Chinese Whispers

"Wait, what did you say?

Oh my gosh! Are you serious?! Hey, listen.."

One person starts it

The second one laughs

The third screams it

The fourth just gasps.

The fifth person squeals

The sixth turns cartwheels

The seventh is in heaven

And the eighth sniggers with hate.

After the ninth it flies around the school

The tenth person helps it along too

Like thread on a spool

It spins and unwinds much too soon.

And when you know it,

Everyone else does too.

AUTHORS NOTE// Chinese Whispers is a game that me and my friends used to play in Primary school. We sit in a circle, one person would whisper a random sentence to the person next to them and that person would pass it on to the next until it comes back to the person before the one who started it, and that last person must say the sentence out loud. The trick is by this time the sentence would become so distorted that it's usually a mixture of weird words that comes out at the end. I used Chinese Whispers to show that rumors and gossip can spread easily, and it can get more and more outrageous as its passed onto the next person.
Oh, and, I don't know why it's called Chinese Whispers either. :D