"Searching for a Friend" by Disneyluver

Summary: This is a poem I wrote at the end of June 2003 after something happened between my (then not) boyfriend and a girl he was dating. I don't one the Harry Potter curse that is mentioned Please read and review. Warning: is sort of dark

When I was searching for someone to help me with my stories

I thought that it would be as useless as a cure for HIV.

To find not someone who would laugh at me or say I was a baby

But someone who understood my stories so much that it left them wanting even more.

But out of my entire small boarding school community only you answered my call

The fact that I was a junior and you were still in the year many people refer to as "sophomore"

Didn't seem to bug you at all.

Through my stories we became really good buddies

But the girl you went out with clung to you like algae to a rock

She bought a one-inch leash for you and threw away the key and lock.

Like someone under the Imperious Curse, she was controlling you.

There was no other way for you to be free so you knew what you had to do.

Three nights before prom, you dumped her.

If you are still looking for a girlfriend next year

Don't forget I'm still here.

June 2003