i told you so

i've never said 'i told you so.'
not when he left you broken
or when she lit up again-
you always told others,
'trust her, man,
her intuition is never wrong,'
but i had their trust, not yours-
i never wanted to say it,
that's not what best friends are about;
i'd comfort you, console you,
keep my silence and focus all on you;
but that was a waste of time
you'd take her word over mine;
four years versus one and a half-
maybe less than that
and you know,
you know of her untruthful past
but i suppose humor can replace honesty
and charisma with loyalty.
((maybe that's why she left))
i will never be acknowledged
nor do i wish to be any longer,
and when she betrays you in the future
like how she betrayed me,
i'm only going to say,
'i told you so.'

((and FYI honey, the only bullshit best friends
are 'best friends' like you.))