The rain pelted against her body as she stood over a figure that could not be made out. Wind gusted and blew her hair around as she turned and walked out of the alleyway. It could not be made out if she had been crying, or if it was just the rain water running down her checks as she every once in a while glanced back over her shoulder to where she had left the figure. Her head turned down, she walked into a small diner that was empty except for a waitress behind the bar. Walking to it, she sat down to rest.

"What can I get you darling?" the waitress asked coming over with a small notebook and pencil.

"Just water," the girl replied, her voice was shaky.

"Are you alright sweetheart?" the waitress reached over and moved part of the girl's hair.

Gasping, the waitress pulled her hand away seeing red tinted eyes and some blood on the young looking girl's neck. She walked away without waiting for any kind of reply, nor another word. She only returning with the water that the girl sitting down had asked for, still did not say anything else. The waitress figured it was better to not ask questions from the young girl especially since she had blood on her, and there was not indication that it was hers.

The girl sitting down only looked at the water that had been placed before her. Slowly, she reached her right hand forward and grasped the glass. It was cold to the touch. A big difference than what the girl's own skin felt like at that moment. Bringing the glass to her lips, she took two large gulps thoroughly quenching her thirst. Pulling it away, it looked as though red dye had been dropped into the water. The waitress just watched as she saw the girl stare at the glass still in her hand. She seemed to be mesmerized by the red looking ribbons dancing within the water.

'You should come home!' a deep voice rang through the girl's head.

She dropped the glass and grabbed her head grimacing as though in pain. She quickly got to her feet and ran out the door and back into the rain. The waitress stared in shock as the girl had been out the door before the glass even hit the floor, shattering upon impact.

She ran until she was about eight blocks from the diner and outside an abandoned apartment building. Breathing heavily, she walked into it glancing around her to make sure that she wasn't being followed. Sighing, believing she was finally alone, she leaned her back against the wall.

It seemed as though she stopped breathing as she stared forward into a pair of red eyes…