Summer movie Slaughter by Disneyluver

Summary: Just my thoughts on the movies that open up this month. I own nothing.

The day that people have been waiting for is finally here.

We've been waiting for it since November of last year.

The summer movie slaughter, er rush begins today!

Here is who's starting it off from now until the end of may

Today is a big day for marvel comic fans.

Since it is the big screen debut of "Iron Man"

Next week, it has to deal with a famous racecar driver

Because looking to turn "Iron Man" into roadkill is none other than "Speed Racer"

May 16th will have people including myself, scream with glee

Since it marks the opening of the 2nd "Narnia" movie!

"Prince Caspian" will be finally here!

After a long wait of 2 and a half years!

May 22 sees the long awaited return of Indiana Jones and Long time Indy fans will happily rejoice

Any movie goes up against him, it's their funereal

I mean it is their choice

Finally on May 30, we'll see those famous HBO leading ladies

As they jump from tv to the silver screen for the big screen version of "Sex and the City".

So now you know

Who is opening in May

But there is still three more months of the summer slaughter to go.

Who will be on top?

I can't say

Although the battle is crazy enough to make your head twirl

I wouldn't miss this for the world

Thursday, May 1, 2008