Heh heh, a lovely time between me and a friends roleplay characters. Hope you like what you didn't get to read, mi amara Berry. -BloodyRedEclipse

Black glanced around his darkened dorm room. Candles of all colors- red, blue, black, green, purple, gave off sensual scents that made him grit his teeth against the urge to jerk off.

No, he'd wait for his lover, Pine, for that. Besides, he was hardly done lighting them all yet. They had to be lit. The ritual called for that. The silver pentagram around his neck glowed with the candle light and the Voodoo Magic swirling in the room.

Finally everything was ready. Which was good, because the zipper on his jeans was bitting painfully through his boxers.

Someone knocked on his door. "Black?" Pine's voice was muffled.

"Yes, mi amara?" He purred, slinking over to the door. Casually he flicked it open. Pine gasped as the voodoo magic Black had worked hit her.

She swallowed hard. "Black..." She groaned softly. "H-how did y-you do this?"

He chuckled, stepping out from the wall and tugged Pine inside. "Magic." He shut the door and the lock clicked. "If the door is left open the whole school will start acting like rabbits." A purr rumbled from his throat.

"It'd be pretty funny to watch Grey and Leopard go at it, though." Pine smiled, though the attempt at a joke was sort of killed by her breathless tone.

"Mm." Black rumbled in agreement. "Strip." He ordered. He figured he'd get a request of where he could put the order, but shockingly none came from his normally feisty lover.

He watched, mouth watering, as Pine stripped. "It's awfully unfair, you know." Pine murmured, a siren's smile playing on her lips.

"Wha?" Black said absently, his ice blue eyes glued to her bare body.

She giggled softly. "Me being naked, and you still clothed." Pine pouted. Her amber eyes glinted teasingly.

Black blinked, and reached for his zipper. Pine's hand closed over his. "I never said for you to undress yourself." She breathed against Black's lips. Oh, yes. There was his feisty girl.

She kissed him hard, her tongue invaded his mouth. Her hand moved down to the bulge in his pants. She squeezed, her fingers kneading his hard-on. He moaned against her lips, thrusting into her touch.

Suddenly, her fingers left him. She freed the button and pulled down the zip on his jeans. Pine pushed them down ruthlessly. She growled into their kiss, and ripped his shirt- black like every other piece of clothing he owned, down the front and struggled to get it off.

Black pulled back from the kiss, blue eyes glazed with passion and lust. "Impatient, mi amada?" He asked, grinning wickedly.

Pine nodded, attempting to get his boxers off. Finally succeeding, she gazed at her lover. His jet black hair streaked with red, his pale white skin- no matter how long he was outside, the silver pentagram necklace he always wore, and below... she groaned and rubbed herself against him like she was in heat.

Black purred, he could smell her cream. He sank to his knees in front of her and nuzzled her breasts, inhaling her sweet sent. "I love you." He murmured randomly, paying lavish attention to her flat belly and breasts.

She giggled, and ran her hands threw his silky hair. "I love you too, baby." She gasped when his tongue dipped in her belly button. He rumbled something that sounded like approval.

Grinning, Black kissed his way lower. Pine whimpered when he licked her. He chuckled and gently pushed her onto his bed. He spread her legs and cocked his head, gazing reverently at her nether regions.

"A picture would last longer, Blackie." Pine purred, arching her back.

"Blackie?" He raised an eyebrow. "You dare call a magic wielding man like myself Blackie, wench?"

She snorted. "Man? Please, your hardly a boy." She teased, her amber eyes issued a challenge.

"You asked for it, wench." He growled playfully and buried his head between Pine's thighs. She cried out, rolling her hips against his mouth. His lips found her clit and suckled greedily. Pine whimpered, she ached for Black to ride her, but she'd made him ever so slightly mad by calling him a boy. Oh, he was most definitely not a boy in any way.

Black look up, his mouth cream-slicked. "Do you want me?" He growled. Pine could only nod, and Black positioned himself between her legs, aimed, and drove inside her.

Pine screamed happily, wrapping her legs around his waist. He filled and stretched her ruthlessly and she loved it. He slowly withdrew, and pushed back inside even slower. "Tease." She managed.

"I do try." He replied, keeping the pace slow, despite her efforts to speed things up. He took her lips, mating her mouth like his body mated hers.

"Please, Black! Faster!" Pine begged, her amber eyes pleaded with him. For a moment he debated giving her what she wanted and continuing to play dominant. Deciding in the long run it's be better to give in now than be tormented by her later.

Letting go, he drove inside her, fast and hard. She screamed with each entry. Suddenly she convulsed around him, yowling out her pleasure. Black came a heartbeat later, pulsing deep insider her.

Sighing happily, Black rolled off Pine and tucked her against his chest. "I love you, mi amara." He whispered in her ear.

Smiling at the endearment, she replied sleepily, "I love you too, mi amada."