kiss my eyes and make me blind
so your lips are the last thing i'll ever see.

our feet are bare and we sit close,
examining the differences and looking
for love in the way your long, dark toes
with mat-burn and a man's hair contrast
to the petite and pale feet that barely
reach half their length.

kiss my ears and make me deaf
so your words are the last thing i'll ever hear.

the door is closed and we sit close,
examining eachother's eyes and searching
for comfort in the way my fingers trace
the lines i see on your face and your
pupils have never been this wide
without a drug
(but maybe love is the drug)

kiss my skin and take my touch
so your hands are the last thing i will ever feel.

your hands are wandering and we sit close,
i could never care less about anything in the world
when you're staring at me and
i know this moment is real
and i'm going farther than ever before
and every time you rest your lips
all i can think of is another kiss.

kiss me, kiss me, kiss me,
kiss me and this is all i'll ever be.