Silence, Applause


The lights are dimmed, the crowd is quiet.
The speech of a lifetime - the herald of a god.
Come now, he says.
Bring forth the words for this is your moment.

Eyes are glazed and the shift sway astray.
The tension creeps and the cliche kicks in.
Moments seem frozen, but my heart is still ticking.

Deep breath in, short breath out.
A calm posture, and a cool demeanor.

Jaws are shut but the thoughts are spilled.
Starting with the I.

Never said anything moving in my life.

Never implored for the skies to split or for the earth to shatter.

All I did was grin the same smiles, and evoke the same laughs; day by day.
Piece by piece, the piano played and so I aged.
Assimiliated and formed and increased in physics, but never in aesthetics.

But here I am now, along with the river and the turn.
Like a moving orchestra - smitten by awe and silenced by notes.
Time has brung me to my knees and grabbed me in a chokehold.

So forget regret and its metaphors,
Forget feelings and its personification,
Forget literary devices and its allusions.

It's time for substance.