Author's Note:

For those of you reading this who haven't read Pixie Sticks or don't know what this is about:

Each chapter in it will be a separate.. vignette type thing. Not every chapter is going to be Pixie in the mental hospital. But that's the recurring scenario. And everything else will be past experiences, future ones & AUs.

I do recommend at least glancing at Pixie Sticks since this is the "sequel" to it.

The first actual chapter of the story will be after this little introduction. This "intro" includes character list and descriptions and a list of the songs and their artist that I used for the titles of the chapters plus answers to the reviews that I got for the final chapter of Pixie Sticks.

Speaking of the chapter titles in Pixie Sticks, I believe I'll be continuing on with the whole using a song title for the title of a chapter thing.

Even after months of not updating Pixie Sticks I put up the last chapter and got a hundred hits overnight. I just want to say, thanks guys. Ily. The hits for the story actually hit OVER 9000 in January, I believe. Of course if I was going with the other translations/Japanese DBZ I could have settled for OVER 8000 a long time ago. (I personally consider this many hits, though I'm sure many other stories get much more than that. But Pixie Sticks has more hits than my myspace, so that's how I compare it. Plus, OVER 9000!!!!!!1111 is a good way to measure things.)

By the way, I'm thinking that if anyone wants to be a betareader for me that would be cool. If not, that's all right. I've managed to survive without one this long.

Character list (this does not include all of the characters, but I hope it will explain a few things for everyone and make it easier for people who opt not to read Pixie Sticks first):

Pixie Desi Kerr: He's the main character (duh). His father, Caine, beat his mother to death. It took about 6-7 years for them to finally prosecute him. Pixie was sent into the state's care on the basis that his only other living relatives were a set of his grandparents, who could not take care of him because they were living in a nursing home. Pixie is gay, sexually active, and a slightly sadistic masochist (maybe pain lover is a better description?). He doesn't mean to be (a slightly sadistic masochist, that is), he just finds it a good idea to test things out. Such as, Pixie and Trey decided it would be good to see if they'd break their legs from jumping off the roof of a house. He failed 8th grade due to missing too many days of school. He missed too many days of school because Pixie has a crappy immune system; he secretly blames the aforementioned crappy immune system on being three months premature. He has his lip and eyebrow pierced (well, he did this during 9th grade). Pixie is a god when it comes to playing guitar. Trey is the only person that can get away with calling Pixie 'Desi'. Anyone else would get severely mauled. Pixie and Trey are so close that they sometimes refer to themselves as Racer X (Pixie didn't like the idea of them being Trixie because Racer X is way sexier than Trixie.)

Trey Sabina: He's madly in love with Pixie. Sometimes he does not realize that he is, but he really does love Pixie truly/madly/deeply. He has a genius level IQ, but does not show it at all. He dropped out of high school in his junior year, and he failed kindergarten. School used to bore him, but he'd do Pixie's homework any day. He has a huge family. He got his eyebrow pierced at the age of ten, had a red Mohawk after he got in a huge fight with Pixie, and can be an overall pain in the ass when he wants to be. He's a year and two months older than Pixie, which leads me to mention that his birthday is December 15th, which makes Pixie's birthday February 15th (as Conor Oberst says, one day too late for love.) He can probably play any instrument you put before him, and play it well. He generally has a new hair colour every month. He's a southern boy, he and his family moved from Georgia when he was twelve.

Caine Kerr: Is an asshole. He's dead, too. Pixie's father.

Blake Thomas: He was also put in numerous foster homes, but he was adopted when he was a freshman in high school. He raced in motocross before being adopted, but one of the conditions for him to get adopted was that he'd have to quit racing, but not riding altogether. He is overall genuinely nice, and friendly. He's only comfortable with talking to one person at a time, so when he's in a group he keeps his mouth shut and lets the others speak for him.

Claire: She, also, generally has a new hair colour every month. She and Trey have hair dying parties (and they're the only ones invited to the parties). She's lighthearted, for the most part, but when it comes to dating she's a wreak. She's always looking for a boyfriend, but never seems to find one, and we won't even mention any of the dates she's been on. She's one of those rare optimistic people, though, and if she had it her way everything would be bright and bubbly, and any use of black/white/grey would be banned.

Derek: He's the manager of a Bojangles near Pixie's foster home (when he's in Caron & Warner's foster home). He's a friend of Pixie and Trey's. He was something around the age of 23 when Pixie was 16 (but nearly 17). He's one of the few straight people in this cast (of course I have fantasies of him not being straight and..I might make him have a little boyxboy action woo), wears glasses, and is generally adorable (in appearance). He used to live in St. Louis, near Trey and Pixie. He was manager of some other fast-food restaurant that Pixie and Trey frequented, and that's how they became friends.

Dean: He's known Pixie the longest. He and Pixie went to preschool together. He was nice to Pixie for about ten minutes, but then when he noticed that everyone decided that Pixie was a name that everyone should ridicule, he joined in. He was the last boy that Pixie cried over (well, we don't know if he cries over any boys after the age of 16/17 (Pixie's nearly 17 in Pixie Sticks)).

Caron & Warner: Pixie's foster parents for about half of his sophomore year. The foster home was in Wood River, which is about thirty minutes away from St. Louis.

James, Noah, George: They are identical triplets, they are Trey's brothers. They were born in the order their names appear in. (James was the one who stole Pixie's virginity.) They are three years older than Trey.

Kenny: He is Trey's younger brother; Kenny is about two years younger than Trey. He's only a half-brother, though. He has the same father, but his biological mother lives in Chicago. He, James and Trey are the only members of the Sabina family that have actually been Pixie's boyfriend, but every member of the family (except the parents and "little" Ella) has had sex with Pixie.

Monica & Nina: They are identical twins, and are Trey's sisters. They are four years younger than Trey. Nina is a lesbian, and Monica is undecided on her sexuality. No member of the Sabina family is completely straight. They are rather unorthodox Christians, to say the least.

Ella: She is the baby of the Sabina family. She's five years younger than Trey. She has curly blonde hair; every other member of the family just has plain old straight blonde hair.

Candice: Blake's sister. She has bright red hair and is rather blunt. She's four months and twelve days older than Pixie.

Enash (AKA Nash or Smash): He'll be important in Fairy Tales. He came in at the end of Pixie Sticks. He's got dark red hair and is awesome. He's named smash because he feels this compulsive need to beat people's faces in. But he's really a nice guy!

List of songs in the chapter titles for Pixie Sticks

1. Hey – The Pixies
2. Hell Yes – Beck
3. Disco MF – The Penfifteen Club (aka The Pen15 Club)
4. 10 More Minutes With You – Kill Hannah
5. Clark Gable – The Postal Service
6. New Name For Everything – The Weakerthans
7. Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Crash – Blood Brothers
8. Technochocolate – Strong Bad (hahaha. I forgot about that.)
9. Girls and Boys – Blur (or perhaps I was thinking of the Good Charlotte one or maybe Kill Hannah's Boys & Girls?)
10. Failure by Design – Brand New
11. My Other Car is a Space Ship – Commander Venus
12. When Worlds Collide – Powerman 5000
13. I Think I Need a New Heart – Magnetic Fields
14. The Shower Scene – Brand New
15. The Sound of Settling – Death Cab for Cutie
16. The Futile – Say Anything
17. Company Calls – Death Cab for Cutie
18. Sexhibition – Janet Jackson
19. Gimme Some Lovin' – G. Love (& Special Sauce, I believe. I'm not sure if it was just G. Love or not…)
20. Hearshot kid Disaster – Coheed & Cambria
21. Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh – Bright Eyes
22. Landlocked Blues – Bright Eyes
23. There's Never Enough Time – The Postal Service
24. Total Revenge – Say Anything
25. Ripchord – Rilo Kiley
26. Science vs. Romance – Rilo Kiley
27. Panic Attack – Dream Theater (I must admit, I've never heard this song. I just wanted to use that title. Hahaha).
28. Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run
29. Teen Heat – Blood Brothers
30. Fer Sure – The Medic Droid
31. Destroy Everything You Touch – Ladytron
32. Save me Save me – Xiu Xiu

Definitely check some of those out. Well, 18 I don't remember how it goes at all and I haven't heard 27 but the rest I love to death. 8 was just for fun.

Replies to the reviews for the last chapter of Pixie Sticks

Her Innocent Reminder: I love Nash. I'm glad I'm not the only one. (Thanks for not being mad at me for taking so long to update these stories. It seriously made my day to know that someone still cares :D ) I've never been to a mental hospital. A couple of times my parents threatened to bring me to a psychiatrist (long story, both times, that I don't feel like going into). And Dorothea Dix shut down; I believe it's shut down by now. That pisses me off.

Aloharocker: aw thanks. I was hoping people wouldn't hate it when it got to Pixie's part with how choppy it was. Very flat sentences. I like Nash too.

Inconspicuous Stranger: I did say that I was done with Pixie Sticks but there'd be Fairy Tales. Here it is. But it wasn't Queen in the title. Every chapter title was the title of a song (except for the first one, that's a line from the song). Save me Save me is a song by Xiu Xiu. I love Xiu Xiu. I don't listen to Queen much these days… You should check out Xiu Xiu, though I'm not promising you'll like them. They're kind of..out there. I Love the Valley Oh is a good bridge song into falling in love with them.

DeathbyAngel: I don't like Latin so much any longer, my new teacher is the worst teacher I've ever had. Just do what I do when it comes to the relationships in this story: ship everything. I even ship Pixie with girls. That way however it works out you'll be happy:D

Midnights Scream: I like redhead. He'll make things better and stuff. You know what I don't like? PEOPLE WHO BLOCK YOUR CAR IN. They don't make things better and stuff.

Blank Sky: It's okay that you didn't review until 16. You really brightened up my day. :D (I went to my grandmother's funeral that day). You can marry my story, I don't think it minds.

Babier: yeah..I like Pixie Trey. But I also like Trey Blake. I also like another Trey pairing that makes me feel like a fangirl of my own story because it's random and I'm not going to say it because I'll probably add it in here. I ship a million pairings in Pixie Sticks it's ridiculous. Pixie's found a hunkyhunky man. Of course maybe I'm just the strange one that likes the redhead? I don't know why but every time I saw the title of the email saying you added me to your favorites list or whatever I keep thinking your penname is penbar. Hah.

No need to review this chapter..unless you want to! I'll be putting up the first chapter as soon as I can. Hopefully tonight.