a t-shirt, "You can babysit all you want."

Frank smiled with excitement as he ran over to the bed, "Come to Uncle Frankie!" he said scooping the baby up.

"No, Uncle Max gets to hold him first!" Max said coming over behind Frank as he began to pet Anthony's foot.

"Uh, no!" Gerard shouted, "I'm oldest, and I'll be damned if I don't get to hold him."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over to Gee.

"What?" he asked with a shrug.

"Watch your language." Mikey said shoving his brother in the back.

Julie laughed as Dylan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. "So you're ready for some practice?" Dylan whispered in her ear.

"Practice?" Julie asked confused as she watched with contentment the sight of four very grown men, coo over a baby.

"Band?" Dylan said nipping on her earlobe.

Julie laughed as she shrugged him off, "What do you mean?"

"You're still part of the band." Dylan said as if it was the obvious.

"What about Anthony?" Julie asked rolling her eyes.

"We have a whole bunch of babysitters!" Dylan exclaimed, "Bob would love to do it, so would Ray, Alicia, Jamia, Gerard, Lynn, all those people would have fun."

"Oh and what I don't get mentioned in the list of babysitters?" Travis asked leaning against the doorway.

"Oh, and Travis." Dylan continued. "Come on, babe, it will be fun!"

Julie smiled as Dylan led her out of the bedroom and across the hallway to the all so familiar "music room". She smiled as Max, Dylan, Matt, and Tyson all followed her into the room. Julie smiled. She was officially home. And she was never going to leave again.