I want to make it clear that I cast no doubt
To the fact that I never did right by you.
But if you would please hear me out,
And listen to how I someday learned
That we are different people by the things that we have seen
And every inutterably dark place that we have ever been
In a world that won't change its ways,
But will make us trade ours for its.

I want to erase the debts
You paid yet never owed,
And return the things we lost,
And rise gloriously resurrected
From the tombs that we've erected,
Where once we laid forgotten
And wished to never wake.

I know that words lose something in the saying,
And that by now the incantations
Learned by rote mean nothing and
"Sorry" never cuts it.
I know that people lose themselves in living,
In enduring,
Oh mercy, what have you endured?!

Words are nothing. Actions all.
There's no debt paid in preamble
And nothing shows better than by example,
But what about this show I've shown
And what it says about me?
All things that I have done, say nothing
But, words aside,
That I care not for life or dignity;
That love is just conditional
And no individual is exceptional
Enough to warrant my love and attention
And affection and forgiveness
And the spine I lack to just
Pick up the courage
And pick up the phone
And dial

No, I never learned. I had my chances,
While you endured, and waited,
For anyone to do what I had not the courage
To do but to lie about instead.
No, I've never changed. I'm still that child
That stared in stunned paralysis,
Silent while we all looked on.