I'm going through a bit of a touchy period right now, so yes, this is depressing, but I'm not about to start cutting myself. It's just so frustrating to be depressed and angry, know there's really no reason for it, and yet not be able to shake it anyway. Argh.

How am I supposed to smile,
When nothing is going right?
How am I supposed to care
For others, when 'for myself' is such a fight?

Nothing seems to be worth much,
No one seems to care for me.
Even though I know that's false,
I can't convince my heart to see

That life is really not so bad,
The little things will drag me down.
But at this point I just don't care,
'Cause when I'm down there's no one there

To laugh at me or make me hurt
To seem to care or look sincere
And say to me 'It's for the best,'
And then assume that I agree.

How can I not, when they are right?
Objectively, it's for the best.

Subjectively, it's for the rest.

This poem's not the greatest, but it wasn't written for technical brilliance. It was written to get a load off my chest.