Who am I to you?

you gaze at me

and you gaze at me

I wonder what you're seeing

are you trying to figure me out?

well, try me, tell me what there's in me

I'm too hard to be good.

I cry if I watch a sad movie

I feel free if I have fun at night

I blush if I meet a nice guy

I play the fool if I want to push the world aside

I'm the sadness disguised as joy

who's kidding.. lying?

Who are you to me?

I gaze at you

and I gaze at you

I'm seeing a big world

in your little world

it's everything in you

that makes you great.

I close my eyes if I'm scared

I shout if I want to be listened to

I lie if I'm in troubles

I fall and take time to get up

'cause I want to look for you

instead of waiting for you.

The reality is out of the televisor

what it was important to me

is it important to you now?

I'm your reflection in the spoon

who's watching over me?

I wanted to be your friend

when you called me friend

I learned to walk 'cause of you

and suddenly I was walking away from you.

Who am I to myself?

I gaze at myself

and I gaze at myself

everyday I'm wondering who am I?

sometimes I dislike what I see

trying to be who I've dreamed of

can I say I like who I am?

I'm too perfect to be perfect.

I want to know who I am

without having to see you

when I'm 40 you won't be with me

but that deep down you were with me.

Who am I to them?

they gaze at me

and they gaze at me

as if they are seeing something

even if their eyes are closed.