… When someone tells you that he is a monster of some sort, a Soul Eater or a vampire, to be immortal – then DON"T believe that he will NEVER die, even vampires die and as I have said we are more or less the same, unless you're the Damned, in my case… the Fallen Angel. Millennia have already passed since I last fed. It still pains me to remember that incident but don't worry my heart has slowly healed from it. I have centuries to mend myself, and punish myself! If only I die whenever I skip this century-old ritual! But no, I just have to be in Eternal Slumber… yes, that's where I have been, asleep, while everything around lives then dies.

"Hmmm? So it's that time already?" grumbled Lev. He was comfortably sitting in a swivel chair, talking about business with someone on the phone, when he received an email. "Oh, I'm sorry… yes… alright I'll talk to you soon." And he replaced the receiver to its handle, then pushing a button he called for his assistant. "Cancel my entire schedule for next week if they can't be then re-schedule them." He commanded to his secretary. "Yes sir." His secretary replied with a dutiful bow and left.

Just two floors below the basement of Sinclair Estate is a crypt restricted to anyone except for the Originals (previously called Elders) and Sentinels. Nothing is found except for the wing-like cocoon inside a glass chamber. He witnessed the shedding of the last of the ebony feathers and the Awakening. "Fine looking man, no wonder I'm good-looking myself." Commented Lev with a whistle; a cane hit his arm that made him wince. "What did I do wrong Mama?" he complained, as he rubbed his wounded arm. "Don't kid around, Lev. You still remember what your duties are?" asked his mother. He nodded wearily. "I just have to look after him, I know that already Ma," he said, tired of the same words said over and over since his succession as a Sentinel. When the last of the feathers molted Genesis has fully awakened, his eyes bright blue as if he had just his meal, with only his trousers on. "It's a millennium already?" he grumbled and with a snap of his fingers the feathers enveloped his cream-colored skin and formed into a dark shirt, casually left the glass chamber. "Yes, Genesis," Answered the woman. With his fingers he gently lifted her face and looked at her with warmth in his eyes. "You don't have to call me that Rosetta. It feels awkward, Louie is fine." He said giving her a peck in the forehead. She smiled, and when she did a few lines showed at the sides of her mouth. "More awkward than calling you father?" she said almost laughing. "Yes. More awkward, so I would really appreciate it."

Rosetta, my youngest daughter filled me up with the details, I don't sound like an antique man do I? I'm a fast learner and I'm not bragging. Let's just say a few years have also elapsed and it took me that long to write again, well boredom. Her news was entirely grim; I fear that even Rosetta would leave me. I know that her time is running out and the thought of it saddens me. Her son, Lev had been a very good source of information. How? We have powers, and they are very useful. Other than the Originals, Sentinels know about my existence. There's only a few of them – they are direct descendants of my children.

"I want to go to Japan and live there." Louie announced, as he comfortably lies down the settee at Lev's office, it has change drastically over the years, more gadgets and plaques have been added. "Arrange an identity for me, put there Crimson Akatsuki and I want to enter a school as well, I've never been into one for ages." He added, propping up and putting a handful of chips in his mouth. A curious eyebrow rose from Lev "Why all of a sudden?" he ask. "Why cannot you stay here in France?" Louie made a face. "Because I want to, I've been in France almost half my life. And if you're going to ask about other places in Europe or the US, where d'you think I've been for the last years since my Awakening?" He said "I'm going out; just call me when everything is settled." He said and left with his hands in his jean pockets.

I know Lev was shocked by what I said and possibly opened up a wound. You see, I've seen more than what I've needed to see from Lev's mind. Call it prying or whatever you want, I just wanted to know my Sentinel that's all. I know you're curious too, so I will tell you or better yet show you. Being Genesis, I have far greater power than the others…

When one is an immortal, you'd have to expect that they become bored with life sooner or later. Well, they have seen everything, I have seen everything. Nothing surprises me now, I've tried all possible jobs there is and even joined the army just to kill time and now I'm travelling around the world and just when I thought that dying could be a glorious thing I met her, a beautiful, petite Japanese girl with deep grey eyes that could stop anyone from their tracts. And though her soul was so full of spirits I wasn't tempted to take it from her. All I wanted was to know her and have her by my side… forever.

"Excuse me, do you want to drink? You look like you would die from thirst." She said with care in her voice. I took the jar from her hands and drank to my fill. "Thanks." I breathed out as I handed to her the almost empty jar. She smiled at me then someone emerge from the entrance of the manor behind us. "Lady Shoka, your uncle… he... he collapsed!?" cried the servant. Shoka, as I just learned her name, immediately ran inside followed by the servant. I followed them without their notice, carrying the jar in my hands. "Uncle Jin!" Shoka called as she slid open the door, she knelt beside her aunt and ordered the servants to call for a doctor. "We've already sent someone out for Dr. Maeda, Lady Shoka." Replied another servant who gave me a scrutinizing look. "Excuse me sir." She said. But I knelt down beside her uncle who obviously had a heart attack, so without thinking I started giving them orders as a doctor would to his nurses. They didn't even move at my initial command so I barked at them and they scattered about bringing to my feet the materials I needed. "Do you have any idea what you are doing? I'm sorry but…" Shoka said as I continued with my work. "Yes. Your uncle has a mild condition of a heart attack. I'm guessing this is his first episode?" I said a matter-of-factly. I heard their chorus 'yes'. I ordered them to observe and they followed without questions until the man was stabilized.

They thanked me and courteously invited me to lodge in their manor. Of course, I objected at first, as much as I want to be with Shoka I don't want to intrude. "That won't be necessary madam; this is my payment for the drink your niece gave me awhile ago." I said while we were having tea. "No!" objected their young daughter whose head popped from behind the door, and instantly went red; perhaps realizing that she was found out from her eavesdropping. "A drink for my otou-san's life isn't a fair exchange, mister. Unless you already have a place to stay?" she said softly with pleading, innocent eyes. "Well… I was still looking…" I replied "Then stay here with us. It's the least we can do for saving my beloved husband's life." Interjected Mrs. Akatsuki, and at that moment I couldn't do anything so I accepted their offer. Look at the bright side; I don't have to pay for any rent. "Yehey! Mister is staying. Mister is staying!" cheered the little girl, who hopped about the room. "By the way, what is your name sir? I'm Chiyako." She said, stopping in front of me. "Lev Sinclair." I replied.

In just one day I helped them with the renovations of their manor, they stopped me from doing manual labor but I continued nonetheless. "You know quite a lot of things don't you, Sinclair sensei?" she said from behind me, as she placed a plate of rice balls beside me and sat with me. I was gazing at the moon, it was full that night and watching the night sky refreshes me. "Sensei?" I repeated with a laugh. "Just call me Lev, I'm not a teacher or a master of anything, Lady Shoka." I replied with the same restrained respect. "Lev then, but you must also call me Shoka for fairness. How is it that you know so much Lev and you speak Japanese fluently too." She said as she looked at me with interest. "I'm a doctor by profession." Which is true, I've studied medicine some years ago. "And I don't go to a foreign country unless I learn their language." As I said I'm a century year old. That night we talked a lot and different sorts of things, as if we were friends.

The following morning I went to Doctor Maeda's clinic and worked as his assistant. Shoka would frequently come with her uncle for his check-up. But even then I didn't make my move on her because as she once told me she's got a boyfriend. A young merchant, who does a part-time job as a kendo instructor, but the boy, left her. It enraged me but at the same time made me happy. The nerve of that boy, leaving my Shoka for another because of the other woman's fortune, how did I know? She told me when she arrived during the Fall Festival. I was inside my room and just finished taking my 'meal', good thing she didn't see me. "Lev…" she said in tears sounding like a child who got scolded, standing in the hallway outside my door. I opened the door. "He… he…" she stammered then to my surprise she threw herself to me. "What happened Shoka, shouldn't you be happy, it's the festivities after all." I said, soothingly. "Taro broke up with me. He said – he said that he doesn't love me anymore! You know, my friends keep telling me that he has been seeing another girl during his 'business trips' but I was stubborn not to believe them. I'm so stupid!"

"And you saw him with this girl?" I have the ability to see through a person's thoughts and memory being a Soul Eater, but with Shoka it's different because… I can't read her mind! For the past month I've been staying in their manor, I tried reading her thoughts, scanning her memory but nothing. However, for some bizarre reason I saw it, I saw her witness her boyfriend two-timing her with another girl. The two holding hands as they watch the fireworks and even kissed (just at the cheek) in public; she confronted them. Taro coolly stares at her. They moved to somewhere quiet and he breaks all ties with her insensibly. It made me hold her tighter. I heard her muffled 'yes' and more of her crying. "Shoka, if I were one of your girl friends I'd tell you to shush up, that he is not worth your tears, that you're better off without him, but I'm not so I'll tell you to cry all you want until there is no tears left because that's the only way for you to let go of him a bit faster." I said consolingly, caressing her hair like a father would to his child. "But I'll also tell you that he doesn't deserve you, he's a fool for leaving and hurting you." I added but more affectionately – a thing I've told myself not to do until now – as I tucked my fingers below her chin and lifted her face so I can see more of her. "This may not be the right time and you might think I'm taking advantage of the situation and I'm contradicting my former statement but please stop crying for him. Seeing you happy and smile for him already hurt me having you crying in my arms for that idiot… what do you think I'm feeling now? Shoka I…" Seeing her straight in those lovely grey eyes that has turned puffy from crying made me forget my place – as a friend. I stooped down as I further lift her head and kissed her lightly at first, waiting for her to retreat from me, but surprisingly she stayed. Slowly she stood on tiptoe and kissed me back, folding her arms around my neck. When we finally let go of the other I smiled silly at her flushed face. She was obviously embarrassed at what had happened between us, why? I do not know, as I've said I can't read her thoughts but if she's ashamed because she used me, thinking that I was Taro or whatever she's thinking I don't care because … "I love you, Shoka and as much as I want to comfort you at this dire moment I think it best that you find another set of shoulders to cry on because if this keeps up I might… attack you." I said as I let go of her. "Where are you going?" she said without any trace of sadness in her voice. "You'll just leave me after all you've said, how ungentlemanly of you Lev!" she was back to her old self and that made me smile. "What do you want to do then, continue?" I asked as I retraced my steps towards her, grinning. "Baka! Whatever malicious thoughts you have inside your brain better stays in your brain." She ordered as she punched me at the arm. "Come with me. Don't you get lonely here? Let's enjoy the festivities together!" She said cheerfully offering one of her hands. With a smile I joined her and enjoyed the merriment as friends but…. That's also where we began. Honestly, I wanted to kill that Taro but maybe later, Shoka seems happy as of now – with me… finally.

If you think that my young Sentinel is the rebound guy well you think wrong! That girl, Shoka Akatsuki – yes, that's where I got my name – has really fallen in love with Lev. But she's a girl who is already committed to someone else what else is there to do but forget whatever affections she has for Lev and be as faithful as she has to be for her man. But what did her boyfriend do? Broke her heart and as fate wishes it thrust her to the Right One. Remember, Lev can't use some of his powers on her and I can't believe he doesn't know why?! I'll tell you.. it's just simply because he has feelings for her. Well, the story doesn't end here…

We have been going out for some months now I think a year already! Extending my stay in Kyoto, I was supposed to visit Korea next but situation changes. I'm still Doc Maeda's assistant and at least once a week Shoka and I would go out on a date. Everything, as they would say, is just perfect. Tonight I'm going to propose to her, right after my work when she passes by the clinic. She's out with her friends tonight, but… how come she's late? I went out and looked for her instead but not long after I heard someone scream, it could be far but I'm not a human. I ran towards the voice when I realized that it came from her. Shoka's in trouble!

"You step away from me, you scum!" she threatened in a shaky voice. Three drunken men were ganging up on her, two had a dagger on one hand while the other hand a sword. "C'mon pretty, let's go have some fun." One said his face close to hers that she could smell the alcohol when he opened his mouth. She hit him and bravely said. "I said leave me alone! And close your god-forsaken mouth, you reek!" and waved her hand about to make the awful smell away. The other two were snickering making him embarrassed and held her captive. Afraid, Shoka was about to scream when the dagger was positioned near her throat. "Scream and this will pass through your lovely throat." He whispered. Shoka closed her eyes and silently prayed for help. A stone hit the man's face and left a mark. As a reaction he eased his hold on Shoka and all of them looked at the stranger. "Let go of her." ordered Lev coldly. "Hey, it's that foreign doctor!" exclaimed the man with the sword. "Lev!" said Shoka with relief, moving about to free her from the man's clutches." "How dare you throw a stone at me and ruin my handsome face!" Growled the man who still had a strong hold on Shoka. "Did they hurt you Shoka?" asked Lev, disregarding the man's question. "Handsome? You call your rat face handsome?! Puh-lease! I'm alright Lev." said Shoka. "Ignoring me, eh? We'll see about that." Mumbled the man and barked orders to his comrades to beat him while he 'work' with Shoka. Enraged, Lev didn't waste time and attack the first person who came near him. Within seconds he had the man's neck in his hand, he lifted him from his feet. His eyes turned blood red and terrified the man, he tried to squirm himself free, he tried kicking and stabbing Lev with his dagger but Lev just flick the dagger away with a glance. "Y-you're a-a-a mons-ster! A monster!" he said hysterically. As if he didn't heard him, Lev, with his free hand placed above the helpless man's chest and with an upward motion, took his soul. The man struggled as if from a heart attack then suddenly he went limp; a small, translucent silvery-blue orb came out from his mouth. Lev gobbled it, wiping its trace then eyed the other two. The guy who held Shoka captive let her go and ran together with the one with the katana. Lev easily caught the one with the katana, he tried to slash him with him his sword but Lev just breaks it in two with one hand. He pushed him and the man flew and hit the wall so bad that he fainted. He then set his eyes on the last one. "Saving the best for last." Said Lev in an eerie, French-accented voice, his eyes glowing redder as ever "Do you know it has been months since I last ate so my deepest thanks to you and your friends." He had his free hand on top of the man's chest as he did before but then Shoka cling on to him. "Stop it Lev!" she shouted but Lev shoved her away, her voice didn't get through to him. With her back aching, Shoka tried to stop him once again. She found twigs beside her feet and throws it at him. "Stop it you monster!" she called, Lev glared at her, and at that moment she felt frightened. "What's this? It's as if I'm looking at the devil himself." She thought. But Lev slowly calmed himself and tossed the man aside. He started towards Shoka with a helping hand stretched out.

"Shoka are you…" "Stay away from me!" she yelled stopping him in his tracks. "What are you?! What did you do to those men! What… are you…" continued Shoka, shaking and already in tears, coiling away from his presence. It was the first time she really saw his blood red eyes, and it frightened her. Seeing this I stopped and slowly placed my hand on my side. "I'm a Soul Eater, a monster if you like. I belong to a race that feeds on human souls, we are immortal and as for me I'm already a hundred years old. Obviously I killed the first one and left the other two unconscious and when they wake up they won't remember a thing." Both of them fell silent. "Taro!" Shoka finally said, remembering what had happened to her ex-boyfriend, she now faced him a bit confidently. "Was it you who killed him?! Did you kill Taro too!" she exclaimed. Coldly I replied, "Yes." I saw her scared and shocked reaction. "How could you?" she softly asked, her voice sounding shaky. "Because I got hungry is all and he deserves it, his soul is slowly rotting anyway. If you have anything else to say then say it, I may be able to read people's minds but I can't damn read yours!" I snapped at her and she winced. "I'm sorry Shoka…" I said and moved forward but again she withdrew from me. "I understand. I'll leave you alone." I gravely said. Slowly I started to walk away; one of my hands glowed and pointed it towards the two men, two sparks of light shot at their foreheads. She had that panic look again I can sense it. "Don't worry about them, I just modified their memories. If you want you can have one too. I could erase this encounter or better yet myself from your memories. After all, you are just a human I understand that completely." I looked at her one last time and disappeared.

The month that followed had been a dull one. Those men never remembered the incident as for the unlucky one; it was deemed to be an accident. Shoka… we haven't seen or talked with each other since then. I made it certain that we don't meet, no matter how much she looks for me. At home? I always return late at night, directly to my room and leave early as well so there's practically no time for us to see each other but I know that she waits for me. I always stop to gaze at her. Well, I have other means in entering and leaving a place. One night, I had a visitor. "What is it you want it's supposed to be my year-off." I said coldly, as I sat on the patio leisurely. "They wanted you to come back." He said in a monotonous voice, with his head down. "What… what does mother want with me?" this time it irritated me that I had to specify the person and I stand up in front of him. The servant was silent then suddenly I felt a chill, the servant's head slowly raised, his appearance had changed and we faced each other eye to eye. "What did I warn you about people Lev!" said the voice in anger; he turned into my mother. "Come home at once! What were you thinking fasting when you can't even control yourself and all because of a woman?" I smiled at her; I knew that she was worried; she's a mother after all. "I'm sorry, mama, but I won't go back. You already know that. Now please go back and take some rest." I embraced her. When I let her go, she pinched my cheeks, as she always does and left the servant's body. The servant also left. "Why are you still awake?" I asked casually without facing her. "Your mother, she's really pretty." Shoka said coming out of the shadows. "She would be flattered when she hears that. Now go back to bed." I said half-heartily. "Why are you shoving me away?" she asked in anger and annoyance. I heard a thud from her knees when she squat. "I thought you love me." "I do." I replied, trying not to sound hurt myself, "Then why are you avoiding me?" she cried, I hate it when she cries. I levitated towards her and touched her face, wiping away the tears from her eyes. "Because you wanted me away, that's why. You didn't tell me to modify your memory and as much as I want to I can't. If you were thinking about it, like I said I can't read your mind so I decided to hide myself from you and it really pains me to be far from your side." She thrust herself towards me and it felt so good to feel her again inside my arms. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She mumbled as she cried. "I love you so much Lev, I felt bad before because I had Taro then and I guess I was glad that he broke up with me although it still hurts…" I placed a finger over her lips and silenced her. "I'm glad that you feel that way for me, I thought I was a rebound guy." I teased and she objected but I silenced her once again with a kiss, she blushed and that amused me. "Now tell me, would you make me the happiest Soul Eater and be my wife?" I asked. She held my face in her warm hands, "Yes. A thousand times, yes." And her face slowly came to mine making the gap shorter and shorter until we kissed.

Three months later, we were married, we lived happily in a house I bought situated just outside the town, where it is safe for me and my secret. I had my 'daily meal' because Shoka would reprimand me if I didn't. She would come and inspect my Black Box (it's where I keep my souls; every Soul Eater has at least one. It could contain up to thirty souls), it really pleased me. I never thought we'd live this well. Then we found out that Shoka was pregnant! I'm going to be a father! I know that it could be a little rough during these times but this is different. Something strange is happening with my Shoka.

"She's not going to last." Said my cousin, he was my mysterious visitor this time. He first gave me a visit on our wedding night warning me of the same thing. "Stop saying cryptic and say what your point is!" He smirked. "She'll die if this keeps up. She's not made to handle a Soul Keeper as her child, even if she's got a strong soul within that body when that body is frail. Anyway, as I said, she won't last unless you kill your kid before it comes out." He said in a chilly voice. "You have to be kidding me! I won't do that to my child." "Suit yourself." He said with a shrug and disappeared. "Is what he said true Lev?" asked Shoka, scared. Shit! She was listening! Quickly I turned around and consoled her, assured her that everything was alright, that what Mikhail said was a lie. If only I could tell that to myself too. As the days and months passed by Shoka's condition has gotten worst so I brought her back to her uncle's manor where there would be people who could look after her while I'm at work. One day, while I was at the clinic a servant came running. "Master Sinclair… Lady Shoka…" she breathed, when I heard the name of Shoka I rushed out of the door and didn't wait for her to finish. When I arrived Shoka was lying in her futon, in pain. "Lev, we're glad that you finally arrived." Said Mrs. Akatsuki, looking worried. "Shoka! Shoka!" I called out as I held one of her hands, she smiled at me. "Don't worry this will be over soon." I assured her softly and began to ask Mrs. Akatsuki for the things needed for the delivery. As everyone went out to get all the things, I placed a hand over Shoka's abdomen. "I'm sorry… I can't lose you." I said in my thoughts as I looked at my wife then at our baby, "I'm sorry you had to go like this. But this won't hurt." As I cried, I used my power. A faint light over Shoka's abdomen, the baby's heart beat slowly fading away until I can hear no more. When they came, we had a delivery, Shoka pushed until the baby came out, but it didn't cry, our baby boy was already dead. We didn't tell her since she fainted just after the delivery. That night, I told her but she didn't believe me she demanded to see our baby until her aunt told her that we buried him already. "It's my fault! It's all my fault, I wasn't strong enough that's why my baby… I didn't even get the chance to name him yet…" she blamed herself and cried constantly until she slept.

A few weeks had passed, in the morning she would just sit still but at night, it's quite different. "I'm sorry Lev, I wasn't strong enough… it's all my fault." She would say over and over until I give her sedatives. I always reassure her that it wasn't but she never could hear me. She was never back to herself.

"Lev, you're back early." Greeted Mrs. Akatsuki. "Clinic closed early. How's Shoka?" I said. Mrs. Akatsuki shook her head, "No improvements yet." She said gravely but then her mood lightened up. "Oh, I almost forgot. You're cousin is here. I guess good looks run around the family, ne?" she said with a laugh. "I guess so." I said trying not to sound distracted and excused myself. I slid the door to our room open mentally. Mikhail's hand covered her eyes. I tried to stop him but he had a psychic barrier on. I called her out but it seems she's charmed. "Wait there Lev." He ordered. Like I'm going to listen to him I began focusing my energy into my hands until I heard Shoka mumbling. "I'm sorry… it's all my fault… Lev had to sacrifice so many things because of me; I couldn't do anything to help him. I feel so useless! I even killed our baby because I was weak." "Lev killed your baby not you, Shoka." Said Mikhail tenderly, but Shoka protested. "No. It's me. Lev did that because of me; see he has to sacrifice our baby! I'm useless…" "That's enough!" I shouted. "Shush now. I'll relieve you from your pain." Said Mikhail in his mystic Sentinel voice. "Can you do me a favor?" "Anything you want Shoka." Replied Mikhail calmly. "Could you please tell Lev that I love him very much and that I'm sorry if I couldn't make him happy?" "Of course." She smiled sweetly. "Thank you." With a bitter smile, Mikhail erased her memory, no, erased everyone's memory of me and modified them as well using Shoka as the central point. He took the psychic barrier out and I scrambled immediately to her side. "What are you saying stupid? It's not your fault. It's mine!" I muttered as I held her tight in my arms. Mikhail stood up. "You're right about that. Lev and you have to understand that this is our fate… for the unfortunate ones." He said. I'm not the type to show my weakness but at that moment I didn't care. Let Mikhail see me crying; see me grieving I don't care! Cry all you want, hold her as long as you can, while you can, that's what he told me subconsciously. I nodded. I wonder, which hurts the most erasing your loved one's memories or other Soul Eater's loved one's? I wanted to ask Mikhail that but I changed my mind.

"Don't worry Shoka, you won't suffer anymore. You'll find happiness soon, my Shoka." I whispered to her ear. My Shoka this would be the last time I can call her that.

… as Mikhail said this is our fate, there are only a few who gets lucky with life and love but still the end is always the same… we end up alone until our own death comes.

Louie returned to the office after having a coffee and writing in his journal. The papers he needed were already ready. "Everything is right there." Instructed Lev as he handed the portfolio to Louie. "You'll be guised as my adopted son. We'll leave in a month's time that will be enough for the other preparations, such as school and lodgings, I know you wouldn't want to stay in the house I had in Tokyo. It would be too big for you." He continued sounding businessman like. "We? Why 'we'?" asked Louie, skimming through the pages. "I'm Genesis' Sentinel. Besides this would save me some time, I have a business trip to Japan by next month. Don't worry, when everything's settled I'll come back here." "I told you not to call me Genesis, that's just so formal." Louie complained but seemed pleased at Lev's performance. When he motioned to leave Lev couldn't help but ask, "Which hurts the most… erasing your loved one's memories or… other Soul Eater's loved one's?" Now he sounded like an innocent kid. Louie smiled at his first sign of vulnerability since that experience. "Taking the core of the person you love… trying all means of suicides just so you can be with them… punishing yourself by fasting for a century and yet… after all this you're still alive and what's worse the same cycle could happen all over again. That's what's worst." Louie replied. "Mou, you're not helping me." Louie laughed. "Let's go have dinner." Lev suggested, turning his computer off, arranging files and taking his coat on. "Can't argue with that." Louie replied.

About his question, my answer is erasing another Soul Eater's loved one's memories when you had already experienced erasing the memories of the person you loved before. I'm glad that he isn't that unfortunate as Mikhail, my Sentinel before Lev who is now an Original, is. During my slumber 'controlling' the population had been his Orders – that would either be erasing memories or killing people. But that's another tale.

… to enjoy life, to find love, to lose it, curse our existence, accept it… the same things happen over and over until Death takes us… this is our fate…

The school bell rings, everyone enters their classrooms. The homeroom teachers come in their respective classes. "Alright settle down. As you can see we have a new student this year. Be kind to him, alright guys?" announced the ruddy look adviser, everyone gave an enthusiastic yes; the teacher gave the floor to the new student. "I'm Crimson Akatsuki, nice to meet all of you."

…until that time arrives we have nothing else to do but 'enjoy' life…