life lessons

in between life lines
and lessons
we learned the most important things:
differences between
loyalty and liars
lost in their own listless lives.
lovers and loveslost
limp in their lamenting
saying we'd never be those things.
and I know no one expected us to be
but maybe we should've tried.
we had the lists of laws lying
open in our palms
but we ripped out the pages
that we found


we made all the wrong choices.
lips pursed and poignant
promises tearing us apart.
maybe we should've studied harder
or found a way to paint over
the past.
instead we find ourselves
stained with songs of regret:
lost and loveless
liars and disloyal
we fucked up our


a/n: can't sleep. I've been fucking up everything with everyone lately and I'm really sorry, you guys…