I contemplate only on the

Seductive lure of your cyanide lips,

Doing a victory dance over

My supple, submissive body.

I yearn to inhale your arsenic

Breath, laced with candy

And arousing aphrodisiacs.

I linger on thoughts of your

Whirlpool eyes and their hypnotic

Enticement of my yielding mind.

Your ricin kisses take my breath away

Leaving me floundering in agonising

Ecstasy; every cell in my body calls

Out for you in frantic desperation –

As if starved of oxygen and you the

Air I need to ensure my survival.

You've cast a spell on me –

Called addiction (or love) and

Every frenzied beat of my heart

Pounds out the letters of your name

In a crescendo of crashing symphony;

Burning for your touch, urging you

To mould yourself to my aching body -

So wracked with withdrawal symptoms,

(As my eyes blur and my stomach aches)

And this lovelust is so satirically self destructive

For whenever you heed my needy cries

And join your soul (such masterpiece) with mine,

Allowing my body to relax at ease in your arms,

I never ever fail to forget to breathe –

For what is lack of oxygen when you're my entirety?