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If any of you are opposed to homosexual (Male X Male) relationships, please scroll down and traumatize yourselves! Haha, but seriously, I don't think this is a very good story for homophobes, so beware...

My dad said I didn't stand a chance at one thing, one single thing. And that thing would have to be the stupidest goal in existence! The one thing I would never have dreamed of pursuing unless he had told me I would never be able to do it!

He said that I would never be able to get into a fraternity when I went to college.

...My dad isn't a very nice person. Why can't I get into a fraternity house? I'm just as good as they are! I'm just as qualified, just as talented, just as intelligent. It was downright discrimination! He just thinks all those boys wouldn't trust me around them... or that I wouldn't trust them around me.

You might have guessed by now that I am a girl... but you guessed wrong. No, I'm a boy. I swear, I've checked. So why would there be any opposition to me getting into a fraternity? Because I'm gay, that's why.

My dad didn't take it well when I first told him, but I did just blurt it out on the car ride back to my house. He started crying in "shame" and kept saying he couldn't believe his son was a "fag". I swear to God, I really wanted to slap him across the face at that moment... but it wasn't like I had never wanted to do that almost constantly.

My mom was fine with it - now we could talk about cute boys and such. She saw it as an opportunity to bond; he saw it as an opportunity to be ashamed. So when I told him there was nothing wrong with it that was when the fraternity thing was stated.

I was flabbergasted for a moment. The idea of homosexuality ever being a hindrance was almost incomprehensible. It wasn't a disability or anything.

So you know what I said to him? I told him that I'd show him!

And after I said that, in my most livid voice, he stared at me with his wet sad eyes, confused.

"I can do anything anyone else can do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I could even get into a fraternity, I assure you."

He sniffled and I handed him a tissue. After he blew his nose thoroughly, he stuttered, "But, they'd never let you in."

"It's none of their business who I am and am not attracted to," I explained calmly. I felt sort of like some counselor, but I seemed to be getting through to him so I kept it up.

"So you wouldn't tell them?"

Sometimes I could not believe how slow he could be. "No, I wouldn't tell them because they would probably have the same view on it as you."

"But you'd try to have sex with them! You'd get kicked out for sure! Either that, or one of them would try to have sex with you! You're so girly!"

I looked at him. And I kept looking at him. And after looking at him for so long, I pulled down the visor and looked into the mirror. He turned his eyes back to the road where they belonged until I decided to answer.

It was true that I was feminine, but I was definitely a boy. So my hair was a little longer, I was too thin, and I had a softer face than most. Big deal.

"That doesn't matter," I finally answered. He turned back to me, his eyes wide. He looked sort of like a child that was being scolded for crying about nothing.

"What do you mean?"

"If they were all truly straight, then they wouldn't even look at me, now would they?"

"Well... I wouldn't know. But I've seen the way some boys look at you, Fin."

"What do you mean?" I mimicked. Now I was the one confused, and he was assuming the dominant part of this conversation. This could only lead to my downfall.

"Like when we went to the mall. Some boys would look at you longer than necessary, or would do double-takes. Don't get me wrong, girls were doing it too. I sort of shrugged it off and thought it was flattering that people thought my son so attractive."

"Dad, could we get back onto topic? If anything, they would just like me more, or something." I felt like I should tell him something. That something would eliminate a couple of his fears of me being a slut while surrounded with horny college boys.

He still looked uneasy. I looked at his disappointed face, decided this situation could've gotten way worse than it already was, sighed, and worked out a compromise.

"Look, Dad. I'll tell you what. If I get into a fraternity, and last a... year, regardless of whether or not they discover my orientation, then you will admit that I am perfectly suited for life and there will be no arguments on the subject."

"Fine." I could see my mom's house in the distance. He held his hand out to me and I shook it forcefully.

Then my attention turned back to the window, and I realized how large of a hole I had just dug myself into. I was screwed like a hooker in June.

We pulled in front of the house, and I told him goodbye. And then I opened the door, the clock sound like the thud of a coffin lid closing when I shut the door. I could hear the whir of the car as it sped off. I walked up the walk to the door, went inside, listened to my mother's hellos and received her kisses, told her everything.

She sighed and scoffed, she even laughed a few times. She was very sympathetic and a good listener. After an hour, I went to my room and lied down on my bed.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I opened my contacts listened and debated on who I should call.

It rang a couple times. Then I heard a sleepy grunt, "'Ello?"

"Adrian? It's Fin. I'm back in town."

"Oh, you are? I was just taking a nap."

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you up!" My worry had melted. It was impossible to stay upset when talking to him.

If you are one of the few who may have guessed that I was a girl at first, you may have no idea who Adrian is to me. For those of you who guessed I was a boy, then you should.

Adrian is my boyfriend. My French boyfriend, accent and everything. He exchanged here last year when I was a junior and he was a senior. I think about half of the girls admired him for being brave telling everyone about himself, and his orientation - while they secretly lusted after him anyway, and the other half hated me for being the reason he was so open about it.

"Don't worry about it," he reassured me.

"Okay. How was class?"

Adrian was a college student? Of course he was! He had gone to Samson University, which was on the other side of the city. My dad lived two hours away from us, which was a three hour drive from the college. I had already gotten a full-ride scholarship, too! I was going to be an art major.

"It was good, yes. How was your dad? Did you tell him?"

"He was fine, and yes I did." Adrian had been pressuring me to be open about it like he was... But his dad was dead, so I didn't think he knew what it was like, now did he?

"How did it go?"

"It was fine. He flipped, but it was fine. But, Adrian, I have a question."

"And I would love to answer it."

"How do you get into a fraternity house?"

I heard a thud on the other end, and then some scuffling around.


"I'm fine, I just fell over. Why do you want to go to a fraternity? Are you bored of me already? I thought we were going to share an apartment."

"Oh... But we will! Just after I go to a fraternity for a year." I was having a hard time explaining this to him. I felt really bad about it, and I had been looking forward to living alone with him just as much as he had. Why was my dad such a jerk? He was ruining my love life!

I heard a sigh, then a small pause. Somehow, that pause seemed to pour a bucket of tension over the conversation. I waited expectantly for his answer. I could tell he was trying to stay calm.

"Why do you want to go to a fraternity?" he asked me, slowly and deliberately. I felt like a three-year-old at a grocery store whose mom was trying very patiently to explain to him that you couldn't just eat the marshmallows whenever you pleased.

My head went blank, just then, and I wasn't able to grasp the obvious answer to his question. "Um... well..."

"Is it because you're trying to get away from me? An excuse to get out of staying with me until you get the guts to dump me for real? Don't you love me?!"

"I do! I really do!" I shouted. I heard my mom knock on the door.

"Honey? Could you try to keep your sappy phone call a little quieter? I'm trying to watch my soaps, and it feels like one is emanating from this room! It's very distracting!" my mom hollered.

"Mom! Try not to view my life as a soap opera! Go away!" I yelled back.

The world was spinning, to the point where I had already forgotten what my mom had just told me. I did love him, but what was I supposed to tell him? Then I suddenly remembered, but he had just started to talk before he could say something.

"Fin, I just don't get what you're trying to tell me. I don't feel comfortable with my boyfriend sleeping in a building surrounded by dozens of other men... attractive men."

"But Fin! That's not why I'm going either! My dad and I made a bargain. If I could last a year there, then he wouldn't say anything else about me being gay. That's all!"

"That's a really stupid bargain."

"I know, but it was a spur of the moment decision."

"Why do I still feel uneasy about this?"

"Because you're being jealous?" I responded. I know it was a cheap shot, but it was all I could think of.

"I'm very jealous! I don't approve at all!" he countered.

Damn, he let that cheap shot fly right past him. I would have to resort to other methods of manipulation...

"But I sure that practically every guy there would be so straight it would burn me just to look at them," I laughed nervously.

"That isn't an excuse. You're beautiful, and every person will see that. I bet 90 of the male population of the high school has imagined you in bed at one point or another."

"Oh come on, that's ridiculous!"

What was the deal? Why have both he and my dad told me that guys find me attractive?

"I'm just an average person! If a guy is straight, he will have no interest in me whatsoever. Okay?"

"So what you're saying is that you're going to choose this over me?"

He was using dirty tactics, but I wasn't prepared for my answer. "Yes, I am. But I wouldn't put it like that. You were the one who wanted me to be honest with my dad so badly! This is your fault, and I'm just dealing with the consequences."

There was a long pause, a very long pause. I knew that I could count the seconds it took for him to answer on one hand, but it felt like so much longer. I had seriously regretted my answer, but for some reason, my ego refused to let me back down from this fight.

"Then maybe we should take a break."

I could've screamed from shock. I knew my mouth was hanging wide open; I could've even cope with the problem. And the worst part of it was, as he was apologizing and giving his reasons, the only thing I could think about was that this whole thing... was my fault. I had brought it upon myself, and I had nobody else to blame, and much as I wanted to.

"So, that's what I think. If you aren't going to try to compromise with me, than I want to give you some time to think without any pressure from anybody. I still love you, and I want you to make the right choice for yourself. When you've decided what you want to do, then let me know."

"Alright," I mumbled. I had only grasped the main concept of what he was trying to say anyway.

It felt like there was more to say, but there was silence from both parties. I wanted him to say something. I wanted him to say somethingencouraging. I had expected him to support my decision. I knew he was being jealous, which was understandable, but somehow I could only feel annoyed.

"Well, I guess we'll talk later."

He took another pause before answering me. "Okay. Fin, please remember that I love you..."

I couldn't respond to it, I couldn't have responded to anything. It was all too horrifying. So I hung up. It wasn't the nicest thing to do, I know, but I did it without hesitation. I was doing us both some benefit.

And then I burst into tears. They were bitter, salty tears, ones that brought no satisfaction after I shed them. Why?! That was the only question that screamed and pounded its lingering message into my ears. Why was he so against this?! Why did he want to break up?! Why had I let him do it, without any retaliation whatsoever?!

But the most important question was why had I taken that bet? Why had I let my dad get the better of me?

My mother rushed in, with a phone in her hand and wrapped me in a hug.

"Oh, honey! I heard the whole thing! It was so beautiful!"

So do you think because I was so depressed I ignored the fact that she eavesdropped on my conversation and let her comfort me until the tears dried?

Hell no!

"Mom! You listened to my conversation?! Get out!!"

I stormed towards the door and pushed her out.

"But honey!" she pleaded.

"I'll deal with it!"

Her resistance had ended after a few minutes later, and I sat down on my bed again. I wasn't sad anymore, obviously, now I was just angry. Not at mom, but at Adrian and my Dad. How dare they?! Did they think I was some feeble doll?

Right then and there, I made a decision. I would do this. I would show them that I wasn't a 1700's dame whose sole existence was about tempting men to protect her from other men. No, I would survive in that Greek house even if I had to kill someone to get it. And if any of those bastards tried anything, I'd kick their balls so hard that they'd never be able to look at another boy without feeling intense pain in their genitalia.

I'd prove them wrong. I would make them regret underestimating me...

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