Chapter One: The Cheerleaders and Events Leading to a Life

Music blared as the cheerleading squad practiced their routine for the first day back to school. The music soon ended and the girls hit the pyramid with ease. Two top girls were tossed up and they did back tucks then landed in the bases and back-spots' arms.

"Way to go ladies and gentlemen. You are ready for the new school year. Wear your uniforms tomorrow so we can just go straight to performing the routine at the welcome back pep-rally during school," the coach said.

All the cheerleaders nodded their heads in acknowledgement and most of the girls started to walk off the field. However, a group of four decided to stay to work on some more stunts. They were the main stunt pod on the cheerleading squad for that year, and some of them had been the main since years before. Together, they were all talking about what they wanted to accomplish during this small time to practice.

"Come on Madrina…what you want to do?" a light red-haired girl asked a dark brown-haired girl.

"Don't know…don't care Gabriel," Madrina shrugged. "What do you think Sendria?"

"I think you should do a back-tuck x-out basket-toss; re-load to a heel-stretch and then full down cradle. Or you can even double down if you want to," Sendria suggested only shrugging her shoulders and acting as though it was a stunt they did every day.

"Alright…you're a stunt pod. You can stunt," their coach smiled.

The girls smiled and got ready to do the stunts; their coach watching intently, and waiting to applaud them. They threw the basket-toss and re-loaded to a heel stretch with a little wobble on the way back up.

"Are you going to just full down, or trying for two?" the back-base questioned up to Madrina.

"I'll throw for a double, Poalo," Madrina replied holding her left leg up in the stretch.

"Alright then...CRADLE, ONE TWO!" he shouted.

The bases then popped Madrina as high as they could; when she was up in the air, Madrina twisted as fast as her body would allow. When she landed in the bases arms, a big "ooff" came from those who caught her. They set her out, then all started to laugh at the fact that they could actually do a stunt as complicated as that. The coach applauded them, and then quickly got their attention.

"As you know, the captain of our squad still has yet to be named. I was going to wait until the first day of school, but I think that I will tell you four today; however, you have to promise me that you will not tell another member of the squad. Our captain this year will be none other than Madrina," the coach announced when all four of them nodded their heads in agreement.

The group stood there in shock for a couple minutes. Madrina soon began to jump up and down grabbing Gabriel and Poalo, pulling them into a tight hug. It was no secret that she had wanted captain this year. Being that she had been a co-captain the previous year, and worked hard during summer camp to get more skills down. She was excited to be able to lead her squad in the coming year.

"Congratulations and I will see you all tomorrow," the coach turned and walked off the field.

"Yeah, Madrina, what coach said. Congratulations...well, let's all get going home," Sendria smiled and started to walk off the field.

The rest of them nodded, walked to their cars and drove off to get home. Madrina and Gabriel climbed into the same car, all the while conversing about the events that had happened with finishing the routine and learning who would be the captain.

Sendria unlocked the door to her house; walking in, she threw her things to the corner and slammed the door. She walked to the kitchen and found her brother cooking some odd food.

"Miguel!! I'm so pissed...Madrina is going to be captain before me!" Sendria all but screamed.

"Calm down," was all he said, not bothering to turn around to look at his sister.

"Make me coffee! Now!! Don't make me go all dark magic on you, because I know that you don't like me when I get like that!" she huffed at him, adding a growl for affect. "What is it that she has and I don't in order for her to receive the title of captain before me?!"

"Let's see...she is a real human," Miguel got a mug and filled it with the bitter brown liquid.

"That had nothing to do with it," Sendria snapped taking the cup and drinking a quick sip. "I can fly higher, I'm also a base, and I can tumble...why not me?"

"She is the main flyer...she is not supposed to be a base because she is too small. She can fly better than you when you don't use your powers. Also, tumbling is not an issue at the moment because she can tumble as well as you can. Just accept it," Miguel finished his cooking.

"I will not be outdone by some human scum. I'm going to go train down in the basement," Sendria stalked out of the room.

Miguel rolled his eyes...Sendria just too competitive for her own good. He slowly turned and scooped up the food he had been cooking onto a plate before heading to the table to sit down and eat. Thinking to himself, he couldn't help but chuckle a little. Surprises were in store for his younger sister...

Over at Madrina's house, Gabriel and Madrina had walked into the hallway to find it deserted. Looking at each other slowly, they silently made a pact for Gabriel to stay where she was. Madrina set her stuff down and made her way to the kitchen; no one was there either. She began to worry that something was wrong, or something bad had happened to her family.

"Mom!?!? Are you home? Is anyone home?" Madrina yelled through the house from her pot in the kitchen.

"Your mother went out with co-workers," a voice answered causing her to jump.

Upon turning around, she saw an elderly man that closely resembled an elf, "Abrin! Don't do that!" She had placed her hand on her heart upon seeing him and realizing it was safe. "What are you doing in your natural being form anyway?"

"It is safe within your house to be in my natural form. Do not are supposed to find us dinner?" Abrin replied slowly making his way down the stairs.

"For all...?" She gasped. "I can't cook that much!!"

Abrin laughed at the now distressed girl that was running around the kitchen trying to find enough food for all the beings that resided in her house. Madrina then turned and looked at him, also glancing around the open and empty rooms..."Where are the rest?"

"They've all retired for the night. I was referring to Gabriel, you and myself when I said us," Abrin laughed as the girl's facial expression changed.

"I can do that!" Madrina began to swiftly shift through the cabinets and pull out food to cook.

Upon finishing and eating dinner, Madrina ran upstairs and took her shower before she finished her homework. With the completion of that task, she walked down the stairs only to find Gabriel in a distressed state. Walking up to the girl, she asked:

"Gabriel, are you alright? You seem distressed. Why are you shaking in your angelic form?"

"There is an evil presence outside," Gabriel responded shifting her eyes quickly from Madrina to the window.

"Okay. I'll be right back," Madrina walked to the backdoor, opened it, and went outside.

Walking around, she allowed her senses to be consumed by the life forces of every living thing in the yard. She looked throughout the entire yard, and returned to her home not finding anything. Gabriel walked to her and looked right into her eyes, as if searching for an answer without asking for one.

"Gabriel, are you absolutely sure that you felt an evil presence outside?" Madrina asked. "There was nothing out of the ordinary out there."

"Why would I lie to you? Did you check everywhere?" Gabriel not only looked shocked, but also angry, at the accusation.

Madrina walked to the stairs while saying, "Yes Gabriel. I checked every corner of my yard. I even felt for the presence myself, yet still nothing."

"Maybe you didn't check thoroughly enough. You are still in training, so it is possible that you missed something rather easily."

"I know my own back-yard Gabriel! There was nothing out just felt wrong."

"This is why you are not the protector of us! You cannot yet investigate all things that we feel are wrong in the world! This only proves to me that you are nothing like your father! May he rest his soul and not be ashamed of you!"

With that out in the open, Gabriel ran to her room down the hall; leaving Madrina to think about what was just said to her. After a couple of minutes passed in silence with Madrina standing motionless on the stairs; she ran the rest of the way up the steps to her room. Slamming the door, she pulled back the covers of her bed and crawled into it. Lying there, she slowed her breath down so she wouldn't be rasping for oxygen in her sleep. She didn't even bother to wipe her cheeks of the wet streaks that had made their presence known. 'I think that what she said was uncalled for,' Madrina thought as she closed her eyes, calmed down, and sleep overtook her.

Right outside of Madrina's room, two figures were sitting on a branch of the huge oak trees. The figures did not have the outline of normal human body, but of the outline shapes of demonic body structure. One was bigger than the other as they sat there and watched the lights in the house go off one by one.

"Master, are you going to enter her dreams and manipulate them?" the smaller one questioned.

"Why would I do such a thing?" the bigger one questioned back not taking his eyes form the window.

"Well master, with innocence such as would have fun for a time to come," the smaller one informed its master with a sinister tone to the voice.

"You are talking out of line slave! It is none of your business what I do with her! Nor is it any of your business to tell me what could happen should I manipulate her dreams!" master snapped back.

The slave shut its mouth and sat there shaking, terrified of what its master would do should it talk again. Then, the master stood swiftly and signaled for the slave to leave and go home. He then set his mind and powers on Madrina's window,

"Evil forces passed through our generations, help me plague her mind." He smiled as he passed through to her dreams.

Abrin was meanwhile walking through the halls upstairs, to make sure that everything was where it was supposed to be. He had been thinking about activities past, when he heard a moan from Madrina's room. With his curiosity getting the better of him, he made his way to Madrina's door. Slowly, he opened her door and saw her chest rising and falling as though she was doing a cheerleading routine. He turned to leave, but he once again heard a moan; and it sounded an awful lot like a name...

Abrin concentrated his energy and entered through Madrina's dream; shocked to see her in a compromising position with another. 'So this is what she is healthy,' Abrin thought then looked at the male again. He didn't quite understand why a demon was in her dreams. 'I have to warn her about him.'

"Madrina!" he called.

The girl in question did not look toward the being...but the demon turned around to look at him. Abrin immediately recognized him as...

"You have no power in here old man!!!" the demon yelled, pushing Abrin out of the dream with its energy.

Abrin stumbled backward and into a wall, knocking some pictures and mementoes off of shelves, but managed to save them from shattering by levitating them with his mind. At that exact moment, the radio clicked on, signaling that it was time for Madrina to get up. Slowly, the girl sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Swinging her legs to the side of the bed, she stood up and stretched as she walked to get ready.

"Abrin??? What are you doing in my room?" she asked finally noticing the being on the floor. "Why are my collections floating around the room?"

"I will talk to you about my concerns later," he got up and walked out of the room while replacing the fallen mementoes back to the shelves.

Madrina watched him for a minute, before shrugging and closing the door to her room. Then she turned and began to get dressed for school. The uniform she put on was brand new; and it was unlike any other kind of cheerleading uniform that the school had ever had before. Specifically ordered for the competition season and for new flash at the school functions, the uniform was sure to grab attention, even unwanted, during the first day of school. It showed her stomach, which she had been working on throughout the whole summer, and the skirt had many kick-pleats within it. She swiftly put on make-up, brushed her hair before slightly curling it with a little energy, and walked out of her house to get to school on time.

She smiled as she saw Gabriel sitting on the trunk of the car with her school stuff in hand. Madrina simply unlocked the doors and placed her stuff in the back seat, allowing for Gabriel to do the same. When Gabriel got into the car, Madrina started it without saying a word and drove off toward their school, Lakeville High; home of the Panthers.