T h e S e m i n a r y G a n g III

F i n a l D e s t i n y

Created and Written by

Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Jade Neeman, Kimberly Neyhart, and Richard Daw

Emptiness and quiet

A pin drop in a world of forgotten dreams and shattered realities never to be heard

Emptiness and quiet

Forgotten like the memories of a warm Christmas night

Emptiness and quiet

Never to return till all that is, Nevermore

Emptiness and quiet

Forged in a cauldron of hatred and pain to be used as a weapon

Emptiness and quiet

Fate will take back what is rightfully hers, And punish those who break these never ending laws

Emptiness and quite

Lovers leaving in a long forgotten world

Emptiness and Quite

We long for you again

Let me tell you a story.

It began with five friends who went to a seminary class in the waking-moments of the morning. By now, having read two similar Title Pages, you've grown quite accustomed to at least four of these friends; the four who started this saga in the most impractical way. But that was just the beginning. So much has happened, and so many people have joined along the many miles that led to the finished story you see now.

The very first curve in the seemingly straight path of creation was Kaitlin Strang's decision not to write along. We of course added her character to our first little story, because whether she was interested in writing or not, she was still a part of the Gang. Jon once referred to her as our "voice of reason". Unfortunately, without her input, the character took on slightly different personalities until she was her own identity. I'd like to think that fictional Kaitlin still mirrors real Kaitlin to a degree, but she's grown a life of her own. Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if the two ever met.

If by now you've read Book Two's Title Page, then you no doubt recall the story of Jade Neeman's addition to our writing crew. Let me tell you, during some of our high and low months of writing that book, she was always trying to push the work forward. Like everyone else she had her wavering moments, but when it came right down to it, she did her part to keep it alive. In March of 2007, both Jon and I left South Dakota for good, each heading on a new path into the world. For a time, Jade was my only contact within South Dakota. She kept me apprised, and she communicated work that needed to be done. But above all else, she helped bring about yet another curve to our already winding road.

Kimberly "Kimmi" Neyhart never knew her character was becoming central in the story's plot. Heck, I'm pretty sure she didn't even know that she was in the story. But as chapters began coming her way—as they so had when Jade first became interested—she immediately began adding edits of her own. A character that originally started out as yet another one of Kenzi's minions soon turned into a key-player. And just like with Jade, we had found ourselves with a new member in our writing crew. Kimmi is very precise; focused. She has spent countless hours working on almost every single aspect of the story, going above and beyond the mark. I cannot begin to thank her enough not only for her endless devotion, but for her constant challenging of my "set-in-stone" notions.

But not forgetting those who were there from the start, I turn back to three good friends who still push the work forward, even when separated by hundreds of miles. Brian: for his warped sense of reality that reminds us what it means to be a Seminary Ganger; Jon: for his creative whiz, and his never ceasing labors to entertain the readers; and Kenzi: for her willingness to stick with the saga even if it means working with a dork like me.

This story can only be brought to you in its entirety through the combined efforts of the Seminary Gang.