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It's amazing how when you wake up, everything that was bothering you the day before suddenly seems forgotten in your tired stupor. You're able to just deal with your day as it is. All the negative feelings wash off.

But my morning was not like that. I did not wake up of natural causes like I had been intending. Instead, I received a bucket of freezing cold water over my head and, shocked, I jumped out of my bed, having my arms be grabbed roughly and dragged towards my closet.

"Ah! Let go of me!" I yelled, still barely conscious but thoroughly frightened and wanting to just go back to bed. All I heard, though, were amused chuckles and suddenly I was thrown in the closet with the minute lightbulb barely providing light and the door was shut behind me.

"Get dressed! You have ten minutes before we come in there and force you to do it in front of the whole fraternity!" Someone called. After a moment I realized it was Ren.

"You bastard! Let me out of here before I tear off your arm and shove it down your throat!" I screamed, banging on the door.

"You have nine minutes! You'd better hurry. This is initiation hun, it isn't supposed to be fun."

My droopy eyes widened slightly at this news. Initiation? What the fuck were they talking about? Then I realized that this was what I had been dreading. Quickly I searched for a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

After I had dressed in less than five minutes, and throughly unwilling to let those outside the door know, I knocked on the door.

"I got dressed..." I mumbled.

Suddenly the door was thrust open and they dragged me out. I yelled in shock, when they pulled me downstairs.

"Ow! That hurts! Stop! I can walk, you idiots!" I yelled, desperate to regain my balance and what dignity I had left, but even that seemed less and less of a possibility.

There had been several moments in the past month or so when I had regretted telling my dad that I was gay, but this had to have been the biggest moment of all. With no hair or tooth brushing, bathing, face washing or all together time to get ready, I was forced to go down in front of everyone and show them myself in all of my shame.

Very few actually noticed, as it wasn't exactly that common, and it was quite hectic anyway that nobody really noticed. People were eating and playing football with rolled up newspapers. Everyone was laughing and yelling. It was very dissonant from last night's atmosphere, and I was confused as to what had brought on the change.

My first instinct was that the head, Daniel, had went out or something, but after seeing him playing football with everyone else, and just as happy, my jaw dropped. What the heck?! Who the hell was that person? Last night he had been so solemn, and today he looked very normal. He even looked kind of sexy... but I mentally shook it off.

Ren grabbed him by the shoulder and quickly spoke to him. I didn't hear what they were saying, but Daniel listened intently and then grinned, nodding and winking at me suddenly, causing me to tense and blush. Ren walked over and the other boys that were with him slapped me on the back and walked off.

"Good luck kid! Don't let him rape you in a bathroom or something, ok?" One of them said, and laughing, they went to join the crude game. Ren smiled and motioned for me to come to the door.

"Don't listen to them. I know the lines between fun and sadism, unlike most of the guys here."

I swallowed and nodded, following him outside to his car, which wasn't as nice as Adrian's, but still nice. It was just a black compact car with normal seats. Inside I grinned at the fact that my boyfriend had a way better car than Ren, which in some way made me feel superior even though deep down inside I knew that since I had no car at all, Ren was still superior, which was altogether humbling and thus leaving me feeling depressed in only seconds after feeling elated.

I climbed into the car, with him at the driver's side, feeling somewhat stunned on how much I could think in two seconds. Ren buckled in, which was also a new thing for me. Adrian never buckled up. I always thought it was stupid of him not to, but deep down inside I thought it was sexy. It was like he liked to live dangerously.

But think of Adrian was starting to piss me off. But then I realized I forgot my phone and prayed to God he wouldn't call and then have some weird random person come into my room and answer my cell phone. Adrian would be the type to tell them he was my boyfriend, unless he was calling to dump me for Ricky! Which, if he did, I would slaughter him.

"Are you ok?" Ren asked.

I snapped out of my stupor and realized we were at the mall and that my fist was clenched so hard it was starting to turn purple. I quickly relaxed it and flexed my fingers. "No, I'm fine. Just a little stressed... So what are we doing here?" I asked innocently.

This was the same mall Adrian and I had gone to on our date last time and I was trying my hardest to remain calm. Being in a mall where I had just gone with my boyfriend two weeks ago was giving me weird ideas about Ren. I seriously wondered what he was gonna make me do, and how high my morals were going to be today, especially since I was starting to feel sort of desperate...

"We're here to initiate you silly. I thought I'd go easy on you and save all the really embarrassing stuff for when you have to go up in front of the fraternity. Today I plan on preparing for that, actually."

I followed him silently, debating on questioning him further on his plans. We walked in and immediately, he looked around as though searching for something. I watching him contentedly, knowing he was looking for some way to embarrass me.

We walked past a women's underwear store, and immediately he pointed.

"Go in there and buy a bra and a pair of black lace panties!"

"But I don't have any money..." I mumbled.

"How strange... you are in a mall and you don't have any money. I think that was poor planning," he said, clucking his tongue at me and wagging his finger, "I suppose you'll just have to get them without using any money, won't you?"

My mouth fell open. "What do you mean?"

"I want that bra and those panties and you'd better get them right now, or else I'll make you do something even worse."

"So... you want me to steal something. Like... illegal stealing?" I asked hesitantly, hoping he would just start laughing and slap me on the back - not hard - and say he was just kidding, but his face remained serious and I felt my legs tremble.

"I don't believe there is any form of stealing that's actually legal, so yes, I want you to do the illegal stealing."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then I guess I'll just find the horniest guys in our frat and let them initiate you any way they please," he explained sweetly, patting me on the head. "Your choice, sweetheart."

I stood there, my feet glued to the floor and people passed by like nothing of interest could ever occur outside their meaningless lives. I wanted to run away screaming, and suddenly I didn't really care about letting my dad win, or losing my spirit. I just wanted to faint.

Just as the last ounce of my resolve wavered, he pushed me into the store, and I forgot everything I was thinking and stumbled inward towards the depths of hell, wearing only the clothes on my back.

Lucky for me, nobody was even at the desk. And there were plenty of black lace stuff that was well hidden and if I just stuffed it in the right places, I could get out of there fast. My mind began to form devious thoughts, trying to find ways to get that underwear without getting caught, and before I knew it, I was excited and eager to do it!

But then I thought of the security cameras, and knew that right now they were recording me and if anything went missing, I would be their first suspect and I honestly couldn't handle going to jail right now. So without a thought, I turned right around and walked back up to him.

"You're an asshole and I'm not gonna do this because it's virtually impossible to steal something in this mall without being caught. And because I'm not going to offer my body to some creepy guys at the fraternity, I guess I can't be a part of your stupid Omega Mu Gamma cult. I hope you have a nice life."

Just as I was about to turn around again to leave, he wrapped me in an intense bear hug and nearly squeezed the life out of me. "Hooray! You passed the test!"

A few people stopped to stare, but it wasn't exactly the most uncommon sight to behold in a mall so many just kept walking and a few fled in fear. I pushed him off and slapped him.

"What the fuck? You were testing me?" I asked through grit teeth.

Even though his head had been thrown back from the force of my smack, he still smiled like nothing had happened and nodded his head excitedly, like a puppy that had to pee. "Yep! Every year, there is only one condition to the initiation, we have to give them a test to see there morals."

"This is a freaking fraternity! Why the hell are you guys to deep? Your supposed to be obsessed with boobs and partying!" I yelled, causing several people to jump in surprise. This had seriously been the most bizarre place I had ever been in during the course of my entire life.

He kept grinning, "Because that stereotype is what we are trying to fight!" And with that he stuck his fist in the air dramatically and began to monologue, "Sure we like to party, and sure we do it often, but we aren't just a bunch of idiots! The point of joining Omega Mu Gamma is to train you for life! It's to nurture and teach you values and morals! We have to teach people to learn that life is more than just having a good time! Life is–"

"Spare me," I said, cutting him off.

He deflated, giving me an irked look. "I wasn't finished."

"Does it look like I care? You woke me up at seven o'clock in the morning, gave me no time to shower and dumped a bucket of cold water over my head. You brought me to a mall and ordered me to shoplift, and now you're trying to make me see the beauty of your cause."

He nodded. "Yeah! I sure did!"

I slapped him again. Several people - who had been watching intently - cheered. "You're an asshole and I'm going back home. Screw your fraternity!"

I turned around to leave just as his face contorted as though he had taken a blow to the stomach - even though I had only insulted a group of idiots - and walked away. After about three or four seconds of walking, he caught up to me and looked completely cheerful again.

"How are you going to get home if you have no ride?" He smiled smugly. I wanted to slap him, but I restrained myself and figured I would kill him eventually, just not today when it would be inconvenient for other people to have to watch his death. I was just so considerate, it made me smile.

"I'll call my mom on my cell phone," I replied, refusing to be the idiot.

"What if she takes too long and you get raped by some freaky dude who prays on poor innocent like you?"

"Then I suppose I'll have to see a counselor, won't I?" I retorted to his crude scenario.

His lips pressed together. "So you're done with the fraternity?"

"Yes, I am."

"Meaning never again will you grace our floors with your size six feet?"

"Uh huh..." I answered slowly, wondering what he was trying to get at.

"Because we still have all your stuff and sooner or later you're gonna have to come back for it, and we'll be waiting."

"So? I'll just bring my parents and get the stuff."

He pushed me into a car and pinned me against it, "Do you have any idea how much influence our fraternity has? We can make your life in college simple and fun, or we can make it a living hell."

"Get the fuck off of me!" I yelled, "And don't threaten me, you asshole!"

He let go of me and I stormed off.

"Wait, Fin!" he yelled.

"What?" I screamed back at him. I would've kept walking but I realized I pretty much had nowhere else to go and he could probably just tackle me anyway. It wasn't like I could outrun him.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to leave because you're a fun person and I'd be sad!" He admitted, distorting his expression so it looked like he was making puppy dog eyes, but he more looked like he was trying to stick his tongue out at me whilst sneering. I had to laugh.

"Why would I stay?" I asked, challenging him.

"Because we want you to and you're a good student! You'd help bump up our average for the competitions this year!"

"I never had good grades. I just had A's and B's. I was mostly average."

"Half the guys in our dorm would be ecstatic to just get a C," Ren explained soberly.

"Really? But nobody looked like a complete idiot in our dorm..." I mumbled to myself.

"Nobody is. But since grades weren't a major criteria, a lot of people who didn't have the best grades got in."

"What is the criteria?"

"You have to get the attention of a senior and they have to recommend you. Sometimes we look in the student records to see who might be suitable, but it's really unlikely that you'll be picked from just that."

"So who recommended me?" I asked, stupidly.

"I did. Don't you remember me from the carnival?"

"Why would you recommend me, though?"

"Because you don't find amusement in the obvious pain in others. Ordinary people would've just laughed, but you didn't. You wasted your money and walked off."

"Um... ok?" I said, not knowing how to respond to this. We were still standing in the middle of a parking lot and I knew that any second I was going to get hit by an impatient senior who wanted to get as close to the store as possible.

"So what the heck are you trying to get at?" I said, trying to clean up my language.

"Just give us a chance! If you promise to stay, I'll forego the rest of your initiation."

"Really!?" I was surprised. Maybe I wouldn't leave after all. This seemed like too good of an opportunity!

"Except, you still have to do the embarrassing thing in front of the whole fraternity."

"Which is...?"

"You'll have to wait and see," he replied, rather ominously. We both stood there for a long time, and the wind whistled in just a way that somehow it seemed like a showdown in one of those really old spaghetti westerns. We looked at each other, me suspicious and him amused, until suddenly a car honked raucously.

"Get the fuck out of the road, you brats!" some old lady yelled in a scratchy smokers voice.

"Yeah? Screw you!" Ren called back, and I tackled him.

"Have some respect!" I said harshly, but he was just laughing.

"Fuck you, asshole!" And she drove right towards us, and Ren quickly pulled me out of the way.

We ran towards the car as fast as we could and climbed in, laughing the whole time and we drove back to the fraternity, chatting the whole time.

Ren may have been an asshole, but at least he was a nice one. And suddenly, the problem with Adrian just didn't seem all that important anymore...

It's easy to lose track of things when you're having a good time.

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