A vampire stalks the night
A silver kiss at the breath of life
The tiny droplets of blood
Leaving the moment behind

A tiny child asking for help
Could be the end of your life
He breaks your back
And sucks you dry
To leave you lifeless on the sidewalk

He tells his story
As her heart begins to pound
He tells her of death
Of life
And of fangs

The tears for the undead
Disappearing in the night
Those who've hunted forever
wishing to die
Like a victim in the night

Her mind can only imagine
Anything worse than this
Her mother dying
Best friends moving far
And her life slowly slipping away

She meets him in a lonely park
His face so long and pale
His eyes
Like silver stars

She's scared of him
He thinks her food
Yet willingly she runs away
He follows her
Unable to come inside

She walks through a dark alley
Where death has struck before
She turns to look
And sees him there
Blood intoxicating his face

She runs from fright
As he thinks to himself
"Damn girl
Doesn't she know
There's death lurking in dark alley ways"

She hopes that if she gives herself
Then God will save her mother
"She's so much better than I"
She thinks
"I don't deserve to live"

He pounds softly
on the door
She opens
And shuts it in his face

He talks to her
His voice is soothing
'I need to talk to you"
He says
"But first you must invite me in"

She sighs and thinks
Then crosses to the door
He extends his long
Slender hand
"Invite me in"
Says he to her

She grasps his hand
And says
"Come in"
She shudders
His hand is cold to touch

She smiles softly at him
And leads him to the den
She stutters over words
"Would you like something to drink?"

He mutters something great
Mysterious and dark
She asks him what he means
"Oh, just something I wrote once"
"He writes?" She thinks to herself

He spills his life story
As their lips softly kiss
His fangs slide from their sheaths
And he gently bites her neck
He grows warmer
As he feeds upon her life

They form a plot against a child
Who feeds upon their fear
Who is finally defeated
In the park
where they first met

He bids her a good-bye
And with a gentle kiss
She asks him
And he replies

"My life has no purpose now
The child is dead
And I have always pondered
What it'd be like
To take my final breath"

They scatter all his soil
And the creature of the dark
Of death
Of blood
Waits silently for the sun

And as dawn slowly reaches the sky
He floats away to nothing
And as he finally goes
He gently whispers
"I love you Zoe"

She knew she would not forget
The boy with the pale face
She learned to keep her loved ones safe
To cherish the ones living
And accept the fact of death

The moral of this story
It made me stop and think
I've learned so many things
But what does it all mean?
That death's a part of life?

But what about the undead
The ones that stalk the night
Feeding on the lives of others
So they don't waste away

Was the point to tell a love story
Or just to make you cry?