The paper falls down on the desk

It's covered in red crosses.

There's a dark, glaring letter at the top—

F: for failure.


Your friends come over for a talk

Some pizza and hot chocolate.

You ask them what they all got:

A, A, B, B, A, A, B.


Show the grade to your folks

They look at it and scowl

One long lecture after another

"Do better next time or else."


Give the paper back to the teacher

Look for another way out.

Teacher announces, "Test next week!

And reports after that."


Return home, study hard

Page after page memorized.

Learn all the details,

Write it all out five times.


Test day, consider skiving

Then determination arrives.

Goes into the classroom, sits the test.

Not so hard after all.


Test is marked,

Grades come back.

Take one look:

A plus

And no longer crushed.

NOTE// i wrote this right after i failed a big test miserably. i felt super bad so i had to write something about it. I stopped after the teacher announced the next test, but after i took the next test i found out i aced it so i decided to just finish it up and add a happier ending. :D